B&M Care Homes’ – Enhancing Quality of Life for Residents

B&M Care Homes are extremely, dedicated to providing exceptional support and comfort for the elderly. Their commitment to enhancing residents’ lives extends beyond traditional methods, as evidenced by their recent purchase of a portable mini-golf course from Puttterfingers, revolutionizing leisure activities within their facilities.

Founded on the principles of compassion and high-quality care, B&M Care Homes operates numerous residences across the UK. Their mission goes beyond offering mere accommodation; it focuses on creating vibrant communities where residents thrive emotionally, physically, and socially.

Understanding the significance of recreational activities in fostering well-being, B&M Care Homes constantly seeks innovative ways to enrich residents’ experiences. The introduction of a portable mini-golf course aligns seamlessly with their goals, providing a diverse and engaging leisure option for their residents.

B&M Care Homes’ Approach with Portable Mini Golf

The decision to incorporate mini-golf into their facilities was not just about fun; it was a strategic move in enhancing the overall well-being of their residents.

The care home decided to demo our course to see all the fun the game involved without making any firm decisions. After their course demo, they decided they loved the idea of incorporating mini golf into their homes. The residents were absolutely thrilled by the activity and the team could see how much it could improve their mental health whilst helping with their physical mobility.

B&M care homes tiktook video screenshot
Here’s how this investment has significantly contributed to achieving B&M Care Homes’ objectives:

Promoting Social Interaction: Mini-golf is a fantastic way to encourage socialisation among residents. It serves as a catalyst for forming new friendships and strengthening existing bonds. By participating in this activity, residents engage in healthy competition and camaraderie, fostering a sense of belonging within the community.

Physical and Mental Stimulation: The game requires coordination, concentration, and strategic thinking, promoting physical activity and mental agility among residents. As they navigate the course, residents exercise their bodies and minds, contributing to their overall well-being.

Embracing Innovation in Care: B&M Care Homes’ decision to invest in a portable mini-golf course showcases their commitment to embracing innovation in senior care. By recognising the importance of varied recreational opportunities, they set a precedent for incorporating unconventional yet impactful activities into their care programs.

Enhancing Quality of Life: Ultimately, the introduction of mini-golf enhances residents’ quality of life by providing them with enjoyable and fulfilling experiences within the comfort of their home. It contributes to a positive environment that fosters happiness and contentment.

More about Mini Golf…

The portable nature of the mini-golf course from Putterfingers also adds versatility to B&M Care Homes’ offerings. Residents can enjoy this activity both indoors and outdoors, ensuring year-round access to this entertaining pastime regardless of weather conditions.

Through this investment, the care home reaffirms their commitment to person-centred care, recognising the importance of leisure and recreational activities in promoting holistic well-being. They continue to set an exemplary standard in the senior care industry by prioritizing residents’ happiness and fulfilment.

In conclusion, B&M Care Homes’ acquisition of a portable mini-golf course from Putterfingers epitomizes their dedication to creating an enriching environment for their residents. By embracing innovation and fostering a sense of community through engaging activities, they continue to redefine the landscape of senior care, prioritising the well-being and happiness of those they serve.

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Sneaky Links: Bury St. Edmunds’ Newest Mini Golf Experience and Bar

Bury St. Edmunds is about to get a whole lot sneakier with the grand opening of “Sneaky Links”. Welcome to a thrilling and unique mini-golf centre that promises to be an exciting addition to the town’s entertainment scene. This centre is more than just a mini-golf venue; it’s a lively experience that will leave you wanting more. This new adult-only venue is a haven for those seeking a night of fun, creativity, and adventure.

sneaky links logo

What is Sneaky Links?

Sneaky Links boasts a 9-hole mini-golf course that will challenge your skills and tickle your competitive spirit. But what sets this place apart from the traditional mini-golf spots is the electrifying atmosphere. Step through the doors and you’ll find yourself in a world of graffiti-covered walls, neon lights, and an unmistakable sense of excitement in the air. It’s a little bit sketchy, a little bit sneaky, and a whole lot of fun!

Each of the mini-golf holes at Sneaky Links is uniquely themed, ensuring that no two games are the same. The UV lighting adds an extra layer of magic to the experience, making your golf ball and the course elements glow in the dark. It’s a neon wonderland that you won’t want to leave.

sneaky links graffiti

Of course, no trip to Sneaky Links would be complete without a visit to their bar. The can bar serves a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, all neatly packaged in cans. From beers and wines to sparkling beverages, spirits, and mixers, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. This unique approach to serving drinks in cans not only adds to the venue’s quirky vibe but also ensures that your beverage stays fresh and cold throughout your golfing adventure.

Please note that due to the sale of alcohol, this venue is strictly adults-only. This policy ensures that the experience remains enjoyable for the grown-up crowd and adds to the mature ambiance of the place.

Founder of the Venue.

Sneaky Links is a local independent venture, brought to you by the creative minds behind “The Evidence Room”. If you’ve enjoyed their ingenious puzzles and lateral thinking challenges, you can expect the same level of innovation and excitement here. The team behind this exciting venture knows how to create immersive and thrilling experiences that keep you coming back for more.

In a town where innovation and creativity are highly valued, Sneaky Links is set to become the go-to destination for a night of fun and adventure. Whether you’re planning a unique date night or a memorable evening out with friends, Sneaky Links promises an experience like no other.

Stay tuned for more updates on the opening date, and mark your calendar for an unforgettable adventure. Get ready to embrace your sneaky side and tee off at Bury St. Edmunds’ latest hot spot!

sneaky links selfie

Mini Golf can Enhance your Farm Attraction Centre

Farm attractions are no longer limited to simply growing crops and raising livestock. In today’s competitive market, farmers are finding innovative ways to diversify their income streams and attract visitors to their farms. Mini golf is emerging as an ideal attraction for farm businesses, offering a perfect blend of recreation and education.

Fun for All Ages

Mini golf is a game that appeals to a broad demographic. From young children to senior citizens, everyone can enjoy a round of mini golf. This inclusivity is a significant advantage for farm businesses aiming to attract a wide range of visitors. Families, groups of friends, and tourists passing by are all potential customers who can have a great time at your farm while playing mini golf.

Educational Opportunities

Many farms strive to educate the public about agriculture and sustainable practices. By incorporating educational elements into your mini golf course, you can subtly teach visitors about farming, environmental conservation, and the importance of locally sourced products. Each hole can feature information boards or displays that provide interesting facts about your farm’s history, crops, or animals, turning your mini golf course into an interactive learning experience.

Boosting Revenue

Farm businesses often experience seasonal fluctuations in income. Mini golf can help mitigate these issues by providing a steady stream of income throughout the year. You can charge a reasonable fee for a round of mini golf and offer memberships or family passes to encourage repeat visits. Additionally, a well-designed mini golf course can also be rented out for events such as birthday parties, corporate gatherings, or school outings, further boosting your farm’s revenue.

Enhancing the Farm Experience

Farm attractions like mini golf complement other activities on your farm. Visitors can enjoy a round of mini golf after a day of picking their own fruits and vegetables, petting animals at the petting zoo, or exploring nature trails. It adds a recreational component to the farm experience, making it more attractive and memorable for your customers.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Satisfied visitors are likely to share their positive experiences with friends and family, effectively becoming brand ambassadors for your farm. A fun and engaging mini golf course can create a buzz, both online and offline, leading to increased foot traffic and revenue. Social media posts, reviews, and word-of-mouth recommendations can significantly impact the success of your farm attractions.

Easy Maintenance

Compared to other attractions, such as amusement rides or petting zoos, our mini golf courses require minimal maintenance. This one of the reasons why our portable courses are a better option than a fixed, permanent course. This means fewer operational costs and less downtime, ensuring a consistent and reliable revenue stream.

Wedding Entertainment

Farm weddings have gained popularity over the years due to their rustic charm, picturesque landscapes, and the opportunity to host unique and memorable celebrations. However, combining a farm wedding venue with a mini golf course can take this appeal to a whole new level. Farm weddings are renowned for their stunning backdrops and natural beauty. Mini golf courses can add an extra layer of visual appeal to your farm venue. The vibrant colours and creative obstacles create unique photo opportunities for wedding photographers, making your venue even more desirable for brides and grooms looking for a picturesque location. These photos can serve as promotional material, attracting more couples to book their weddings at your farm.

Putting Your Brand in the Spotlight: Putterfingers Mini Golf Balls!

Branded Mini Golf Products are Available Now!

Mini golf centres are rapidly gaining popularity in the bustling cities of the UK. With the growing competition, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to capture the attention of potential customers. Here at Putterfingers, we’re committed to ensuring the success of your business. We are excited to introduce our latest product, designed to give your business the competitive edge it needs…

Branded Mini Golf Balls!

Our dedicated team has been working hard to perfect our production process, we are thrilled to introduce our innovative, brand-new mini golf balls. Our cutting-edge technology allows us to personalise these golf balls with your unique design or logo, ensuring that your customers are not only impressed but delighted by the individuality of your bespoke products. This is a fantastic opportunity to leave a lasting impression and set your business apart from the rest!

branded 'I like big putts' logo mini golf balls in production
Branded mini golf balls for ‘I like big putts’

Give your Centre the Competitive Edge

In the highly competitive leisure and entertainment industry, setting your mini golf centre apart from the competition is crucial. Our new mini golf balls give you a unique edge. When your visitors have a fun and branded experience, they’re more likely to choose your centre over others for their future outings.

HUKD crazy golf balls

Spreading Brand Awareness

Branded mini golf balls act as miniature billboards for your mini golf centre. As players use these balls, other visitors and passers by are likely to notice your centres branding. This increased visibility can lead to new customers and a broader reach within your community. Plus, players could purchase these balls as souvenirs, your brand travels with them, offering additional exposure.

Promotional Opportunities

Personalised mini golf balls are versatile promotional tools. You can use them as part of special promotions, events, or marketing campaigns. For instance, you can offer a set of custom mini golf balls as part of a package deal for birthdays or corporate events. These branded balls can also be used in charity tournaments, aligning your mini golf centre with a good cause and showing community support.

Creating a Memorable Experience

One of the key aspects of running a successful mini golf centre is creating a memorable experience for your visitors. Branded mini golf balls can add an extra layer of excitement and fun to the game. When players use balls featuring your logo or unique design, they associate the experience with your brand, making it more memorable and encouraging them to return.

Shop your Balls at Putterfingers

If you’re interested in purchasing some custom designed mini golf balls, head over to our website to chat to a member of our friendly team today!

yellow custom i like big putts balls

The Hole-in-One Choice: Portable Mini Golf for Family Attractions

When it comes to family attractions, the goal is simple: create an experience that’s enjoyable, memorable, and inclusive for all ages. One activity that perfectly aligns with these objectives is mini golf. Portable mini golf offers a unique set of benefits that can transform your family attraction into a hole-in-one success.

Benefits of Mini Golf for your Family Attraction Centre


Family attractions should provide something for everyone, and mini golf does just that. It’s an activity that transcends generational boundaries. From toddlers to grandparents, everyone can participate and enjoy the game. This inclusivity fosters family bonding and ensures that no one is left out, making it a perfect addition to your attraction.


Compared to many other activities family attractions provide, portable mini golf is a cost-effective investment. The initial setup costs are lower, and the maintenance requirements are minimal. With careful planning and marketing, you can generate a solid return on your investment in a relatively short period. The affordability of portable mini golf courses makes them an attractive proposition for family attractions of all sizes.

Kids playing portable mini golf
Children playing portable mini golf at the Arc in Bury St Edmunds


Portable mini golf courses can be easily customised to match your venue’s theme or for special occasions. This flexibility allows you to host birthday parties, Christmas or Halloween gatherings, offering a unique and engaging space for your visitors. Hosting events increases foot traffic and revenue potential while ensuring that your attraction remains an exciting destination throughout the year.

Additional Revenue

Incorporating a portable mini golf course into your family attraction can also lead to additional revenue streams. Offering family memberships or discount packages can further boost customer loyalty and revenue. It’s a win-win for both your business and your visitors.

Unique Selling Point

To stand out in the crowded family attraction industry, you need a unique selling point. Portable mini golf offers that edge. Visitors are always looking for new and exciting experiences. By adding mini golf to your lineup, you can attract more visitors and create positive word-of-mouth, making your venue a must-visit destination.

Why Putterfingers?

Putterfingers acts as the ideal choice for your family attraction for several compelling reasons. With our only focus on mini golf, we promise to bring a depth of specialisation and expertise that ensures a top-quality product tailored to your unique needs. Our commitment to customisation means your mini golf course can seamlessly align with your venue’s theme and space, guaranteeing a cohesive experience.

With easy installation and removal, exceptional customer support, affordability, and a proven track record of satisfied customers all make our Putterfingers courses the go-to solution, promising an engaging and memorable experience for your visitors.

We have a range of excellent courses you can view here, or get in touch with our friendly team for more info!

London themed obstacles on portable mini golf course

Arsenal Stars Tee Off in Rwanda’s ‘Home of Sport’ Challenge

Rwanda is known for its football association through its partnership with Arsenal since 2018. But Rwanda isn’t limited to football; it’s making strides in various sports. They’ve hosted events like the Basketball Africa League Finals, the Ironman 70.3 Triathlon, and the ICC T20 World Cup Qualifiers. To celebrate Rwanda’s love for sports, Arsenal players Eddie Nketiah, Granit Xhaka, and Martin Odegaard took on Visit Rwanda’s ‘Home of Sport’ challenge. Although, here we’ll focus on their mini-golf adventure and how they fared on the greens.

Arsenal Players talk other sports

In a chat with the welcoming host, Anita Jones, these football stars didn’t just chat about their love for football. They spilled the beans on their love for all sorts of sports, including table tennis, skiing, snowboarding, and badminton.

As they kicked back and talked about their younger years, the players took a trip down memory lane, sharing how sports played a massive role in their growing up. And, just like friends sharing stories, they let us in on their inspirations and sports idols, giving us a peek into who motivated them on their incredible athletic journeys.

Mini Golf at Rwanda’s Home of Sport with Arsenal

In the final stage of the ‘Home of Sport’ challenge, the spotlight was on mini-golf, a game of precision and finesse. The aim was simple – putt the ball in the fewest strokes possible, showcasing the players’ putting skills on a miniature course that presented its unique set of challenges.

The team here at Putterfingers provided the equipment and expertise needed for this unique challenge. With our portable mini-golf kit, the players had the perfect tools to immerse themselves in the world of putting. Our contribution ensured the challenge was not only entertaining but also true to the spirit of mini-golf. We also provided a bespoke Arsenal mini-golf obstacle to fit in with their theme of the home of sport challenge.

Watch the players take on the mini golf challenge here

A Round Up

As the challenge came to an end, it became clear that the ‘Home of Sport’ challenge was about much more than just football. It celebrated Rwanda’s vibrant sporting culture, offering Arsenal players a chance to explore different sports. The mini-golf challenge was a fitting tribute to the spirit of Rwanda’s diverse sports scene, and it showcased the players’ adaptability and skill in yet another sporting domain.

New Opening: Pirate Cove Mini Golf

Golf enthusiasts and families alike, listen up! There’s a new gem in Barrow, Pirate Cove mini golf centre, it’s that’s making waves among players of all ages. Launched in April 2023, this unique establishment was born out of the founder’s passion for mini golf and a desire to create a truly challenging course. Forget the run-of-the-mill miniature golf experiences; this 12-hole, par-37 course promises a test of your skills and an exciting family outing like no other.

pirate cove hole on course

A Challenge Awaits

Mini golf lovers often find themselves underwhelmed by the simplicity of many courses. With easy holes, the novelty often wears off long before you reach the end. The founder of Barrow’s new mini golf center understands this frustration all too well. It’s this dissatisfaction that inspired the creation of a mini golf course like no other.

This mini golf course offers a challenging experience where few players even come close to achieving par. It’s not just about luck but also about honing your putting skills. It’s an ideal place to test your mettle and keep boredom at bay until you reach the 13th hole, where a cold beer at the small bar awaits.

Accessible and Affordable

The founders aimed to make this mini golf centre accessible to all, ensuring it remains an affordable and family-friendly option. The current pricing structure offers a fantastic deal, with adults playing for just £6 and juniors under 16 enjoying the course for just £4.

Seasonal Shift

During the summer months, Pirate Cove is open all day, every day, welcoming families, groups, and corporate teams looking for a fun outing. However, as winter sets in, the mini golf centre shifts to appointment-based play. To book your slot, all you need to do is give them a call or send an email with your requirements.

Exciting Tournaments

For those who love a little friendly competition, Barrow’s mini golf centre is the ideal spot. They specialise in organising tournaments for both small and large groups. The minimum requirement for a group is just 8 players over the age of 16. For just £10 per head, you can engage in some spirited competition, following the competition rules outlined on their website. The ultimate winner is rewarded with a trophy, and those knocked out are encouraged to help score and support those who progress to the later rounds.

pirate cove mini golf course obstacle

Special Events and Corporate Bookings

The mini golf centre is already buzzing with bookings for Christmas parties and corporate events. It’s an excellent place for team building and letting your hair down after a year of hard work. You can combine some friendly competition with some post-game drinks, all in a festive and cheerful atmosphere.

pirate cove mini golf course

Youth Sports Trust Girls Active Survey reveals that girls’ enjoyment of PE is declining

Results of the 2023 Youth Sports Trust Girls Active survey has revealed that there is still work to be done to improve girls’ enjoyment of school sports.

In 2023 nearly 25,000 young people took part in the survey. This included over 18,000 girls and over 6,000 boys. Some of the results are included below:

Infographic summarising the results of the 2023 Youth Sports Trust Girls Active Survey. The survey revealed that girls' enjoyment in PE is declining. In 2023, just 64% of all girls enjoy PE, compared to 74% of all girls back in 2016. The survey also shown that some motivating factors for improving girls' enjoyment of PE included having fun and being with their friends. At Putterfingers, we believe that mini golf is ideal for the long term strategy to engage girls in sports. Mini golf can be enjoyed by all ages & abilities and provides a level playing field - bridging the gap between the abilities of most and least active girls in the group. Find out more at www.putterfingers.com

Whilst just 64% of all girls surveyed found PE to be enjoyable (in comparison to 86% of all boys), the survey did results that almost two thirds of girls would like to be more active in school. Overall, 71% of all girls enjoy taking part in physical activity, but why is this not translating to an enjoyment of school sports?

Some of the barriers that stopped girls included a lack of confidence & self esteem, being in pain or uncomfortable and being watched by others.

“It’s not surprising but it is disappointing to see that so many girls still lack confidence to really enjoy PE and physical activity at school. I can really empathize with their worries about being watched and judged by others…My particular passion is campaigning for more choice around kit, and the survey data suggests girls would like more choice too…The priority has to be supporting more girls to be active in a way that works for them.

Olympic pole vault bronze medallist Holly Bradshaw

How mini golf can help improve girls’ enjoyment of PE

At Putterfingers, we are huge advocates of the benefits of mini golf and how it can be used to engage children in school sports. The survey highlights that there is still work to be done to improve specifically girls’ enjoyment of school sports.

Having fun & being with friends are 2 of the strongest motivating factors for enjoying school sports – 2 things that mini golf certainly provides:

Mini golf offers a fun environment for school children to socialise with their friends. These are the 2 strongest motivating factors for girls enjoying PE lessons and school sports. It is an activity that is suitable for levels of physical ability - ideal for boosting confidence and including all children.

Find out more about mini golf for school sports

If you would like to find out more about the ways in which mini golf can help your school or activity club, then get in touch with our team. We can provide you with an in-person or virtual demo of our portable mini golf equipment.

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Add Mini Golf to Your Work Christmas Party!

Looking for work Christmas party ideas? You’re in luck! The holiday season is just around the corner, so make this year’s celebration truly memorable with festive themed mini golf! Why not consider adding a unique twist with our corporate crazy golf hire. Crazy golf, also known as mini golf, is not just for family outings—it’s a fantastic option for corporate events too. Let’s get planning your 2023 work Christmas party!

Unleash Team Creativity and Bonding

Corporate Christmas parties are super important to foster team bonding and encourage creativity among your employees. Our courses come in all shapes and sizes, and they feature challenging obstacles and themes. When your team members tackle these fun and unexpected challenges together, it helps break down barriers, improve communication, and build stronger relationships. This shared experience can lead to increased teamwork and collaboration in the workplace, making it a great team-building activity for your corporate Christmas party.

Employee playing mini golf in London for corporate event
set up of 9 hole mini golf course with Christmas theme for corporate event

Stress Relief and Relaxation

The end of the year can be a stressful time for many employees as they juggle work deadlines and holiday preparations. A game of crazy golf offers a welcome break from the daily grind, allowing your team to unwind, have fun, and de-stress. Laughter and friendly competition are excellent stress relievers, and they can improve overall morale among your staff. Incorporating crazy golf into your Christmas party is a great way to show your appreciation for their hard work throughout the year.

Inclusive Entertainment

One of the biggest advantages of corporate crazy golf hire is its inclusivity. Mini-golf is a low-impact activity that anyone can enjoy, regardless of their age or physical fitness level. It doesn’t require any special skills, so everyone can participate and have a great time. This inclusivity is especially important for Christmas parties, where you may have a diverse group of employees with varying interests and abilities. Crazy golf ensures that everyone can participate in the festivities.

Customisable Themes

To make your corporate Christmas party extra special, Putterfingers have a custom Christmas obstacles that align with the holiday season. We also offer customisation on our obstacles allowing to create a more personalised touch. At Putterfingers, we can help you tailor the experience to your company’s culture and the holiday spirit.

Lasting Memories

One of the best aspects of incorporating crazy golf into your Christmas party is the lasting memories it creates. Your employees will fondly remember the fun they had, the laughter shared, and the camaraderie built during the event. These memories can help boost employee morale, increase job satisfaction, and even lead to higher retention rates. Plus, they’ll be talking about your unique Christmas party for years to come!

Christmas tree obstacle mini golf hire with red bumpers

So, if you’re still looking for work Christmas party ideas, corporate crazy golf hire is an excellent choice for your upcoming event. It offers a creative and entertaining way to bond with colleagues, relieve stress, and create lasting memories. With customisable themes, inclusivity, and a focus on team building, it’s the perfect addition to your corporate holiday festivities. So, this year, why not add a touch of magic to your Christmas party with a round of crazy golf? Your employees will thank you for it, and your company culture will benefit from the positive effects of this unique and enjoyable experience.

Christmas Activities for Schools

Keeping kids active over the festive period can be a challenge, so let’s explore some Christmas Activities for Schools! With the winter season only around the corner, now is the perfect time to start planning your Christmas activities. The holiday season is a magical time for schools to come alive with festive cheer and excitement. While traditional activities like carol singing and gift exchanges are wonderful, introducing something new and exciting can make the Christmas season even more memorable for students. One such activity that is gaining popularity in schools during Christmas is mini golf.

Christmas Activities

Active Christmas Activities

During the colder months, keeping children active can be a difficult task. Leading up to Christmas, sports like mini golf can be adapted to fit in with your festivities! Transforming your mini golf course into a winter wonderland theme is the best idea to keep kids excited an engaged throughout the holiday season. The course is easy to decorate using basic Christmas decorations like tinsel and lights! This helps the school stick to budget whilst providing a fun, engaging activity for pupils. Additionally, this will help create a magical atmosphere in your curricular activities leaving students more engaged!

As well as using your regular Christmas decorations you can also purchase our Christmas mini golf obstacles that are sure to stand out! These add a little more of a challenge to the course, making it perfect for those more advanced years.


Often through out the holiday season, classrooms combine to partake in festive activities as a group. Mini golf, when introduced in schools, offers a remarkable advantage in terms of inclusivity. Given its low-impact nature, the game eliminates any disparities related to children’s size or physical capabilities. It centers around careful navigation of the course, emphasizing strategy and planning over physical prowess. Moreover, it promotes the enhancement of hand-eye coordination, ensuring that participants of various ages can engage on an equal footing. This is one of the main benefits of choosing mini golf as an active Christmas activities for schools.

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If your school is interested in hiring or purchasing a mini golf course from us, do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team! We have a range of courses available for different budgets.

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