Our top 5 Frequently Asked Questions

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How is the crazy golf course assembled?

Our courses consist of a number of interlocking astrograss tiles. They connect together like jigsaw puzzle pieces – it takes about 3 minutes to assemble each hole.

We use lightweight foam ‘bumpers’ – these are edge strips that velcro along the edge of the course to keep the ball in play. These take about another 3 or 4 minutes to attach to each hole

Our obstacles are injection moulded modern mini golf obstacles. These are lightweight and modern in look and feel – and highly playable! Simply position as needed on each hole.

In all, a full size 9 hole portable Crazy Golf / Mini Golf course may be assembled in approximately 30 minutes by one person. It takes about the same time to pack up again.

2. What accessories come with the golf course?

Challenge Putt

This is intended for single golf hole hire for pub challenge events, low budget charity fundraising events, conference booths, exhibition hire, one-off golf competitions (hole-in-one events and fundraisers), use in a hotel lobby, atrium and other fairly restricted spaces. Or perhaps a small birthday party / wedding hire.

We provide three obstacles, so alternatively build a small 3 hole mini golf course in your back garden, pub beer garden or other restricted space.


  • 9 tiles (make a single long hole or three smaller holes)
  • 3 obstacles
  • 3 balls
  • 3 putters

Leisure Course

This is a medium sized golf course and is sufficient for a complete 9 hole course of 9 x 3 metre holes. Good for weddings, pubs, parties and school and community fetes and similar events where space is a bit limited or the budget is tight!


  • Thirteen obstacles pieces (to make 9 obstacles)
  • 9 putters
  • 9 low bounce golf balls
  • scorecards

Pro Course

This is our own standard hire size. It will allow you to build a complete 9 hole course with a mixture of hole sizes. We use this for fetes, golfathons, parties and wedding hire where space is no problem.


  • Thirteen obstacles pieces (to make 9 obstacles)
  • 18 putters
  • 18 low bounce golf balls
  • scorecards
3. How big is the course?

Each tile is 1 metre square. Each hole is usually made up of either 2, 3 or 4 tiles. So, a typical small hole is 2 metres by 1 metre and a typical large hole is 4 metres by 1 metre.

We supply tiles in boxes of 9. So, the smallest hire would be one box of 9 tiles which would allow you to build 3 x 3 metre holes, or 1 x 4 metre and 1 x 5 metre holes – which would be just about right for an exhibition booth hire

A normal 9 hole portable golf course would be 27 tiles. This would allow you to build 9 x 3 metre holes, though we usually recommend a mixture of 2 metre, 3 metre and 4 metre holes as the size variation makes for a more interesting course. We supply a layout guide for this.  Floor space of 40-50sqms would be more than sufficient!

4. Can I use the golf course indoors?

Yes, you can use the golf course indoors. The course has a rubber backing and will not mark the floor. It can safely be used on hotel dance floors, school gyms, etc.

We supply low bounce golf balls for outdoors use and softer foam golf balls for use indoors.

5. What surface is best for your golf courses?

Any reasonably flat and level surface may be used. We have laid the golf course out on the following surfaces:

  • school fields
  • football/rugby sports fields
  • back gardens
  • indoors on office floors
  • community centre halls
  • village halls
  • car parks
  • gym floors (our courses are rubber backed and won’t damage the floor)
  • hotel lobbies
  • hotel function rooms
  • pub lounges

The only surface we have ever had a real problem with is a ‘meadow’. Farmers’ fields and meadows tend to be quite rough and rutted. Normal school and sports fields are usually pretty good, especially if recently mown.

If you have an event planned – hire one of our courses online – http://www.putterfingers.co.uk/putterfingers-hire-minigolf.htm
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