National Miniature Golf Day and Windmill Day – All things Crazy Golf!

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Well what better way to spend the weekend than celebrating National Miniature Golf Day!

Tomorrow, Saturday 11th May 2013 is National Miniature Golf Day!

Did you know that miniature golf has been around since the 1800s? During that time, people considered it highly inappropriate for a woman to raise a golf club above her shoulder level – ooh heaven forbid!

Equally pertinent to us is that today is officially Windmill Day and many traditional Crazy Golf courses feature the all important Windmill obstacle. They still exist and remain popular with groups and families, as seen below in this photograph taken at the Arnold Palmer course in Bognor Regis:

Mini golf at Bognor Regis course with windmill
Minigolf – Bognor Regis – Waterloo Place (Image courtesy of Richard Gottfried)

You can also see the infamous obstacle at the Arnold Palmer course in Skegness, Lincs.

Crazy Golf Windmill Obstacle
Minigolf – Skegness – Image courtesy of Richard Gottfried (

And also as featured on the Ham and Egger Files blog  there is a BIG version on the crazy golf course at Selsey and also you can view a You Tube video of the windmill in action at the crazy golf course at Southend-on-Sea!

Minigolf - Selsey Crazy Golf BIG Windmill
Minigolf – Selsey                                       Image courtesy of Richard Gottfried

You can see lots more crazy golf windmills on the website.

Our portable crazy golf course was hired to Sharrocks Insurance in their windmill premises last year for a successful crazy golf event in aid of Send a Smile Foundation.

Windmill Crazy Golf
Sharrocks Insurance Crazy Golf at the Windmill

Have you ever played crazy golf inside a windmill?

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