Crazy Golf at the Olympics

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We were delighted to see the coverage of our favourite sport Crazy Golf in The Sun newspaper yesterday as the World Minigolf Sport Federation are lobbying to get Crazy Golf at the Olympics 2020.

The Sun feature Crazy Golf at the Olympics
Crazy Golf at the Olympics - The Sun feature from 25th September 2014

We first met with Mike Ridley back in July, when he used our PicturePutt board for a beach feature.  So we opened our contact book and reached out to our friends at the British Mini Golf Association (BMGA) and then Mike’s crazy golf adventure was born. A big thanks to the guys who have helped make this happen!

The Nutters with Putters, as crazy golfers jokingly refer to themselves, want to be accepted into the Olympic Games.  In fact it is definitely bidding to become a demonstration sport at the Olympics in Tokyo 2020.  Previous Olympic demonstration sports have been poodle clipping, underwater swimming and van driving, according the The Sun.

There are over 200 professional mini golfers across the World that currently earn their living playing crazy golf.

You have to commend Mike for poking fun at himself – he claims his round at the Hastings British Open last weekend, made him in his words ‘the worst player in living memory’.  But the message here comes from the third time winner Michael Smith:

Crazy Golf becoming an Olympic sport is not such a mad idea.  You need lots of skill and concentration.

You can read more of the Sun article Has the novelty has worn off crazy golf? by signing up to a Sun+ membership trial (or for those that opened accounts for their football dream teams – instant access!)







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