Putt and Scan mini golf hole in one

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We do get some unusual requests and our most recent customisation took mini golf into a scannable world!

When marketing yourself on an a exhibition stand, you are in competition with so many other booths with show pieces, funky gadgets and wacky gizmos to try and attract the attention of the visitors.

Our latest mini golf creation, is not only branded with the company logo for Ziath Ltd but has dual function and is a scannable mini golf hole. Just the one hole, but enough to go on the exhibition roadshow the team have planned.

2D scannable Putting
Ziath’s Putt and Scan – the scannable mini golf putting hole

The main objective was for a lightweight and easily transportable mini golf hole that can be used in a roadshow style activity.  The team are in the world of biobanking visiting many European countries.  For the less scientific amongst  us, a biobank is a large collection of biological or medical data and tissue samples used for research purposes.

The team at Ziath produce scannable sample tubes and datamatrix 2D readers to help decode sample tubes in a library.  So the marrying of scanning and mini golf was born form there. Our putt and scan mini golf hole, enables the visitors to indulge in a fun hole in one with some sweet surprises as a reward for their success.

Their first stop is ESSB in Leipzig, Germany at a conference for the Biopreservation and Biobanking industry.  The team at Ziath wanted an interactive game to engage with the visitors, because let’s be honest some exhibitors can be invisible and it is important to get something that stands out in the crowd!

Water jet cutting method for astro grass
Ziath logo inlaid in astro grass

The branding uses a water jet cutting method, which cuts into the astro grass tile and the branding inlays into the mini golf course matting – much like the work we did with the Guide Dogs last year.

Here is shot of one of our team enjoying a putt off in our break out area – nice shoes Martin!

Branded Mini Golf with a twist
Putt and Scan into a QR Code

Do you have an exhibition that needs a portable and lightweight solution? At only 5kgs and perfect to fit into a domestic vehicle (or in this case as oversized luggage on a plane!), our portable mini golf courses are perfect for the occasion.

You can follow the fun on the Ziath Twitter  account next week.

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