Minigolf is the new black for corporate events

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Sales pitch and putt: How minigolf can help you network at corporate events

Have you ever dreamed about strolling round a golf course with a potential business partner and striking an important deal as you hole out at the 9th? Would you like to create the same opportunity to socialise and interact with key players in your industry, but without paying massive golf club fees?

With winter now well upon us, corporate events have moved indoors. What better idea for networking than to create a golfing experience at your Christmas office networking party? Corporate minigolf is a smart way to provide an interactive and fun experience at your Christmas company event.

Minigolf works as a great networking tool
Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors enjoying minigolf at their event. Image courtesy of Dayle Bayliss.

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With a variety of obstacles that don’t get any easier as the drinks flow, minigolf provides just the right kind of light-hearted challenge that can break the ice and bring people together. The courses are made of high-quality astro grass tiles that interlock to make setup a breeze and come in bitesize, funsize and supersize. You can hire a one-hole putting green as a sideshow attraction or a full 9-hole course to make minigolf the main attraction at your event. After your first hire you have the option of buying a course that is fully branded with your company logo and name that can be used for future events and marketing efforts. Putterfingers are happy to custom-make a branded course for your company at your request.

minigolf obstacles

Exhibition putting works as a great sales tool at corporate events
Exhibition mini golf is a great way to network.  Image courtesy of SAP.

Add an extra touch of festive fun with a christmas-themed photo cutout board. Pretty much anybody can grasp the concept of putting their head through the hole and having a mildly embarrassing photo taken. Yet photo cutout boards remain curiously popular for corporate events. They can be hired or purchased and custom-made with any image and branding. Make your festive networking event a memorable one with minigolf and festive photo cutout boards!


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