London places crying out for minigolf

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Now THAT’s an obstacle!

Two weeks ago we blogged about where to play minigolf in and around London this Summer. As if in response, Londonist have now speculated about places that should have a minigolf course, but don’t (yet). London being London, the possibilities are endless, but here are Londonist’s suggestions for places they’d like to see a crazy golf course, with our comments.

Hampton Court Palace Maze. Some putting holes can be labyrinthine, but this idea is to have a minigolf course in London’s biggest green maze. Mini-maze putting holes within the big maze? The mind boggles.

Hampton Court, minigolf, crazy golf
Kings and queens used to play minigolf here, you know. Or was it croquet?

The Horniman Museum, famous for its large collection of stuffed animals. It would be a ready-made dinosaur-themed adventure golf park. The exhibits aren’t actual stuffed dinosaurs, but they are suitably odd and creepy. Crazy golf taxidermy, anyone?

taxidermy, minigolf, crazy golf
Night at the Museum – with minigolf

Mail Rail. This is Royal Mail’s underground line dedicated to transporting mail across the capital, running from Paddington to Whitechapel. It’s not on the tube map, but will be opening as an attraction in Spring 2017. It transported mail from 1927 to 2003, and would make an excellent subterranean crazy golf course, but the holes would be very long if the whole system were used – at 6.5 miles, that’s a third of a mile per hole.

minigolf, rail mail, london, crazy golf hire
If there’s no space for minigolf above ground, we must go underground.

Dans le Noir. The restaurant in Farringdon where diners eat in total darkness. It would need a system a bit like that used by blind footballers, with the balls making some kind of noise. And the holes as well. Protective headgear might be an idea too.

restaurant, darkness, london, crazy golf equipment hire
This is the best photo we have of Dans le Noir’s interior.

Sky Garden. Atop the Walkie Talkie at 20 Fenchurch Street, this viewing platform and restaurant complex has plenty of space for crazy golf, and already has some exotic gardens. It’s half way there already.

london, walkie talkie, minigolf, crazy golf
The famous car-melting building would be an ideal spot for a round.

HMS Belfast. The permanently-moored ship on the Thames is a maze of ladders and companionways that would make a perfect crazy golf course. Conveniently, there are also nine decks, so one hole per deck would give an exciting half-round.

HMS Belfast, minigolf equipment hire
It would be good though, wouldn’t it?

Somerset House Fountains. The open, public-participation fountains where hot people cool off in the middle of Summer. Maybe an even better place for crazy golf than Trafalgar Square, which nearly, but not quite, got its own crazy golf makeover this Summer.

Fountain, minigolf, crazy golf hire
Imagine your ball sitting atop a water jet.

Minigolf courses can pop up in the strangest places. They’re also getting more and more popular for office parties and team-building events. One idea is for each team member, or each team, to design a hole with what’s around them in the office. We supply the balls and putters – and the putting surface if necessary – and you have the fun! Give us a call on 0845 057 321 if you have an idea for a minigolf course in an unusual place.

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