The best minigolf course in America, and Lego minigolf!

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Stop press: Putterfingers offer our sincerest condolences to the family of Arnold Palmer, who passed away yesterday at 87. A true golfing legend and minigolf pioneer without whom our sport would be incalculably poorer.

America’s most mind-blowing minigolf course

Back in August we blogged about Dan Caprera, the man from Colorado who set off on a trip across all 50 U.S. states in search of the perfect minigolf course. Well, he’s back and his verdict is in. ‘After 78 days of hard travel, 20,681 miles driven in my car, and 42,508 words written for my guide,’ he told, ‘I can now definitively say that I have found the best minigolf course in America.’

In the great tradition off announcing Bakeoff winners, we will keep you in suspense about which course he likes best until the end of this blog post. No peeking!

Support Justin Grundfast in his bid to have Lego make a minigolf set!

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Justin is a ‘why not?’ kind of guy.

New York writer, comedian, Lego and minigolf lover Justin Grundfast has created a Lego minigolf course consisting of 5 individual components to build and combine into 15 combinations to play on. Features include a swivelling tee for aiming, a moveable hole and a raised cup for a more challenging hole.

He has entered a bid on Lego’s Ideas website which, if it acquires 10,000 supporters, will be reviewed by Lego with the possibility of it being made into a new Lego set! If you want to see a minigolf Lego set, show your support for Justin’s project here: and follow him on Twitter at @jgrundfast.

Back to British shores now, and two happy stories from our own homegrown minigolf world.

Milton Keynes: Mr Mulligan’s Pirate Golf gets a £35,000 refurbishment

Part of Abbey Hill Golf Centre, the Pirate-themed adventure golf course is a popular attraction and has been spruced up with some new concrete features, an animatronic pirate, and rafts to transport players across the lagoon. Find out more here.

Dundee Landmarks featured in new course

As part of Scotland’s Festival of Architecture, a minigolf course has been created featuring local landmarks including the Hilltown Clock, Coldside Library, Malmaison and the House of Dun. The Dundee Institute of Architects will tour the course round Tayside and beyond to celebrate the festival. It is currently located at Dundee and Angus Kingsway College.

Christine Palmer, president of the DIA, said, ‘We look forward to offering the public the chance to play the full course as it visits various venues throughout October and details will be posted online and in the press.’ Find out more here.

And the best minigolf course in America is …

So, what is the very best minigolf course in America? Well, according to our well-travelled minigolf nut Dan Caprera, it’s Myrtle Beach, South Carolina’s Mount Atlanticus. In his online guide he describes it as ‘the unholy hybrid of Atlantis, Hawaii, Ancient Greece, the Incan Empire, and (for good measure) the album covers from every hair metal band from the 1980’s,’ adding, ‘If you’re looking for any sense of logic or order at Mt. Atlanticus, you’d have a better chance trying to decipher the mistranslated rantings of H.P. Lovecraft after drinking a bottle of DayQuil.’

That means it’s good. I mean, look at it.

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That looks incredible.
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Drop everything and fly there immediately.

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