Two new minigolf courses open!

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Two new minigolf courses have opened in the last few days on mainland Britain (Well, nearly mainland Britain – see below).

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If you are in or near Doncaster, head over to Lakeside Village for a free game of adventure golf


The Lakeside Village shopping centre in Doncaster has chosen to tempt in shoppers with a 9-hole adventure golf course open all Summer long.

You can pick up your putters and balls from DOMO and enjoy a game at your leisure free of charge. All they ask is ID and proof of address to discourage you from running off with their putters. That seems a fair swap for a free game. And under-16s must be supervised. But we firmly believe that fun is still possible. That’s the minigolfer spirit!

minigolf, crazy golf, doncaster
Looks pretty good


And in case you missed it, Britain’s most northerly crazy golf course has opened for business. Presumably it’s the new most northerly course because there must have been a previous most northerly course that this one has trumped in the northerly stakes. Anyway it’s at Burray on Orkney, which is very northerly indeed. Not far from Grimness (how good a minigolf name is that?).

An hour and a half’s ferry trip from Thurso to Stromness, followed by a not inconsiderable road trip, gets you to the 12-hole course. If you’re English that will have been preceded by at least a day’s driving up Great Britain. But surely it’s worth it – just look at those natural obstacles and beautiful Orkney scenery.

The Burray course is part of a new community park development in the village and it’s free to use all year round. A competition was held last year for local schoolchildren to design the holes and obstacles, and local architect Paul Green incorporated the winning entries into the park. The project was partly funded by the community, who raised £8,000 towards it. It’s another great example of how, when people are scratching their heads trying to think of a fun idea for a new outdoor space, minigolf so often comes out tops.

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This course’s notherliness is beyond dispute.

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