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Experience led events

The Christmas party season used to be a time for drinking to excess, embarrassing yourself in front of colleagues, followed by a kebab and falling asleep on the night bus home. It still is for many, and why not, work hard, play hard and all that. However, the trend in socialising has shifted towards experience-led ways to let their hair down. And the leisure industry has listened. New venues are opening up week after week on our high streets, quenching our thirst for competitive socialising with our peers.

If you are planning an event and looking to create more of an experience, outside of the binge drinking culture, then here are some fun activities that will be Instagrammable, healthy and competitive.

1. Crazy GolfGood Hotel London_RoofTop_floating hotel

Yes, as mini golf masters, we are biased to big golf’s little brother (or sister). But it is a no-brainer for event planners. The sport is rapidly growing in popularity with crazy golf venues popping up in our towns and cities. It’s great for all ages and abilities so perfect for keeping all guests entertained. If you don’t want to venture out, our portable, modular course can be set up anywhere, providing the ground is flat, so crazy golf can come to you instead.

Footpool Hire_ITFCFanzone_31stAug192. Footpool

Footpool, a wildly popular new fusion of pool and football, is storming the UK! Potting balls with your feet using football skills is an idea anybody can grasp, and there isn’t much of a learning curve which means people of all ages can just jump on and have fun. Footpool is extremely popular at parties, marketing events and product launches, in breakout rooms for employees, at exhibitions and private functions.

Table Tennis Hire

3. Table Tennis

Yup, good old ping pong. First played in Victorian England, it is a true vintage game as well as an Olympic sport. You can have free play on your ping pong table or run a tournament with prizes to keep guests on their toes when they play. It’s especially fun for corporate events, networking, office parties, conferencing and team building events.

Mega Bricks xmas-tree4. Mega Bricks

Challenge party guests to a big build with huge ‘Lego’esque bricks! Guests can go freestyle with the Megabricks or use build a variety of pre-designed objects or turn it into a competition to see who can build something the quickest!

The beauty of experience-led events, is that guests will have fun without feeling like a zombie at work the next day. So give it a try for this year’s Christmas party and see how it is received. With the help of event hire companies there is no shortage of activities to choose from. Many activities are designed for those with little ability and all of which are bound to go down a treat in your social circle.

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