Home minigolf kits for indoors and outdoors

As regular readers of this blog will know, our stock-in-trade is minigolf hire and sales for parties, corporate events, trade shows and weddings. We have also recently started to sell a lot of smaller minigolf kits for use at home.

There’s a new section on our website full of minigolf-at-home kits starting at just £21. Check it out here.

Lockdown mini golf kits for putting at home in the garden or indoors

Garden home minigolf

Grab a few putters, balls and obstacles from our online catalogue, set them up in the back garden, pour your springtime beverage of choice and while away the lockdown hours honing your putting skills. Get the whole family involved if they are up for it. If you have a smooth lawn then you’ve already got the ideal putting surface. But if there’s no lawn or a bumpy one, we can supply a number of interlocking astro grass tiles to create a lovely smooth-rolling surface to play on. Paved areas like patios work well too – but you’ll need to be a bit gentler with your putts because concrete is a much faster surface.

Indoor minigolf

Putting indoors is just as much fun – especially when you involve your own furniture! Almost anything can be pressed into service as a minigolf obstacle, and it’s possible to create some interesting and challenging layouts that use the room’s angles and features. The balls we supply are low bounce – designed to stay low and minimise the threat to windows and fragile objects. But you shouldn’t really be hitting the ball that hard anyway! For the ultimate safety, use our airflow balls which are as light as a feather.

Mega home mini golf set lockdown putting

We’re selling kits for one or two people, and larger ones for the whole family. Which one do you fancy? See the options here!

Prefer to talk to us so you’re sure you are buying the right kit? We’re happy to take your call on 01842 337 100 or your email enquiry.

How to get your golf fix from home

Well, what a start to Spring. With the whole of the UK being told to stay home, it comes as little surprise today that golf courses across the country are announcing their temporary closure. The Prime Minister’s latest announcements are pushing towards tougher measures to crack down on the spread of Covid-19. Whilst leaving home once a day for exercise and essentials is still permitted, it is clear that the social distancing measures have so far not been tough enough. Sadly, things will have to change in the leisure industry for a short while and in the meantime, we have some suggestions on how you can continue playing golf from the safety of your own home.

Golfing from home - ideas for practising golf from home during self isolation

Mini Golf Hire by courier

Training Aids

Practice Foam Golf Balls

Putterfingers Putting Cups

Target Spiderball Golf Set for kids


Mini golf is a hit at University Events

Are you part of the events team at your University? If you are involved in planning this year’s May Ball, end of term bash, Graduation party or Fresher’s Week activities, why not consider adding crazy golf into the entertainment mix.

Crazy golf is now hugely popular in the UK and competitive socialising is booming in the leisure industry. Many towns and cities popular with students, may even be home to one of the latest crazy golf venues that have been popping from the likes of Junkyard Golf, Plonk Golf, Ghetto GolfSwingers, Mr Mulligans, and a growing number of other chains.

So why not bring a bit of competitive socialising into your student union or University setting? Crazy golf works for entertainment on many levels…

It’s fun

Fellow students will have the chance to let their hair down and have a laugh trying to make their way around the course. It’s a good way to relax at the end of a busy term.

University of Hertfordshire Welcome Fest
University of Hertfordshire Welcome Fest photography by Pete Stevens

It can be enjoyed with or without alcohol

With an increasing number of tee-total students, it’s good to have on hand entertainment that doesn’t involve propping up the bar. And with crazy golf, everyone is catered for.

Competitive socialising

It brings out everyone’s competitive side – who doesn’t love a bit of healthy competition between friends?! A bit of banter over a round of crazy golf is great for getting to know new people and new sides to people that you thought you knew! It’s popular at Fresher’s events and Welcome Week for that very reason.

UEA Crazy Golf - Freshers Week
UEA Crazy Golf – Freshers Week

Great for all abilities

No skills required – it’s tricky to navigate shots whether you’re a beginner or not. Even people good at ‘BIG’ golf can look silly negotiating obstacles on a putting green – so everyone is on a level pegging.


It makes a great photo opportunity. Our courses can include branded obstacles, bumpers and tee-off mats – a perfect branded and Instagram-worthy photo opportunity to use on University socials.

Get active

Crazy golf has many health benefits – it’s a fun way to get active and relieve stress, check out our blogs on its benefits to mental health and stress relief. As a result, mini golf is often used at Universities during Healthy Mind and Wellbeing weeks. It gets students moving, away from their screens and out socialising face to face with friends – what better way to promote wellbeing at your institution.


Sheffield Hallam University - Get Active Week
Sheffield Hallam University – Get Active Week

Looking for something extra?

Our sister brand, Fun4Guests, offers a number of additional activities to hire which go perfectly with crazy golf:

Fun4Guests_Street Art Gallery_Footpool_Table Tennis

Get in touch:

Talk to our team about your upcoming University events and we can recommend fun activities to suit your requirements and budget.

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Benefits of mini golf on mental health

Mental Health has been at the forefront of social media and the press this week. #ChildrensMentalHealthWeek has focussed our attention on supporting young people to manage their mental health, and #TimeToTalkDay has helped encourage people to talk about mental health and reduce stigma.

At Putterfingers, we are big advocates of the role mini golf can play in improving the mental health of players. We have blogged previously about how crazy golf can reduce stress levels, an issue closely linked to mental health. But there are ways that mini golf can be beneficial on mental health as a whole.

The New Economics Foundation developed ‘The Five Ways to Wellbeing’, a set of mental health messages, which when practised, improves the mental health and wellbeing of the whole population. Mental health charity, Mind, have clearly outlined ‘The Five Ways to Wellbeing’ concept and here is how we strongly believe that mini golf can fit into this framework.

5 Ways to Wellbeing


Social relationships are important for maintaining a healthy mind. Mini golf can offer a social activity that brings people together in a relaxed and informal environment. As a sport that is played as an individual rather than in a team, participants can be social as much or as little as they wish, whilst still connecting with others.
The beauty of mini golf is that it is a challenge for everyone – there is no right or wrong way to do it. Overcoming obstacles, quite literally (!), brings people together, which is why it is so often used for team building activities.

Mini golf for socialising

Be active

“Regular physical activity is associated with lower rates of depression and anxiety across all age groups.” (Mind.org)

You don’t need to hit the gym or break a sweat to enjoy a bit of physical activity. Mini golf is a slower-paced activity that is suitable for anyone, regardless of age or physical fitness. Walking has a huge benefit to mental and physical health, walking around a miniature golf course gives a purpose and more enjoyment to that walk.

Putting, whether in ‘Big’ golf, pitch and putt, adventure golf or crazy golf, certainly uses the muscles on our arms. But engaging with your core muscles will help you to control the club according to Tom Watson’s article “Putt With Your Gut”.

University of Hertfordshire Welcome Fest © Pete Stevens
University of Hertfordshire Welcome Fest © Pete Stevens
Take Notice

Living in the moment, or being aware of the present, is the third concept of the 5 Ways to Wellbeing. Taking a moment to enjoy the environment around you is something that all of us leading busy lives can benefit from remembering.

Crazy golf has traditionally been a seaside pastime and you will often still find a course at coastal resorts. If you do take the time to visit one of these courses by the sea, take the time to notice your surroundings, the sea breeze, the seagulls, perhaps if the sound of the waves if you are lucky.

Many parks are also home to a miniature golf course or pitch and putt. So, a great opportunity to get back to nature and take some time for yourself.

Holbeck Putting Green in Scarborough © Emily Gottfried
Holbeck Putting Green in Scarborough © Emily Gottfried

According to Mind, learning a new skill can enhance with self-esteem. It also encourages more social interaction, which as humans is one our basic needs. Improved self-worth is an important factor for maintaining good mental health.
Mini golf could be that new skill you are looking for. It is such an accessible activity that literally anyone can get involved. It is fun to try and overcome the obstacles of the course, there are a few individuals who have mastered the tricks (Richard & Emily Gottfried, Marc Chapman!), but for the majority of us success is based on problem-solving and a little bit of luck. Who knows, you could be the next Minigolf Champion!

Red Interactive Mini Golf Winners!


People who engage in activities to help others are “more likely to rate themselves as happy” (Mind.org).

Getting involved with a cause or community group and help your feeling of belonging and to support other elements of the 5 Ways to Wellbeing such as connecting with others.

As mini golf is an activity for all, yet still competitive, it is a great contender for fundraising activities. It’s been a staple of fundraising in the USA for a long time and is beginning to get some traction over here. It’s a fun, social activity that offers ample opportunity for charity branding to promote the cause and raise awareness and money.
Read some of our blogs on Mini Golf for Fundraising and see how charities such as Global Media & Entertainment’s ‘Make Some Noise’ charity has used Putterfingers mini golf for their charity day.

Mini golf for fundraising_Make Some Noise_Kate Garraway
Kate Garraway at Global’s Make Some Noise Charity Day

Don’t just take our word for it, The British Medical Journal blogged back in 2018, how shorter play versions of ‘big’ golf, such as pitch and putt, adventure golf, crazy golf or miniature golf, is an appealing introduction to the wider benefits of golf on mental, and physical health.

If you are planning a wellbeing event for your company, school, university or local community, then why not book mini golf as part of the event activities. We offer a variety of size courses which are available to hire or buy. There are options to brand the courses and obstacles with your logo and hashtags.

Visit our site to view mini golf hire options

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Plan your 2020 Team Building activities

Taking time out from the daily grind occasionally is a necessity for employee wellbeing. Bringing your team together in a relaxed environment will give people the opportunity to socialise, away from their desks – a proven way to boost productivity.

So why not start the year as you mean to go on and plan in your 2020 team building activities.

Not all businesses can feasibly commit to the time, nor expense, of away days, so another solution is to host an activity within the workplace.

And what better activity to offer than a round of office mini-golf!

Mini golf is perfect for team building activities, it is fun, it is active and requires no prior ability.

Turn your breakout area into a fun crazy golf course

It’s winter, no one wants to venture out in the cold and wet. But getting a break away from the desk is essential for productivity.

Facebook HQ hired our Funsize crazy golf course for that very reason.

Facebook HQ 9 hole Course

The Fun Size Course was perfect for a room of this size. This is our standard 9-hole portable golf course.

The package consists of:
27 x 1msq astro grass tiles
Foam edge bumpers
Assorted obstacle pieces
9 rubber headed putters
9 low bounce balls
Scorecards, clipboards and pencils
Number cones 1-9

Short on space?

Our crazy golf course can be set up within the office. Putterfingers mini golf courses can be set up indoors or outdoors, and the modular nature of the courses means that they can fit around existing furniture and office layouts.

This is exactly what Worldpay did. They hired a 6-hole course to set up within their office space to celebrate the day that the company joined FIS. The organiser planned this activity in secret so it was a surprise for his employees when they arrived at work the next day. He even got to get some practice in the evening before while setting up. Unfair advantage perhaps?!

Worldpay_FIS office mini golf

Team building across the miles

If your company has multiple offices, it can be tricky to bring employees together in a social setting when locations are miles apart.

One easy and cost-effective solution could be to hire a course for each location and compete via a live-feed scoreboard.

Zone Digital found this worked perfectly for connecting their Bristol and London employees.

Zone Digital Live Link Bristol Office Open

As we have multiple courses available to hire at any one time, there is no reason this idea couldn’t be scaled up and ran across several offices. Our golf courses can be delivered anywhere in the UK via courier, store away easily and fit in standard lift shafts – we would be hard-pushed to find a venue that cannot be accessed!

Branded courses

Our mini golf courses can be hired as they are, or branded with company logos and other insignia by prior arrangement with us. All courses are also available for purchase, either to create a more permanent fixture or to store and use when the occasion demands – the equipment is fully portable and easy to set up.
Branding the course to the company helps people to equate the company with fun, which boosts morale. Show employees some love, and they’re more likely to love you back. Some high-profile companies, such as Google and LinkedIn, have minigolf courses in their offices. So be like Google. Make your company one of the best to work for.

Buy a course to use for all your corporate events

Putterfingers mini golf courses are available to buy as well as hire. You could purchase a course to use for employee socials, for family-fun days and entertaining clients.


One or two holes can also be easily transported and set-up at trade shows – mini golf makes a great addition to exhibition stands as a fun and engaging activity for delegates.


Looking for multiple activities?

If you are planning on running a slightly larger team event and what to mix of activities, then talk to us about….

Table Tennis

Table tennis is great fun for corporate events, networking, office parties, conferencing and team building events.

We supply full-size, competition tables and personalised folding table tennis plus everything you need: balls, bats and nets.
You can have your own unique bespoke Compact Tables with the playing surface professionally printed with photos, logos, or any artwork you want to send us. Use block colours. Put a hashtag on them. The possibilities are endless.



Footpool is a fusion between football and pool. The pockets are goals in this fusion between pool and football, and the added bonus is there is no offside rule! The rules of 8-ball pool apply: your opponent gets an extra shot if you foul and potting the black after potting all your balls wins the game.

Footpool is available to hire from a few hours to a full day and requires a set-up space of 25sqms.


Get in touch

If you are planning an event and are looking for activities to hire, or to buy, then get in touch with the Putterfingers team. We can create a bespoke package to meet your objectives.

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Putterfingers’ highlights of 2019!

Crazy golf has become massively popular in the UK, and although we at Putterfingers cannot perhaps take all the credit, we know we have certainly contributed to the trend. It has been another busy and exhilarating year at Putterfingers, and, dear readers, we want to share some of our highlights. So, pour yourself that beverage of choice, and read on!

It would not be 2019, without a preamble from yours truly… Looking back on 2019, we can see the news was dominated with topics Brexit and climate change, and people like US President Donald Trump, Prince Andrew, and even Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The topics, the people, and the news related to them were not particularly cheery; in fact, I would venture to say they are rather stressful. Luckily, our Putterfingers’ team knows how to deal with stress, check out our blog on stress relief, and it seems the rest of the country is certainly catching on. So, now, seriously, let us review the news and Putterfingers’ highlights and crazy golf news of the past year.

Highlights of living the high life!Good Hotel London rooftop crazy golf

We don’t want to brag – except that we do want to brag: Putterfingers’ fun and fabulous portable mini golf courses were hired on several occasions for events at some fabulously posh venues.

• The Good Hotel, London’s floating hotel, had quite the view and backdrop for one of our mini-golf courses.

• When innovators (and geniuses) at Future Space in Bristol collaborate and envision the future, guess what they see in it? Putterfingers’ mini golf!WeWork_Monument_Eastcheap

• WeWork decided that The Monument in London was a great rooftop space to host a round of crazy golf. I do wonder if perhaps there was a backdrop competition between The Monument and The Good Hotel…

• We usually provide instructions with our portable crazy golf courses, but I suppose if you are an architectural firm like Orms Architects, then you design – or redesign – your own obstacles. We also do always associate the word fun with Putterfingers, and lo and behold, Orms Architects used our mini-golf course for their Family Fun Day (held at Gasholders in Gasholders_London_Orms-Golf-Open-FamiliesLondon). Need we say more?

Church news

Yes, perhaps this caused (and may still be causing) a wee bit of controversy, but if the Archbishop of Canterbury made the suggestion that people should have fun in a cathedral, who are we to argue? Putterfingers did not actually provide the mini golf course featured in Rochester Cathedral, but we are certainly intrigued – and available.

BBC Rochester Cathedral minigolf
BBC Rochester Cathedral crazy golf

The BBC and Putterfingers!

When the BBC covered the World Crazy Golf Championships, reporter Kevin Peachey got in touch to discuss trends in the crazy golf industry. This interest from the Beeb shows how popular minigolf is becoming in the UK and how interest in it as a significant leisure pursuit and competitive sport is growing. The BBC did feature insight from our logistics manager, Mr. Richard Clarke, Richard’s name is in the article, as is Putterfingers. First the BBC, then the inevitable next step will be tea with Her Majesty, the Queen, and then of course a knighthood….

BBC article_Crazy golf just got serious

Crazy golf industry booming in 2019

Thanks to Mr. Richard Gottfried, champion miniature golfer and the illustrious author of the Ham and Egger Files, we are always kept in the loop about all crazy golf news. Mr. Gottfried has made it his goal to play all the mini/crazy golf courses in the UK, but with new courses opening up so frequently, that goal is never quite attainable. Not that we think Mr. Gottfried seems to mind.

Back in 2006 when Richard and Emily Gottfried embarked on their Crazy World of Minigolf Tour, there were around 600 courses, now in 2019, they estimate there are just over 1,200. It just goes to show, that the competitive socialising industry really is booming in the UK. And the Gottfried’s mission becomes greater, but more enjoyable we’re sure.

Here are some of his recent posts about the booming crazy golf industry.
New Minigolf Courses in the UK
New Course Alerts
Crazy World of Minigolf

New Christmas obstacles from Putterfingers

There is a reason we are renowned, and it is not just because the BBC know who we are. We are mini golf innovators, and to prove it, we have some created our Christmas themed obstacles for this year’s festivities.

Christmas crazy golf

We are always looking to innovate new obstacles that can be easily transported with our portable crazy golf course. If you do happen to have any specific requests then do get in touch and our design team are more than happy to discuss!

Saving the best event for last

Near the end of the summer, Putterfingers was on hand to help with the entertainment during the Ipswich Town FC Family Fun Day. What an exciting event this was, and filled with products by Putterfingers, Photo Cutouts, and Fun4Guests. Aside from our miniature crazy golf courses we also provided Football Pool, mega bricks, and a photo cutout board of super tall Ipswich Town goalie Tomáš Holý. We were very thrilled to be able to able to partake in such a fantastic event supporting a local football club.

Crazy Golf at Ipswich Town Fanzone

Many thanks to you dear readers, loyal fans, and new and returning customers for helping to make 2019 such a spectacular year. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and happy holidays, and all the best in 2020!

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Fun Christmas Ideas For Golf Lovers

By Guest Blogger, Jordan Fuller

Christmas is a fun time for everybody except for those in the winter trying to get on the course, the days are short and the weather is poor. Here we look at different gifts and other ideas for golfers that need to scratch the itch around Christmas time.


Miniature Course, Major FunPortable crazy golf

For golf lovers around the world, it is hard to drive past a miniature golf establishment and not want to go for a quick round. Putter Fingers allows you to buy your own miniature golf set for your home. Yes, you can own your own nine-hole mini-golf course in your living room or backyard.

If purchasing a miniature golf course doesn’t fit into your budget and you are still looking for a fun activity to entertain guests, consider renting a system. Not only will the course be a holiday hit, but you also won’t have to worry about where to put it once your guests leave!

Custom Ropes Course

Instead of getting a course with a huge layout, consider getting the Putter Fingers obstacle rope set. These can be set up in minutes and has endless customization possibilities. You can even set them up for a country club wedding on the practice green for easy fun and entertainment.`

Jokes on the Tee BoxNovelty golf balls

This novelty set of four golf balls will have your group falling over from laughter. With golf balls that explode on impact or make putting impossible, these are sure to delight for golfers not being pranked. An exploding ball is a perfect way to set the tone of fun on the course before the round even starts.

Stay Afloat off the Tee

For the golfer that seems to find water in the desert, these golf balls float on the surface for easy retrieval to “lower” their score and keep them dry. These golf balls are fluorescent yellow and orange are easily seen from the fairway, rough, or tee.

Night Time Golf Roundsflashing_golf_balls

Golf is hard enough, playing at night should be about fun! When the sun goes down, reach into your bag to get these light-up balls to easily find any shot on the course. These make tracking shots during evening rounds easier than ever.

New Pair of Golf Shoes

Golfers are always looking to up their game, new golf shoes help give better traction during wet or dewy rounds. Modern golf shoes are able to be worn as sneakers so they can double as walking shoes for when you want to take your furry friend out for a tour of a local course.

Rubber Headed Golf Clubs

Miniature golf courses come with the iconic rubber headed mallet style putters. Instead of borrowing a club each time, get your own! There are a variety of different sizes and styles for you to personalize and make your own. Don’t worry about borrowing a club anymore!

Who said winter means you can’t enjoy golf? Between miniature golfing sets and joke golf balls, continue to enjoy golf no matter the weather. The indoor miniature golf set is the perfect gift or activity to keep guests busy during holiday parties! Get your significant other or family member back for years of pranks and let everybody get a laugh!


Need more ideas? Get in touch with Putterfingers.

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Experience-led event planning

Experience led events

The Christmas party season used to be a time for drinking to excess, embarrassing yourself in front of colleagues, followed by a kebab and falling asleep on the night bus home. It still is for many, and why not, work hard, play hard and all that. However, the trend in socialising has shifted towards experience-led ways to let their hair down. And the leisure industry has listened. New venues are opening up week after week on our high streets, quenching our thirst for competitive socialising with our peers.

If you are planning an event and looking to create more of an experience, outside of the binge drinking culture, then here are some fun activities that will be Instagrammable, healthy and competitive.

1. Crazy GolfGood Hotel London_RoofTop_floating hotel

Yes, as mini golf masters, we are biased to big golf’s little brother (or sister). But it is a no-brainer for event planners. The sport is rapidly growing in popularity with crazy golf venues popping up in our towns and cities. It’s great for all ages and abilities so perfect for keeping all guests entertained. If you don’t want to venture out, our portable, modular course can be set up anywhere, providing the ground is flat, so crazy golf can come to you instead.

Footpool Hire_ITFCFanzone_31stAug192. Footpool

Footpool, a wildly popular new fusion of pool and football, is storming the UK! Potting balls with your feet using football skills is an idea anybody can grasp, and there isn’t much of a learning curve which means people of all ages can just jump on and have fun. Footpool is extremely popular at parties, marketing events and product launches, in breakout rooms for employees, at exhibitions and private functions.

Table Tennis Hire

3. Table Tennis

Yup, good old ping pong. First played in Victorian England, it is a true vintage game as well as an Olympic sport. You can have free play on your ping pong table or run a tournament with prizes to keep guests on their toes when they play. It’s especially fun for corporate events, networking, office parties, conferencing and team building events.

Mega Bricks xmas-tree4. Mega Bricks

Challenge party guests to a big build with huge ‘Lego’esque bricks! Guests can go freestyle with the Megabricks or use build a variety of pre-designed objects or turn it into a competition to see who can build something the quickest!

The beauty of experience-led events, is that guests will have fun without feeling like a zombie at work the next day. So give it a try for this year’s Christmas party and see how it is received. With the help of event hire companies there is no shortage of activities to choose from. Many activities are designed for those with little ability and all of which are bound to go down a treat in your social circle.

Get in touch

Interested in hiring one of these activities? Get in touch with Putterfingers and we can discuss your requirements.
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Putterfingers crazy golf hired at top UK venues

Putterfingers have had a busy Summer of crazy golf hires. Our portable courses have been hired in all corners of the UK and here is a selection of some of the fabulous venues hiring crazy golf for events.

1. The Good Hotel, London

Floating boat hotel at Royal Victoria Dock, on the banks of the River Thames. overlooking the Emirates Cable Car. The hotel is close to London ExCel and O2 Arena. Putterfingers modular golf course was set up on the rooftop terrace and the capital provided a stunning backdrop at the event.

Good Hotel London_RoofTop_floating hotel

2. Future Space, Bristol

Located on the UWE Campus in Bristol, Future Space is at the centre of the region’s growing tech and life sciences sectors. The building offers workspace, laboratories and a collaborative community for innovators to grow their ideas. The Future Space community came together in a communal space within the modern building for a team event. Crazy golf was the centrepiece and provided a collaborative team bonding experience on the day.

Future Space_Bristol_innovative workspace

3. WeWork, the Monument, London

Office & co-working space on the edge of the city in Eastcheap. Iconic landmarks such as the Tower of London and The Monument are a stone’s throw away. Co-workers came together on the rooftop to putt away the stress with a round of minigolf.



4. Anstey Hall, Cambridge

Anstey Hall is a former country house built in the 17th century. A Grade I listed building in Trumpington Cambridge. Now a fabulous wedding venue, offering bed and breakfast and a beautiful backdrop for events.

Anstey Hall_Cambridge_wedding venue

5. Gasholders, London for Orms Architects

A refurbished building linking to London’s industrial past. 123 cast iron columns took 2 years to refurbish into canalside apartments and penthouses, build in a circular aspect around an atrium. Orms Architects used the space for a family fun day. They even design their own crazy golf obstacles for the occasion.


Putterfingers offer a portable, modular crazy golf course to hire or buy for events. The course is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and due to the portable nature – we cover all areas of the UK. The craze of crazy golf is growing in popularity for events of all different types and is an excellent inclusive activity to add to your event.

Get in touch with the team if you would like to know more:


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Crazy golf and footpool entertains fans at #ITFC


This weekend, Putterfingers kept fans entertained with portable crazy golf and footpool at Ipswich Town FC Family Fun Day #ITFC. The club hosted fans in their Fanzone at Portman Road prior to their League One tie against Shrewsbury Town.


Great activity for families

Crazy Golf was the perfect option for a family focussed event. The game can be enjoyed by adults and children alike, no prior ability is needed.

Crazy Golf at Ipswich Town Fanzone
Families enjoying a round of mini golf at Portman Road

Suitable for outdoor use

Our course is suitable for outdoor events. The rain held off on for the pre-match event on Saturday but had we had a downpour the course would dry quickly after a soaking thanks to the in-built drainage.

Mini golf outdoors at ITFC Fanzone
Dry and bright day at Portman Road as fans play golf

Footpool at ITFC Fanzone

Footpool is an exciting mix of football and pool. It’s a challenging and competitive hybrid game, with the rules of pool but pot with your feet – a perfect addition to a football-centric event. Fans at Portman Road were able to release their inner Marcus Stewart and Ronnie O’Sullivan at the same time!

Footpool Hire_ITFCFanzone_31stAug19


Footpool - Hybrid game of football and pool

Photo Opportunities

Fans also had the opportunity to meet Town midfielders Teddy Bishop and Tristan Nydam at the event.

If fans missed their chance to get a snap with the players, Photo Cutouts were on hand to give visitors the chance to pose as a player with a full size face-in-the-hole board of goalkeeper Tomas Holy.

Tomas Holy face-in-the-hole board

Fan engagement

Fan Zones are a great way to engage with football fans before and after the match event. Family-focussed activities such as Crazy Golf and Footpool are great for interacting with fans of all ages.

Putterfingers are able to customise our courses with branding on bumpers or custom made course obstacles. Ipswich Town used our Mega Bricks to create a focal point with initials of the club.

Giant bricks create focal point at Portman Road Fanzone

Get in touch

If you would like to hire mini golf or Footpool for your Fanzone then get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements.

Our sister company, Photo Cutouts, can also create a bespoke photo board to interact with fans at the ground, and create a lasting memory.

Contact our team on 01284 848330

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