Gift ideas for the golf enthusiast in your life

We’ve got a brilliant bunch of Christmas gifts in our online store for the golfer in your life. Many of them are ideal as home stocking fillers, others are higher-priced training aids and accessories for the avid golfer that will improve their game. Quite a few of our Christmas golf gifts are priced about right for the Secret Santa at work, so if you have been drawn to give a gift to a golfing colleague, you are in the right place.

Let’s have a look at our range of gifts for the putter nutter in your life. Here’s a selection of what we are stocking for Christmas (Tee-hee!).

Novelty Golf Balls Gift Set

Golf gift ideas novelty balls

These are standard long distance golf balls with a novelty sports-themed outer shell. A perfect stocking filler or Secret Santa gift at £12.00 inc VAT.

Golf Putt Returner

This excellent practice tool reduces time spent retrieving balls after putting. Get the ball on target and it comes straight back at you! Just £17.99 inc VAT.

Golf gift putt returner

Putting Laser

A putting alignment trainer that keeps putts honest and helps to develop a straight swing. Easy to use. Just £14.50 inc VAT.

Golf gift putting laser

My Minigolf Set

Golf gift my minigolf small set

This is a small My Minigolf set for garden crazy golf practice (there are other sets with more obstacles). It’s enough to have some wacky fun. Not as easy as it looks! £140.88 inc VAT.

Grip It Rite Training Aid

Golf gift Grip It Rite training aid

This simple grip training aid clips onto any golf club handle and guides the fingers into the correct grip to get it built into muscle memory. 3 sizes: Junior, Ladies’, Men’s. £19.99 inc VAT.

Potty Putter

Golf gift potty putter

‘The 19th hole’ takes on a different meaning with the Potty Putter. The lucky recipient of this marvel can spend valuable minutes on the throne honing their putting skills. £14.48 inc VAT.

Golf Washbag by Longridge

Gift golf washbag longridge

An attractive washbag shaped like a golf trolley bag. Dimensions: h 29cm x w 12cm x d 16cm. £25.49 inc VAT.

Alignment Ball

Golf gift alignment ball

A fantastic stocking filler or a great main gift, the Alignment Ball is a golf ball with two halves that separate to reveal 5 metres of brightly coloured string. It can be used in a variety of ways out on the practice greens to improve alignment.

Don’t see what you want here? There are so many more Christmas golf gifts to choose from on our website. See the whole range of Christmas golf gifts here.

Father’s Day Golf Gifts to Make Him Smile

Father's Day golf gifts

Does your father already have everything? Not if he is a golfer, he doesn’t. A golfer’s kit is never complete. There is always a useful piece of equipment to make his journey round the course that little bit more enjoyable and practical. These Father’s Day gifts are the things he never knew he needed in his golfing life.

Father’s Day is on the third Sunday in June. This year it falls on the 20th. We have hand picked the golf gifts most likely to be appreciated by golfing dads. They are also pretty useful things to have out on the golf course and when practicing at home, so if he golfs a lot he will think of you more often as he uses them!

Fathers Day golf gifts

Father’s Day Golf Gifts

For this Father’s Day we are stocking:

  • Training aids for improving swing, eyeline, driving distance and putting accuracy
  • Tools for the little tasks that non-golfers don’t know about, like replacing divots, cleaning club faces, counting strokes and picking up balls from the green, fairway or rough
  • Home golf sets and tools for back garden practice
  • Golf novelty items just for fun
  • Accessories like bags, towels
  • Practice balls
  • Desktop golf games for the office or home

Head over to to see the whole collection of brilliant golfing Father’s Day gifts! Here are our top five from the range.

  1. Putt and Hazard Putting Mat
Putting practice mat gift

The ideal home putting training tool for indoors and outdoors. Improves not only accuracy but putt weight as well with its slope just before the cup. The cup is a bit smaller than regulation to really hone accuracy, there are two hazards to avoid and the ball is automatically returned to the player when it goes in the hole. An all-in-one putting trainer for use in between visits to the golf club.

Golf smash bag gift Fathers Day

A swing trainer that helps to perfect wrist alignment at the moment the club face strikes the ball. The golfer stops when the club strikes the bag and checks hand alignment. Prevents a common problem called ‘flipping the wrists’ at the moment of impact.

Golf multi tool fathers day gift

A Swiss army knife for the golfer in your life. Includes a 35mm knife, divot repairer, club head brush, pitchfork/ball marker, mini pen and key ring.

Fathers day golf gifts chipping net

Practicing the feel of chipping is crucial to staying sharp on the golf course. This practice net pops up anywhere in seconds and has target pockets for honing accuracy. You might need to call him in for tea when he’s in the garden with this – he’ll be addicted!

Fathers day golf gifts laser guide

This popular device projects a laser line onto the putting surface that provides visual feedback to help keep the club head swinging straight. Allows the correction of multiple errors in putting form.

See the whole collection at

Fathers day golf gifts