Golf training aids to improve your game

If you have been away from golf for a while and want to get your A-game back, there are plenty of training aids to help re-commit the feel of a good swing to muscle memory. Many are tested and approved by leading golf coaches and PGA players. And because even seasoned golfers need to keep practicing the basics, many golf training aids are suitable for all levels. Golfers at or near the beginning of their learning curves can use them to drum the right feel, weight, club angle and body posture into their shots through repetition and feedback.

From warm-up tools to putting alignment trainers, there’s a training tool to help hone every type of shot to near-perfection. Our product line-up now includes a much bigger variety of such devices for serious golfers. They can help to improve your mini golf putting, too. So read on if there is any aspect of your game you’d like to improve through regular practice! (They also make excellent gifts for any golf addicts you know).

All these products can be found at The below is just a small selection.

Swing Trainers

Swing Perfect Trainer

Helps consistent shoulder alignment by giving 5-point feedback. If things are out of whack, you’ll feel it! Keeps you honest about shoulder alignment throughout the swing. Regular practice with the Swing Perfect Trainer commits the ideal swing to muscle memory.

Swing perfect golf training aid

Smash Bag

Pro coaches love this one. It helps to prevent the mistake of ‘flipping’ the wrists after ball impact. Place it after the impact point, take a slow swing, stop when the club head hits the smash bag, and check your hand alignment. Helps to achieve correct form and follow through.

Smash bag golf training

Grip Trainers

Grip It Rite Training Grip

Gives the feel of ideal hand position and the grip indicator shows grip strength. Clips onto any club handle and perfects how you hold the club. Get a grip with this tried and tested training tool!

Grip it rite golf training aid

Grip and Swing Trainer

Use this weighted grip and swing trainer anywhere, even indoors (but maybe stay away from crockery!). Train your swing away from the golf course or use it to warm up before a round to prevent injury. The handle is moulded to give a consistent grip and the head weight is adjustable.

Grip and swing golf trainer

Putting Trainers

Pro Laser Guide

Think your putt swing is straight? This laser alignment tool shows you the uncomfortable truth and allows you to correct any alignment errors. Get instant feedback on your putting line and knock your form into shape.

Pro laser guide golf training aid

Tour Putting Mirror

See yourself as you putt and check shoulder alignment and putter face angle. Try different lengths of backswing. Hone every aspect of your putting form with this fantastic training tool.

Tour putting mirror golf training aid

That’s just a few of the golf training aids we have recently added to our site and have in stock. See them all at and find the ideal training tool for your own golf game or the perfect gift for the golf fanatic in your life!

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Kids love minigolf! Here’s how to get them started



kids minigolf
Kids love minigolf

A new adventure golf course for kids has just opened in Bournemouth. It’s not the first one and it won’t be the last, but it is brilliant. Mighty Claws Adventure Golf, part of Playgolf Bournemouth, does more than offer a dinosaur-themed crazy golf experience. They’ve got a book that tells the story of a little dinosaur called Truly, and how she helps the Mighty Claws to triumph against the evil Iron Jaws to save the Roaring Kingdom. Kids who read the book with their parents before visiting will have absorbed the narrative of having to find magical totems that will restore peace to Sweet Claw Valley. These totems are to be found in real life on the adventure golf course. We love this idea and the way it draws kids in to a sense of adventure.

Kids minigolf
Mighty Claws Adventure Golf

There are plenty of ways to get your kids into golf. The Golf Foundation began in 1952 to help young people enjoy the playing and the personal benefits of golf. It is a charity that promotes golf to young people via schools and clubs. It came up with Tri-Golf, a version of golf designed for youngsters that aims to promote ‘Skills for Life’ including co-operation, good sportsmanship and concentration. Tri-Golf uses a plastic putter and an oversized, dimpled foam ball to make it easier to putt the ball into the hole or hit the target. Both items are available in our online golf store.

Youth mini golf training equipment
Youth golf training kits

We also supply youth training kits which contain enough equipment to get started in minigolf. The putters come in a variety of lengths to suit any age.

To find out more about getting kids into golf and minigolf, visit our page ‘Get into golf’.


Christmas gift ideas from Putterfingers

Minigolf Christmas stocking fillers

For the golf nut in your life, look no further than Putterfingers for Christmas gift ideas. They are all available direct from our store. Here are a few to start you browsing:

Putt Returner

Putterfingers putt returner

Get your own back – your ball that is – with the simple and effective putt returner. It sends the ball right back to you so you can just keep putting in an endless loop.

Trick Balls

Putterfingers trick golf balls

The Awesome Foursome of Unputtaball, Jetstreamer, Cloud-Flite Exploder and Phantom Ball. Very funny when used on unsuspecting friends.

Novelty Balls

Putterfingers novelty golf balls

Football, Pool 8 Ball, American Football, Baseball, Basketball and Tennis Ball. A perfect stocking filler.

Golf Butler

Putterfingers golf butler

Don’t strain your back picking up your ball! The Golf Butler fits on the end of your putter and makes picking up your ball easy.

Putting Mat

Putterfingers putting mat

Special synthetic matting for a consistent roll. Raised at one end with a hole. Just roll it out anywhere and start putting!

Shop online at our store now for your Christmas stocking fillers! Just visit

Off course: minigolf pocket games

Itching for a putting session but weather too bad to play outside? We feel your pain. While you’re waiting for the clouds to clear, why not try one of these putting games for your Android smartphone? None of them quite match the sensations of real putting, but they can help with practising your angles, and you might encounter some obstacles found on real putting greens. The realism in these games is just about good enough to help you figure out the best way of tackling them.
We tested six minigolf games from the Android Play Store. Here are our results.

Minigolf mobile games, crazy golf mobile games, android golf games

Minigolf Matchup
Social game – you play against others online.
A hole-in-one doubles the points on the next hole. We like that!
Lots of bonuses for completing mini-goals. Rewards for social sharing: earn stars for following the game on Twitter and Facebook, inviting friends, etc.
Collect gems for extra bonuses. Nice feature, but you have to deliberately miss holing out in order to gather the gems.
Play with Facebook friends.
Different clubs to buy or earn: Chipper, Power Putt, Laser Aim.
Original features like cannons that shoot your ball over large obstacles.
Moving arrows show the lie of the green – uphill or downhill. This is the only game with that feature.
Fun, colourful, cartoony graphics and pretty convincing ball physics.

Retro minigolf, retro crazy golf, mobile golf games, android

Mini golf: retro
Graphics not too bad, smooth scrolling. As with all the other games apart from Minigolf Matchup, you rotate the whole scenery around you to aim.
Can’t zoom in and out – a bit of a limitation, but you can usually see where you need to putt.
Ball physics: 3. Adequate, but unlikely things sometimes happen like the ball stopping right on the crest of a hill.
No social features or rewards.
When you hole out you are presented with a full-screen advertisement for another game. Not much of a reward, and an abrupt end to your hole. More a simulator than a fully-fledged game.

Minigolf Android games, Crazy golf Android games, play mobile minigolf game

Minigolf Stars 2
Cartoony graphics – quite nice.
Various courses like Beach, Desert, Space, Castle, River. Lots of unlockable levels.
Good control of landscape.
The obstacles are of average difficulty.
Realism: the ball can bounce over the cup whereas in Minigolf Matchup it seems to go in no matter how hard you have hit it.

Minigolf Android game, crazy golf android game

Minigolf Stars: Retro Golf
Very similar to Minigolf Retro.
Courses a bit more interesting
Like all of these games, you can’t make your own custom courses.

Minigolf mobile games, crazy golf Android games

Mini Golf 3D
This game has some fiendish obstacles! It can be challenging.
The graphics are more on the realistic side, and are very nice.
Ball physics are pretty good.

Mini golf game, crazy golf game, android, mobile

Extreme Mini Golf
Different from the others, lots of water features, set in an aquatic world. But who would play minigolf on waterlogged courses?
Rather buggy. If you don’t play a shot it goes into a panoramic mode from which there is no escape, forcing you to restart the game.
Ball physics are average for this collection of games.

Here’s how the 6 minigolf games scored.

Mobile minigolf games, mobile crazy golf games

The overall winner of this review is Minigolf Matchup. In second place is Minigolf 3D. Do you agree with this review? Try the games and comment!

Keep Calm and Keep Putting this Winter!

Just as the temperature changes and the nights start to draw in, it doesn’t mean you have to stop golfing!

There are a number of products available that can be utilised both indoors and outdoors for both practice and putting.

Our Putting Edge Rope Course  is ideal to convert a room at home or a conference facility in the office to a 9 hole course to practice your putting or to run your own office event.

new budget mini golf course from Putterfingers

There aren’t many complete miniature golf courses on the market for under £1,000 so do get in touch if we can help.

Even if you do fancy venturing out on the course to play BIG golf, then these flashing golf balls will help you keep your balls in sight. Designed to ‘flash’ their way around the course for up to 5 minutes, they are a real help if you have a habit of hitting in the woods flashing bright red as soon as you strike the ball!

Flashing Golf Balls |
Don’t lose your balls at night when golfing!

So whether you are looking at enjoying some twilight golf or some indoor putting practise, we have a range of solutions to suit your golfing needs.

My Mini Golf obstacles earn industry award for quality

The mini golf obstacles used on our portable crazy golf course have been recently awarded a recognised quality label in Germany.  The quality label is the result of years of research and practical experience in the basic issues of physical activity in children.

The research waMini Golf Obstacles from carried out by The University in Würzburg and the mini golf obstacle range passed the high standards associated with the sign of Movement and Innovation.

The obstacles were granted this label of quality they passed rigorous tests and are seen to be beneficial to the active and physical development of children of all ages.

Both big and little kids in our experience!

Having used the plastic moulded obstacle pieces for some years for our portable crazy golf courses here in the UK, we are fully aware of the benefits:

  • wipe clean toughened ABS plastic
  • suitable for all terrain (indoors and outdoors)
  • indestructible
  • weather resistant
  • UV protected
  • packaged in its own carry bag and only £199+VAT

Portable Mini Golf Obstacles
My Mini Golf Obstacles for Portable Mini Golf Courses

My Mini Golf is based on a play anywhere game of minigolf. The complete My Mini Golf set offers a range of challenging obstacle pieces that can be used, with or without our modular mini golf courses.

Now available as an ‘Extras‘ set – the four most popular pieces in the set – Loop the Loop 360, Bridge, Daytona and Warm Up.  The main feature of these is they can be used on existing courses where the holes are built into the course or putting green.

Take My Mini Golf with you to the park, to visit friends or just have in the garage to play 9 holes in the garden whenever you fancy.

Give the Gift of Golf this Christmas

Whether it is standard mini golf accessories, joke golf balls, Keep Calm accessories, training aids, putting cups,  head covers and much more.

We also have our 9 hole Pro Course for purchase if you really want your own course to play or to use in the event market.

sports novelty golf balls

We have golf gifts to suit all levels of golfer ready to fill up their stockings!

We didn’t bother with Black Friday or Cyber Monday as our prices are great all year round…

Our sports novelty balls are a nice stocking filler and in our eBay store you can choose from football, pool, tennis and basketball or a sports gift set of 6 balls.

Why not treat your golfer to some balls in their stocking – must be better than a satsuma?!

Or if you have a particular relative that loves crazy golf all year round then our My MiniGolf obstacle set is great to keep stored away when not required and played whenever you want.

The set fits neatly into its canvas bag and contains 13 obstacle pieces that are bound to challenge even the nuttiest putter!

My Mini Golf Obstacle Set
My Mini Golf Obstacle Set

Orders can be placed up to Monday 22nd December before 12pm for next day delivery.

Don’t be late  and have a fabulous Christmas……ho ho ho!

Flexible Putting for Indoor Mini Golf

We have recently launched a new flexible putting cup perfect for indoor mini golf from the makers of the My Mini Golf Obstacle Set. The ‘Floppy’ is a flexible, soft, rubber putting cup that provides a simple way to play indoor mini golf anywhere at home or in the office. Here it is on our site.

Flexible Putting Cup suitable for Indoor Mini Golf
Flexible Putting Cup suitable for Indoor Mini Golf

The target hole comes with a white plastic flag and can be played on any level surface.

The small and soft target holes are made of natural rubber and are the perfect addition to your portable indoor mini golf play. And a perfect size to slip into your briefcase or laptop bag without scratching your precious devices.

Each flexible putting cup comes complete with a sheet of 9 proposals of how to integrate your existing environment into the game like the staircase, kitchen bottles or even the covers of hardback books!

Create your own mini golf course with household objects and the flexible putting cup
The many uses of the Floppy flexible putting cup

What is the wackiest place you have set up a mini golf hole?

Why not but one of the flexible putting cups as a golf gift for your loved one?

BMW car parts as Crazy Golf Obstacles!

Using car parts as crazy golf obstacles was part of the BMW PGA Championship’s Performance Putting Challenge in central London at the start of the month.

The Challenge – a three-hole mini golf course using BMW car parts as hazards and crazy golf obstacles – was situated in Duke of York Square on the King’s Road from May 10-12.

Crazy Golf Obstacles
BMW Car Parts used as Crazy Golf Obstacles in Putting Challenge

“This initiative is all about taking golf and the BMW PGA to new audiences. The three-hole course is great fun to play and I’ve seen all sorts of people getting involved; young, old, families, experiences golfers, even complete novices who’ve never picked up a golf club before. It’s been a great event,” said Howell.

We had our own crazy golf course used at a car showroom in Jersey – Putting the crazy into golf at the launch of new VW Golf using My Mini Golf obstacles, which not quite the same as having internal car parts as the obstacles to avoid on the green, but definitely adding fun to the challenge of the course.

In comparison, ‘My MiniGolf’ is the first crossover “play anywhere” golf game. You place the obstacles randomly on the ground and the game is ready to play. My MiniGolf is suitable for almost every level surface, like grass, tarmac, carpet or parquet floors. The challenge varies with the playing-surface. Scoring is just like any other game.  The My Mini Golf obstacle set accompanies our crazy golf course offering a challenge for any ability of golfer.  You can buy My Mini Golf here in our online mini golf shop.

Crazy Golf Obstacles
My Mini Golf Obstacle Set

What is the craziest thing you have seen as an obstacle on a crazy golf course?


The benefits of a portable putting green – Big Putt = Big Potential

Our Big Putt portable putting green is an affordable and attractive putting surface, suitable for all weather putting and indoor use.

Ideal for packing into the car and setting up in the office, local park or open space, visiting friends or even on your holidays – Big Putt can create a portable putting green to suit the space, wherever you go.

6 metre Portable Putting Green
Big Putt Portable 6 metre hole - perfect to improve your putting skills!

The simple assembly of interlocking high quality astro grass tiles provides a 6 metre portable putting green in just 5 minutes and it assembles just like a large jigsaw puzzle!

Big Putt portable putting gree with interlocking astro grass tiles
Portable putting green set up

The modular nature of Big Putt means the green can be set up as a 6 metre length or a 3 metre by 2 metre rectangle play area to suit the size of the area that is available, making our green one of the most competitive on the market.

Big Putt Portable 6m Putting Green
Big Putt = Big Potential - 6 metre interlocking and portable putting green

Big Putt comes in its own durable, nylon storage bag and fits into the back of most estate or family sized vehicles.  This could be an ideal addition for a Golf Pro or a sport coach looking to add a new dimension to their kit bag.

The putting greens are great way to try out new golf equipment in a golf Pro shop or showroom or to perfect your putting in your home, garage or garden.

This can also be utilised by hoteliers as a practice area in executive suites, lounges, atriums or hotel bars.

Suitable for Car Showrooms, Hotel and Conference Centres, Golf Clubhouses, Golf Pro Shops, Leisure Centres, Sports Coaches, Executive Practice and much more!

Alternatively, this 6 metre package can also be found on our website as a Challenge Putt putting green hire, ideal for use as corporate mini golf hire, exhibition hire, or at a conference or meeting room break out area.

One of our clients used the Challenge Putt at an exhibition and hinted that lead generation had increased by 400% due to the attraction of mini golf on their stand:

Challenge Putt Portable Putting Green used on an exhibition stand in Manchester
Challenge Putt used on an exhibition stand as a way to engage a corporate sales message

Do you have a forthcoming event and would like to hire mini golf equipment?

Do call us on 01284 700402 or find us on Facebook Crazy Golf or on Twitter @putterfingers.