Winner of the Spot the Ball Crazy Golf style mini golf competition announced!

Our Spot the Ball competition, crazy golf style, has attracted a number of entries from all over the World – Malaysia, Japan, USA and various regions across the UK.

The image used was courtesy of Kent Mini Golf and taken at the BMGA British Open held at Strokes Adventure Golf course in Margate, Kent in 2008.

Winners announced from the Spot the Ball Crazy Golf Competition
Spot the Ball competition Crazy Golf Style


British Open held at Strokes Adventure Golf in Margate in 2008
Picture from 2008 British Open at Margate, Kent - courtesy of Kent Mini Golf Club

The winning square was C4 and a well done to Kevin Dias, founder of Putter King and developer of the Putter King Adventure Golf App for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android for guessing the correct square.

Kevin will receive a Masters Deluxe Putting Mat from Masters Golf .

The prize of a Deluxe Putting Mat from Masters Golf goes to Kevin Dias for selecting the correct sqaure
Spot the Ball prize of a Deluxe Putting Mat from Masters Golf goes to Kevin Dias of the Putter King

If any of our blog readers are able to shed any light on the player in question, ‘Whose legs are these?’ we would like to credit him for his involvement in our competition!

Keep checking in for our February competition where we will be giving away other Golf and Mini Golf goodies.

If you would like to purchase some golf training aids for your own use, please see our Online Golf Shop for more training aids.


Spot the Ball – Crazy Golf Style! January Mini Golf Competition

We thought we would start the year off with a fun Spot the ‘golf’ Ball competition, running for 2 weeks with the chance to win a putting accessory from Masters Golf.

So can you spot the ball?  Please like our Putterfingers Facebook page and comment on our wall with your answer.

After launch yesterday we have already 9 entries on the wall, so please keep them coming.

Spot the Ball Crazy Golf style!
Spot the Ball Competition - Crazy Golf style!

This image is taken at a minigolf tournament in 2008 in which the Putterfingers team entered, sadly we didn’t appear on the final score board – we left that to the professional players on the day!

Would you like to win one of these fantastic putting aids from Masters Golf?

Deluxe Golf Putting Mat prize
Masters Golf Deluxe Putting Mat as your winning prize!

Don’t forget to stop by our Facebook page and make your entry.

You can also find us on Twitter @putterfingers.

Good luck and happy ball spotting!

The competition winner will be announced on Wednesday 18th January at 12pm.

Please tune into our social media pages for our announcement.

Hire a Mini Golf Course – all your questions answered!

We get several enquiries for crazy golf hire / mini golf hire a day and this FAQ section often comes in handy

1. How is the course assembled?
Our courses consist of a number of interlocking astrograss tiles. They connect together like jigsaw puzzle pieces – it takes about 3 minutes to assemble each hole.

Mini Golf Assembly
Mini Golf Assembly

We use lightweight foam ‘bumpers’ – these are edge strips that velcro along the edge of the course to keep the ball in play. These take about another 3 or 4 minutes to attach to each hole. Our obstacles are injection moulded modern mini golf obstacles. These are lightweight and modern in look and feel – and highly playable!

My Mini Golf Obstacle Set

In all, a full size 9 hole portable Crazy Golf / Mini Golf course may be assembled in approximately 30 minutes by one person. It takes about the same time to pack up again.

2. What surface do I need?
Any reasonably flat and level surface may be used. We have laid the golf course out on the following surfaces:

school fields
football/rugby sports fields
pub gardens or lounges / hotel atriums
indoors on office floors
community centre halls
village halls
car parks
gym floors (our courses are rubber backed and won’t damage the floor)

The only surface we have ever had a real problem with is a ‘meadow’. Farmers’ fields and meadows tend to be quite rough and rutted. Normal school and sports fields are usually pretty good, especially if recently mown.

3. Can I use the course outdoors? What if it gets wet?
Yes, you can use it outdoors. It doesn’t matter if it gets wet – it soon dries.

4. Can I use the course indoors? Will it damage the floor?
Yes, you can use the golf course indoors. The course has a rubber backing and will not mark the floor. It can safely be used on hotel dance floors, school gyms, etc. We supply low bounce golf balls for outdoors use and softer foam golf balls for use indoors.

5. How big are the golf courses?
Each tile is 1 metre square. Each hole is usually made up of either 2,3, 4 or 5 tiles. So, a typical small hole is 2 metres by 1 metre and a typical large hole is 4 metres by 1 metre.  So, the smallest hire would be one box of 6 tiles which would allow you to build two x 3 metre holes, or 1 x 2 metre and 1 x 4 metre holes – which would be just about right for an exhibition booth hire. A normal 9 hole portable golf course would be 27 tiles. This would allow you to build 9 x 3 metre holes, though we usually recommend a mixture of 2 metre, 3 metre and 4 metre holes as the size variation makes for a more interesting course. We supply a layout guide for this.

6. How much space do I need?
The more the better! However, a 9 hole course ideally needs about half the size of a tennis court. A good sized back garden is often enough. For a small 6 tile hire you will be able to build two x 3 metre holes – and people can often gets these dotted around a house (one in the lounge, one in the dining room, etc) – perfect for a Birthday Hire!

7. What ages does it suit?
The great thing about crazy golf / mini golf is that it appeals to everyone, from 3 to 103!
We send our courses out with low bounce golf balls and safety rubber headed putters – this is what most players will use. However, we can also supply foam balls and plastic putters – so the very youngest can join in.

Got a question we haven’t answered?

Ask more at

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Improve your Putting

Here at, we don’t only provide portable mini golf and crazy golf courses and equipment for hire or to buy!

We also have a range of Putting and Golf Training Aids. For that reason, we thought we’d offer some insights into how any golfer (normal golf or mini golf) can improve his or her putting skills.

There are many ways to improve your putting and hundreds of products that you can buy in Pro shops and from the internet that claim to dramatically improve your performance on the greens. I am not in any position to say which of these products or methodologies may or may not work, which ones are a sensible investment and which ones are a complete waste of money. What I can do is speak from my own experience!

If a golf course has a par of seventy two it is envisaged that fifty percent of those strokes will be performed on the putting green. The other fifty percent of the shots will be shared out amongst the other clubs in your bag. It makes sense, then, to spend a great deal of time practising and perfecting your putting to try and reduce your score.

Golf Training Aids
Accessories for practising and improving your golf

Practice Tips

There are a few easy tips that every golfer should take heed of when they come to trying to put the ball in the cup:


You are never going to succeed on the green if you are tense and frustrated. Remember, every hole is different, every green is different and every putt is different. Take each one as it comes. Golf should be fun!


There can be many distractions on a putting green. Some you can do something about and others you will just have to put up with. The more you can practise shutting out the world when you are addressing a putt the easier you will find it.

Be disciplined

Routine is always helpful when you are putting. Sit down at home and make a list of all the things you need to do before sending the ball on its way and then make sure you do everything on the list every time you putt. You might include things like: try and read the slopes and speed of the green; mark your ball, turn it so that the words on the ball are pointing towards where you want to hit the ball then replace it on the green; run through a couple of practice putts etc, etc.


No matter what anyone says, the old adage “practice makes perfect” is never more appropriate than when it comes to putting. As has already been said, you hit more shots with your putter during a round of golf than any other club in your bag.

When it comes to practice there are no end of things that you should consider. Some of these, but certainly not all of them, are: back swing, follow through, positioning of the ball in your stance, speed of swing, grip, head positioning, feet positioning etc.

If you watch professional golfers when they are putting you will see that there are many different styles of putting stroke and putter. You need to practise with a number of variables like these to find your perfect set up. Don’t get frustrated if, after six months continual play, your putting is not improving. You may need to tweak your set up to find ways to lower the number of putts you are taking.

Of course, having said that practice is vital to your putting it is not always easy to get to a practice green very often. Luckily, a lot of the things that have been mentioned above can be done in the comfort of your own home or, if you have one, your private office. can supply you with your own indoor putting surface that you can set up and take down whenever you have the opportunity to practise with your putter. They can supply anything from a two meter to a ten meter long “green” so that you can vary your practice shots and become a better putter, a better golfer and hopefully, a happier golfer!