Father’s Day Golf Gifts to Make Him Smile

Father's Day golf gifts

Does your father already have everything? Not if he is a golfer, he doesn’t. A golfer’s kit is never complete. There is always a useful piece of equipment to make his journey round the course that little bit more enjoyable and practical. These Father’s Day gifts are the things he never knew he needed in his golfing life.

Father’s Day is on the third Sunday in June. This year it falls on the 20th. We have hand picked the golf gifts most likely to be appreciated by golfing dads. They are also pretty useful things to have out on the golf course and when practicing at home, so if he golfs a lot he will think of you more often as he uses them!

Fathers Day golf gifts

Father’s Day Golf Gifts

For this Father’s Day we are stocking:

  • Training aids for improving swing, eyeline, driving distance and putting accuracy
  • Tools for the little tasks that non-golfers don’t know about, like replacing divots, cleaning club faces, counting strokes and picking up balls from the green, fairway or rough
  • Home golf sets and tools for back garden practice
  • Golf novelty items just for fun
  • Accessories like bags, towels
  • Practice balls
  • Desktop golf games for the office or home

Head over to https://www.putterfingers.com/collections/fathers-day-gifts to see the whole collection of brilliant golfing Father’s Day gifts! Here are our top five from the range.

  1. Putt and Hazard Putting Mat
Putting practice mat gift

The ideal home putting training tool for indoors and outdoors. Improves not only accuracy but putt weight as well with its slope just before the cup. The cup is a bit smaller than regulation to really hone accuracy, there are two hazards to avoid and the ball is automatically returned to the player when it goes in the hole. An all-in-one putting trainer for use in between visits to the golf club.

Golf smash bag gift Fathers Day

A swing trainer that helps to perfect wrist alignment at the moment the club face strikes the ball. The golfer stops when the club strikes the bag and checks hand alignment. Prevents a common problem called ‘flipping the wrists’ at the moment of impact.

Golf multi tool fathers day gift

A Swiss army knife for the golfer in your life. Includes a 35mm knife, divot repairer, club head brush, pitchfork/ball marker, mini pen and key ring.

Fathers day golf gifts chipping net

Practicing the feel of chipping is crucial to staying sharp on the golf course. This practice net pops up anywhere in seconds and has target pockets for honing accuracy. You might need to call him in for tea when he’s in the garden with this – he’ll be addicted!

Fathers day golf gifts laser guide

This popular device projects a laser line onto the putting surface that provides visual feedback to help keep the club head swinging straight. Allows the correction of multiple errors in putting form.

See the whole collection at https://www.putterfingers.com/collections/fathers-day-gifts

Fathers day golf gifts

Welcoming back the crazy-golfers

This week we have seen the re-opening of ‘big’ golf courses across the UK following lockdown. Mini golf courses have yet to open their doors. Latest Government advice this week has suggested that leisure facilities, such as our mini-golf courses, may begin to re-open from 4th July. Depending on the all-important R-number at this time.

What preparations can crazy golf courses be making?

Social distancing

Social distancing is here to stay for the foreseeable future. Whilst this may be easier for ‘big’ golf courses to adhere to, mini-golf courses, are just that – mini.

Mini golf courses will need to follow the same example of retail and limit the number of players entering the facilities. The players will need to keep to the 2m rule and possibly only play with members of the same household initially.

Ticketing will offer the best solution for this. Whether than be through a website function or a socially distanced queue on the seafront.

HygieneHygiene for customers_sanitiser stations

“Wash your hands”…. This has been the Government’s mantra since earlier this year. Maintaining good levels of hygiene is one of the key ways we can all contribute to stopping the spread of the Coronavirus. Crazy golf courses, like all leisure facilities, will be required to provide handwashing facilities for visitors on their premises. For some, venues this may be easier than done.

Hand washing is deemed preferable, however, the practicalities of offering soap and fresh water at the entrance may make this tricky. The next best alternative will be to provide hand sanitising facilities and to make it clear to customers that this is a requirement on entering the venue.

Cleaning of equipment between players will also be a necessity. Staff will need to be able to make time for wiping Bundle_junior_puttersdown the putters and balls between groups and ensuring that equipment remains within the same group during play.

At the moment it’s a case of watch and wait to see how the next phases of lockdown pan out. It is clear however that leisure will look very different from what we have been used to.

Britain is renowned for its stoic public, we have managed so far and we will continue to!

At Putterfingers we are taking every precaution we can. Our deliveries will continue to adhere to social distancing and we will continue to thoroughly sanitise our equipment after every hire.

Hand Sanitiser Stations

Hand Sanitiser Station_1 dispenser

Our sister brand, Photo Cutouts, have been busy working on a new product – freestanding, portable hand sanitising stations. They are fully customisable with your own branding and available in different sizes for hire and to purchase. A hand sanitising station could offer mini-golf venues with the ideal solution for maintaining customer hygiene on re-opening and beyond.

Get in touch:

Get in touch with the Putterfingers team to talk about customised hand sanitiser stations and stock of all your mini-golf course supplies.

Tel no: 01284 848330

email: office@connectedshopping.com

Festivities for Father’s Day – Putterfingers to the rescue (again!)


For many men, Father’s Day and golf go together like fish and chips. A day at the golf course is not always what you might have planned for the Dad, stepdad and Grandad’s in your life. So what better way to celebrate the day with the dad in your life than with mini golf. Mini golf is a great compromise to whet the appetite of golf lovers and get the whole family involved.

Now, you could go to an outdoor crazy golf course, but I will take an educated guess that ’twill be busy. Why not stay putt instead and organise a mini-golf tournament at home.  Our delightfully fun Putterfingers mini golf courses come in a range of sizes (we even have one called “Funsize”!), are suitable for indoors and outdoors and are really easy to put together. And, should you wish to go above and beyond by getting dear old dad some great mini golf gifts, we have gifts galore available as well!


Putterfingers top tips for Father’s Day

#1     First and foremost, we have let go of many rigid constrictions, and it is more than fair to celebrate Father’s Day for a gentleman who is not necessarily a father as per the “official” definition of being a biological parent. Any person who acts like a father can be honoured on Father’s Day. In fact, there are now cards for stepfathers and honorary dads, which, in my humble opinion, is great since there are people who certainly deserve to be celebrated for acting like a dad.

#2     Second, check out our website to read a bit more about which Putterfingers mini-golf course would be best for your Father’s Day festivities, then pick up the phone and call us pronto (you can email us as well, but sometimes phone calls are quicker) in order to book (or buy!) a course.


In a nutshell, we have:
• Supersize is a 9-hole course with 36 tiles and plenty of balls and putters to keep a sizeable crowd entertained.
• Funsize is a bit smaller but still a full 9-hole course, but for medium-sized events.
• Bitesize is a 4-hole course that can fit in an indoor space to create a small mini golf course, but with plenty of fun built in!

#3     Third, have a quick think about food and drink. Perhaps some pre-made nibbles? Or, follow the North American trend of a potluck? Or possibly throw things on the grill for an easy BBQ? Regardless of your choice, make sure that the father of the hour has one of his favourite things on the menu, and, most importantly, his drink of choice. And if that drink happens to be a very expensive bottle of whatever, then, ummm, hmmm, uh…well, you will have to sort that out since I cannot have an answer for everything.

BBQ food


#4     Fourth, back to our website to check out some gifts. We have Gifts under £10, Training Aids, and For Serious Golfers, but feel free to poke around and peruse it a bit as you never know what might else strike your fancy. Whether you wish to gift dad with some trick balls, a funny animal head cover, a fancy putting mat, and/or a snazzy all weather golf glove, we have it all and more. The only job you have to do is choose that special Father’s Day golf gift.

Golf gifts under £10

So, although my blog is rather late, I have done all the hard work and given you four – count them, only four – little tasks to ensure you have a wonderful day celebrating your dad. You are welcome.

A sigh of relief. The garden is well on its way, and I have given sage advice. All is well in the world again.

Happy Father’s Day!!!

Contact Puttterfingers:

Email: office@connectedshopping.com
Tel: 08450 570 321

PS Not that I am looking forward to autumn quite yet, as we are still enjoying spring, and about to enjoy summer, BUT the 21st of September is International Miniature Golf Day, so do make certain to mark your calendars.

National Miniature Golf Day this Saturday!

National Miniature Golf Day

It’s almost here again – National Miniature Golf Day! Minigolf enthusiasts like us are excited because not only is this Saturday dedicated to our sport, but other things are happening too – read on to find out. It’s time to head to your nearest minigolf/crazy golf/adventure golf course and see what’s on offer. Some courses might be offering discounts on Saturday by way of promoting the sport.

Wondering how to find a minigolf course near you? For a pretty much definitive list of Britain’s minigolf courses, written by someone who has played over 700 of them – head over to Richard Gottfried’s blog for descriptions of and information on each one. There’s sure to be one near you to play on during National Miniature Golf Week.

The Himalayas St Andrews Ladies Putting Club

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the world’s first miniature golf course, the green known as the Himalayas at St Andrews Ladies’ Putting Club.  It was created to prevent the ‘unseemly’ spectacle of a lady raising her club above her shoulder – something which is still unseemly, not to mention inaccurate and potentially dangerous – on modern mini golf courses for either sex!

May is also National Golf Month. This year it is dedicated to getting more women into golf. Heaven forbid they should raise their clubs above the shoulder … which of course they will. It’s hard to hit a drive from a putting stance!

National Golf Month

And just a few weeks away, there will be a fantastic festival of minigolf at the World Minigolf Championships at Hastings Adventure Golf on the seafront. Last year Britain’s superstar Michael Smith won by four strokes from Sean Homer. Expect to see him fired up to defend his title this year. The World Champs are on the 10th and 11th of June.

World Mini golf Championships Hastings

So get down to your local course this National Miniature Golf Day, grab a putter and find out why so many people love minigolf!

For all minigolf needs, we’re the minigolf masters. Find out what we do at www.putterfingers.co.uk !

Now that’s a club!

It’s often assumed that that ‘big’ golf is all serious, and crazy golf is where silly things happen involving windmills and dinosaurs. But to think that is to reckon without Danish golf trick shot supremo Karsten Maas. He makes silly things happen on a full-size golf course. He can drive a golf ball with practically anything, even if it’s bent or floppy or 18 inches long or 13 feet long or has a hammer on the end. He hasn’t tried a cat yet, but we won’t rule it out. A golf professional, he has been travelling the world since 2003 with his amazing collection of strange clubs, and entertaining audiences with his trick shot skills. Here is a video of the maestro himself displaying the assortment of objects he can drive a golf ball with.

Karsten Maas currently holds the world record for Longest Usable Golf Club, having hit a ball 165 metres with a monster 4.09 metre long driver. Here he is showing off the mega-club and driving a ball with it. The double follow-through is an obvious necessity.

The rules of ‘big golf’ limit the length of clubs to 48 inches, so Maas’s Clubzilla could not be used in competitive golf. But he has been wielding it for years and can drive a ball straight with it as long as there is room for him to stand four metres away from the tee, and there’s nobody else standing nearby.

We’re wondering about the potential for novelty clubs in minigolf. How about floppy ones? Telescopic ones? Bent ones? Extremely long ones? It would add an extra dimension to crazy golf adventure parks and warehouse bar clubs, wouldn’t it? Especially after a drink or two. One time-honoured way of holing out in non-competitive crazy golf is to lie down and use your putter like a pool cue. Let us know if you have seen any bizarre objects used as putters, or any bizarre putters.

And, of course, merry Christmas and a fantastic 2017 from the team at Putterfingers!

Christmas gift ideas from Putterfingers

Minigolf Christmas stocking fillers

For the golf nut in your life, look no further than Putterfingers for Christmas gift ideas. They are all available direct from our store. Here are a few to start you browsing:

Putt Returner

Putterfingers putt returner

Get your own back – your ball that is – with the simple and effective putt returner. It sends the ball right back to you so you can just keep putting in an endless loop.

Trick Balls

Putterfingers trick golf balls

The Awesome Foursome of Unputtaball, Jetstreamer, Cloud-Flite Exploder and Phantom Ball. Very funny when used on unsuspecting friends.

Novelty Balls

Putterfingers novelty golf balls

Football, Pool 8 Ball, American Football, Baseball, Basketball and Tennis Ball. A perfect stocking filler.

Golf Butler

Putterfingers golf butler

Don’t strain your back picking up your ball! The Golf Butler fits on the end of your putter and makes picking up your ball easy.

Putting Mat

Putterfingers putting mat

Special synthetic matting for a consistent roll. Raised at one end with a hole. Just roll it out anywhere and start putting!

Shop online at our store now for your Christmas stocking fillers! Just visit http://putterfingers.co.uk/putterfingers-golf-gifts.htm

Watch two men fight pathetically on a golf course (and other news)

[Disclaimer: we do not condone golf-based violence]

A video has emerged of a golf fight: two men trying to bop each other on the nose (and one of them succeeding) on a golf course on Colorado, USA. Apparently incensed at the group behind hitting their ball at them, the instigator starts throwing haymakers – and then receives one in return. This sort of behaviour would never occur in the genteel world of minigolf. We can’t imagine how or why it would. A scoring dispute, perhaps? In any case, we do not condone golf-based violence and our advice is to keep calm and putt. In any case, these two wannabe heavyweights ended up shaking hands.

In other less pugilistic news, Wesley Street in Southport was transformed into a minigolf course last week. It was built to coincide with the Junior Open Golf Championships held at the Royal Birkdale the same week. Funds raised go towards the upkeep of the street, which has 22 independent retailers. Course fees were a very reasonable £2.50 for adults £7.50 for a family of four.


street minigolf, street crazy golf
image: otsnews.co.uk

Now the Open is over, the crazy golf course at Royal Troon has been revamped and reopened. It has a new 5-year leaseholder, a new ticket office and a fresh coat of paint. The course has been around for several generations to enjoy and now looks set fair to continue as an attraction.

Troon, crazy golf, troon minigolf
image: dailyrecord.co.uk

A new pirate-themed minigolf course has opened at Promenade Park in Maldon, Essex. Two years in the making, this course looks beautiful and has exploding cannons, sleeping pirates, ship features, crocodiles and a great-looking playing surface. Pirates Bay Adventure Golf should prove a hit with Essex families for the rest of the Summer.

Maldon, pirates bay adventure golf, promenade park
image: essexchronicle.co.uk

The 2016 Youth World Championships take place from August 10-13 in Bischofshofen, Austria. The under-19s tournament will have 74 players from 9 countries competing on two courses. Top contenders for the title appear to be Germany, who won the under-23 tournament earlier in the year.

minigolf, crazy golf, youth championships
Practice at the course before the event

A chance to win crazy golf for six at Junkyard Golf is up for grabs! It’s as simple as sending them an email. Details here.

junkyard golf, crazy golf, minigolf, win competition, family
image: londontheinside.com

The world’s most dangerous golf courses

We sometimes call our favourite sport ‘crazy golf’ because of the eccentric things often found in it: fantasy themes, wild angles, impossible obstacles. It also has its fair share of colourful characters wielding putters. But here are some golf courses that make minigolf and minigolfers look decidedly sane. These golf courses can kill you. Welcome to the most dangerous golf courses in the world.

  1. Skukuza, Kruger National Park, South Africa

golf, big five, africa
Golf in a safari park, anyone?

Yes, it’s a golf course in the middle of a national park full of terrifyingly dangerous wild animals. The big five are all there: lions, cape buffalo, leopards, hippos and rhinos. Warthogs and baboons might also invade the fairway. You’d be forgiven if your swing was a little nervous. It must be hard to keep your eye on the ball as you scan your surroundings for lethal predators. An indemnity form must be completed before playing. That way if you become a lion’s lunch, the park won’t be held responsible. And we worry about water hazards. That’s not a hazard, mate – THIS is a hazard!

Oh yes, there are crocodiles too. One golfer was eaten by a croc as he was diving for golf balls in a lake feature.

The park advise booking early to avoid disappointment. We advise never booking at all to avoid devourment.

2. Furnace Creek Golf Course, Death Valley

hot, golf, course
Temperatures can reach 135 Fahrenheit (57 degrees Celsius).


Golf balls have been known to melt here. It’s just silly. The hottest place on Earth needs 24/7 irrigation, and the players need it too. Temperatures can reach 135 Fahrenheit/57 Celsius. Visitors and players are frequently rescued due to dehydration. They held a ‘Heatstroke Open’ in 2011. It’s not a golf course, it’s an oven. Don’t go there.

3. Camp Bonifas, Demilitarised Zone, Korean Peninsula

Camp Bonifas, golf course, dangerous
The golf course lies between two nations that hate each other and is surrounded by minefields.

There might be only one hole, but the Camp Bonifas ‘course’ makes up for it with hazards. It is lined with live land mines, and at least once a golf shot has set one off. If your ball rolls out of bounds, you are NOT going to go and get it. Camp Bonifas was named after Captain Arthur G. Bonifas, a United Nations soldier who was murdered with an axe by North Korean soldiers in a dispute over pruning a poplar tree. The hole is played with North Korean soldiers watching through binoculars from only a few hundred yards away. Korean tigers also make the occasional appearance just to add some spice, as if any were needed.

4. Merapi Golf Course

Mount Merapi, golf course, dangerous
Fore! That’s how many minutes you get to run away if this goes off.

A live and frequently erupting volcano is a feature of this course in Java. It is the most active volcano in Indonesia. A 2010 eruption killed 353 people, pyroclastic flows wiped out villages and the golf course was covered in burning ash. Still, you can probably play at night by the glow of the bulging lava dome.

Sometimes golfers are more dangerous to themselves than their surroundings. In 1994, 16-year-old Jeremy Brenno was killed by his own golf club. While playing the sixth hole at Kingsboro Golf Club, Brenno, disgusted with a drive, threw his No.3 wood at a bench. It snapped and bounced back at him, and the jagged end of the shaft pierced his heart, killing him. So don’t throw clubs at hard, unyielding things if you have a tantrum.

My Mini Golf obstacles earn industry award for quality

The mini golf obstacles used on our portable crazy golf course have been recently awarded a recognised quality label in Germany.  The quality label is the result of years of research and practical experience in the basic issues of physical activity in children.

The research waMini Golf Obstacles from Putterfingers.co.uks carried out by The University in Würzburg and the mini golf obstacle range passed the high standards associated with the sign of Movement and Innovation.

The obstacles were granted this label of quality they passed rigorous tests and are seen to be beneficial to the active and physical development of children of all ages.

Both big and little kids in our experience!

Having used the plastic moulded obstacle pieces for some years for our portable crazy golf courses here in the UK, we are fully aware of the benefits:

  • wipe clean toughened ABS plastic
  • suitable for all terrain (indoors and outdoors)
  • indestructible
  • weather resistant
  • UV protected
  • packaged in its own carry bag and only £199+VAT

Portable Mini Golf Obstacles
My Mini Golf Obstacles for Portable Mini Golf Courses

My Mini Golf is based on a play anywhere game of minigolf. The complete My Mini Golf set offers a range of challenging obstacle pieces that can be used, with or without our modular mini golf courses.

Now available as an ‘Extras‘ set – the four most popular pieces in the set – Loop the Loop 360, Bridge, Daytona and Warm Up.  The main feature of these is they can be used on existing courses where the holes are built into the course or putting green.

Take My Mini Golf with you to the park, to visit friends or just have in the garage to play 9 holes in the garden whenever you fancy.

Speed up Golf says Rory McIlroy

After his second place finish at the Sports Personality of the Year Awards on Sunday, Rory McIlroy is after speeding up the game of golf, to attract more youngsters into golf.

Living in a time pressed society, it is very true that people don’t have 5 or 6 hours to spend on the course each week.

In fact Sport England figures show that the number of 16-25-year-olds playing the game regularly almost halved between 2009-10 and 2012-13.

Here is an analysis from the BBC’s golf correspondent Iain Carter – we totally agree a shorter course or shorter rounds does reduce the time looking for lost balls and getting closer to the hole.

BBC Golf Correspondent Iain Carter reviews the sport of Golf
How should golf change to appeal to young people?

McIlroy, who famously appeared on television to chip golf balls into a washing machine at the age of nine, wants young people to follow his example and take up the sport early in life.

Clubs should now be encouraging nine-hole courses in family friendly environments such as 9 hole pitch and putt or minigolf greens.  This is where the art of the sport is developed, particularly as putting is such an important part of most players game.

Let’s get Rory McIlroy playing crazy golf!  What do you think?

Follow the BBC Sport Facebook page or on Twitter via the hashtag #whatgolfshoulddo

Source: Speed up Golf to attract more youngsters by BBC News