The Great British Picnic, Part 1

National Picnic Month

Apparently, July is National Picnic Month, though I am a firm believer any month the weather is even somewhat warm is a great time for a picnic. You can picnic close to home; you can picnic further afield; you can picnic with a crowd and play some outdoor games, and you can have a lovely solitary picnic with only a good book as your companion. Yes, a picnic takes a little planning and a bit of effort, but fear not, for, as always, I am here to the rescue with my picnic experience, picnic tips, and a picnic checklist.

Sometimes, with all our everyday responsibilities and today’s hectic pace, we forget to slow down and truly enjoy something simpler – and tech free. I feel like I have almost missed a part of summer by becoming bogged down (and rather overwhelmed) by the various things that we all deal with. So, I pondered, I contemplated, and I ruminated (whilst using my handy thesaurus), and I concluded my list of chores will not vanish, but we as a family should disappear from the everyday and go out for a drive, a ramble, and a picnic. Naturally, my decision was correct: the list of chores patiently waited for me, and our family had a delightful day out picnicking in the great British outdoors.

While picnics of yesteryear were certainly lavish – and oftentimes rather posh – affairs, I will warn you that my approach to picnics is a bit more plebeian, as I do not have servants and/or personal assistants to plan and cook for me. Nevertheless, rest assured that I will still deliver recipes for thoroughly tested tasty treats, though you will have to check in next week for them. In the meantime, I have provided some sage picnicking tips.

Picnic tip # 1:

If you are planning a day trip somewhere, give the children a little project and them google the destination. It seems like no matter how hard we try, we never can quite manage to get the children to unplug from their techie world, so I propose that they might as well put it to some productive use; an added bonus is that they might actually become rather interested and they will look forward to the day out. Here is a website from the trusty National Trust to get them started:

Picnic tip # 2:

Picnic crazy golf

If you are planning a picnic somewhere close to home – say in a nearby field or park – you could combine your picnic with playing some outdoor games. We at Putterfingers favour portable mini golf – but our bias should not come as a surprise. And why not picnic on the green, whilst putting on the green? Putterfingers are the mini-golf masters (it says so right on our website!), and if you provide the picnic, we’ll provide the mini-golf. I am also reminding all you mini-golf fanatics that Miniature Golf Day is less than two months away (Sept 21st), so make sure you get plenty of practice in.

Picnic tip # 3:

With websites galore to peruse for picnic ideas, it is sometimes easy to be taken in by all the seemingly perfect images. Real life is not like that, and I would advise making peace with the fact that things aren’t flawless. There is rarely a perfect day, and should things not quite go according to plan, then it is best to have a laugh and look on mishaps as an adventure, and as a good story to tell.

Picnic tip # 4:wasps plague picnic

This probably will not be the most popular tip, but here goes: don’t be annoyed with wasps if they show up at your picnic. I do not jest. Wasps are actually beneficial insects as they are also pollinators (though not necessarily to the extent bees are), and they are natural pest controllers in your garden and in the wild. In case you do not believe me, I have included a couple of rather reliable links below. If wasps do decide to join your picnic, I find what helps is giving them their own little portion of fruit (and/or protein as well apparently) to feast on.

I hope I have piqued your interest in a great British picnic. Make sure to tune in next week for some truly easy picnic recipes, and my handy picnic checklist.
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The crazy world of UK minigolf

Guest Blog by Richard Gottfried.

Crazy Golf is booming and every week news comes in of a new minigolf course opening up somewhere in the UK.

Whereas Crazy Golf was – and to a large extent still is – a traditional seaside and summer holiday game, new minigolf venues are tapping into the public’s demand for new ways to be entertained. And Crazy Golf is a game that most people can easily pick up and play.

Splash Point Mini Golf by Emily Gottfried
Splash Point Mini Golf by Emily Gottfried

The game has changed massively since we first started playing and blogging about it in 2006. Back then there were two indoor courses, in Felixstowe and Great Yarmouth. Now, there are nearly 100 indoor places to play!

Recent new courses include Ghetto Golf in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Championship Mini Golf course at Clarkes Golf Centre in St Helens, Galaxy Quest Adventure Golf in Sunderland and the Mini Golf course at the Palace Fun Centre in Rhyl. There’s also a new indoor Mr Mulligans Adventure Golf centre opening in Basildon this month.

Minigolf is growing as a way to attract people, grab attention and have fun, with pop-up and portable courses increasingly found at exhibitions, fetes, weddings and promotional events.

England’s first-ever Crazy Golf course opened in Skegness in 1926 and the seaside resort now boasts ten miniature golf courses on the seafront, including the Atlantis Adventure Golf course which opened this year.

Minigolf has been played in Worthing’s Denton Gardens since July 1924 when two grass Putting courses were created. 95 years later and people are still enjoying the game there, with the 18-hole Splash Point Mini Golf course celebrating ten years of fun with its tricky course full of twists, turns, windmills, loop-di-loops and other obstacles to tackle.

Major inland towns and cities around the UK are finding themselves home to multiple venues, with London, Manchester, Birmingham and Newcastle growing as hotbeds of Crazy Golf courses. Places such as Leicester, Derby, Glasgow, Belfast, Nottingham, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Leeds are also getting in on the action with multiple new places to play opening up this year.

The good news for minigolf fans is there are plenty of places to have some putting fun in the UK.

Glo-Golf at the Riverside Bowl, Andover
Glo-Golf at the Riverside Bowl, Andover by Emily Gottfried

Last month Emily and I made the landmark 900th course visit on our Crazy World of Minigolf Tour when we had a round at the North Bay Mini Golf course in Scarborough, North Yorkshire.

When our travels began back in September 2006 there were around 600 courses in the UK. We’ve now been to 862 courses in the British Isles and 39 overseas. The North Bay Crazy Golf course was the 520th we’ve played in the last 13 years as a number of courses we’ve visited have been closed, derelict, flooded or abandoned.

There are now more than 1,000 courses in the UK and as detailed here, an almost never-ending procession of new ones opening their doors. We’ve still got a few traditional Crazy Golf courses to visit, as well as a number of the new Adventure Golf courses and indoor minigolf bars to play.

It’s always really nice to find unique courses and the North Bay Crazy Golf course in Scarborough is that. There are some very good hole-in-one opportunities and a few tricky second putts on the colourful course. What was great to see was that the borders had felt on them that allowed skilful shots to be rewarded.

Course 900 – North Bay Crazy Golf, Scarborough

Our travels have taken us all over the UK and we love visiting new places, experiencing new things and meeting new people. It’s also interesting when we return to a place some years apart, as was the case with Scarborough. Apart from a brief visit to the North Bay and the one course that was there in 2009 we’d not explored the area.

It was brilliant chatting to the course owners. They’ve got a real passion for the game and have created a fun and challenging layout. They told us that the course record was a 20, but not many players get close to that. I was pleased to hear that as I’d had a round of 24. If the weather hadn’t gotten worse and if the day was longer I would’ve had another round or two to try and beat the record.

Since our 900th course visit our Crazy World of Minigolf Tour has continued to roll and we’re currently at 911 course visits.

Richard Gottfried blogs about minigolf at The Ham and Egger Files. He’s also the Curator of the Crazy Golf Museum and author of The Minigolfer’s Guide to Marketing.

Putterfingers appear in BBC feature on minigolf

Putterfingers were delighted to be interviewed recently by a top BBC reporter for a feature article about crazy golf which sat on the front page of the BBC News website for over a week. This interest from the Beeb shows how popular minigolf is becoming in the UK and how interest in it as a significant leisure pursuit and competitive sport is growing.Crazy golf_mini golf hire

When the phone rang one day at Putterfingers Towers, our logistics manager Richard Clarke answered it in the usual way: “Good morning, Putterfingers, Richard speaking. How may we surprise and delight you and your guests with an expertly-crafted and professionally delivered bespoke crazy golf solution today?”

Or he might have just said, “Hello, Putterfingers.”

When the voice on the other end announced that it belonged to Kevin Peachey, Personal Finance and Consumer Affairs Reporter at the BBC, and that it wanted to talk to us about the crazy golf business for a feature article, Richard said, “Of course. I am a gold mine of statistics and information on all aspects of the manufacture, hire, sale and installation of miniature golf, crazy golf and other putting-based games in the UK. Please ask me anything you like.”

Or he might have just said, “Um, okay?”

The ensuing twenty minutes saw Mr Peachey draw facts out of Richard’s head via the time-honoured method of asking him questions and listening to the answers. Finally the golden soundbite Mr Peachey was looking for fell from Richard’s lips: “The business of crazy golf has a fair bit of growth left in it.”

This gem of industry insight made it into the final draft of the feature article Crazy Golf just got (a bit) serious, which resides on the national BBC news website.

BBC article_Crazy golf just got seriousIt’s a good read, with profiles of some top British minigolf players, some info about the tournament circuit, equipment used in matches, a few of the rules of competition, a bit of minigolf history, some current leisure trends and mini golf’s place in the leisure market.

We were particularly chuffed that the top BBC journo read through our blog posts as part of his research, and used some of what he found there, particularly the history of mini golf (this and this).
“Anyone tempted to train for potential Olympic glory may want a course at home”, writes Peachey. “A self-assembly “supersize” nine-hole crazy golf course, with assorted obstacles, 18 putters, 18 balls and 1,000 scorecards certainly sounds like the ultimate kidult gift.


But it does not come at pocket money prices. It is yours for £3,000.

More affordable, perhaps, is hiring a four-hole course for just over £200.

Selling and renting these courses is Putter Fingers, a business based in Thetford in Norfolk, which bizarrely is an off-shoot of a software company which started selling courses mainly to show off its ability to make websites.

“The business of crazy golf has a fair bit of growth left in it,” says logistics manager Richard Clarke, explaining that putters are the biggest seller.

“Schools, corporate event organisers, couples looking to entertain their guests at a wedding, and birthday entertainers are all regular customers.”

Our business continues to grow along with national interest in minigolf, and we’re really happy to play a part in it.

If you are interested in hiring or buying one of our courses for your event or venue, then please get in touch on 01284 848330 or email

Festivities for Father’s Day – Putterfingers to the rescue (again!)


For many men, Father’s Day and golf go together like fish and chips. A day at the golf course is not always what you might have planned for the Dad, stepdad and Grandad’s in your life. So what better way to celebrate the day with the dad in your life than with mini golf. Mini golf is a great compromise to whet the appetite of golf lovers and get the whole family involved.

Now, you could go to an outdoor crazy golf course, but I will take an educated guess that ’twill be busy. Why not stay putt instead and organise a mini-golf tournament at home.  Our delightfully fun Putterfingers mini golf courses come in a range of sizes (we even have one called “Funsize”!), are suitable for indoors and outdoors and are really easy to put together. And, should you wish to go above and beyond by getting dear old dad some great mini golf gifts, we have gifts galore available as well!


Putterfingers top tips for Father’s Day

#1     First and foremost, we have let go of many rigid constrictions, and it is more than fair to celebrate Father’s Day for a gentleman who is not necessarily a father as per the “official” definition of being a biological parent. Any person who acts like a father can be honoured on Father’s Day. In fact, there are now cards for stepfathers and honorary dads, which, in my humble opinion, is great since there are people who certainly deserve to be celebrated for acting like a dad.

#2     Second, check out our website to read a bit more about which Putterfingers mini-golf course would be best for your Father’s Day festivities, then pick up the phone and call us pronto (you can email us as well, but sometimes phone calls are quicker) in order to book (or buy!) a course.


In a nutshell, we have:
• Supersize is a 9-hole course with 36 tiles and plenty of balls and putters to keep a sizeable crowd entertained.
• Funsize is a bit smaller but still a full 9-hole course, but for medium-sized events.
• Bitesize is a 4-hole course that can fit in an indoor space to create a small mini golf course, but with plenty of fun built in!

#3     Third, have a quick think about food and drink. Perhaps some pre-made nibbles? Or, follow the North American trend of a potluck? Or possibly throw things on the grill for an easy BBQ? Regardless of your choice, make sure that the father of the hour has one of his favourite things on the menu, and, most importantly, his drink of choice. And if that drink happens to be a very expensive bottle of whatever, then, ummm, hmmm, uh…well, you will have to sort that out since I cannot have an answer for everything.

BBQ food


#4     Fourth, back to our website to check out some gifts. We have Gifts under £10, Training Aids, and For Serious Golfers, but feel free to poke around and peruse it a bit as you never know what might else strike your fancy. Whether you wish to gift dad with some trick balls, a funny animal head cover, a fancy putting mat, and/or a snazzy all weather golf glove, we have it all and more. The only job you have to do is choose that special Father’s Day golf gift.

Golf gifts under £10

So, although my blog is rather late, I have done all the hard work and given you four – count them, only four – little tasks to ensure you have a wonderful day celebrating your dad. You are welcome.

A sigh of relief. The garden is well on its way, and I have given sage advice. All is well in the world again.

Happy Father’s Day!!!

Contact Puttterfingers:
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PS Not that I am looking forward to autumn quite yet, as we are still enjoying spring, and about to enjoy summer, BUT the 21st of September is International Miniature Golf Day, so do make certain to mark your calendars.

Crazy golf could be the perfect leisure attraction as garden centres aim to diversify

It is a time of change in the retail market at present. All retail sectors tend to be under pressure to diversify, to compete with the keen pricing and convenience brought by online shopping.

One idea being adopted by bricks-and-mortar outlets is to diversify the retail space to provide an experience rather than just selling stock.Garden centres diversify with leisure facilities

In recent years we have seen more and more big chain and independent garden centres do just that. Many have introduced leisure facilities and events to create a space more fitting for a day out rather than solely to buy things for gardens.

Experience-based shopping with fun and interactive entertainment seems to be a favoured option for adding growth. For garden centres, positioning themselves as a family destination is a great way to increase year-round footfall and keep revenue up outside of the peak seasons.

Garden centres tend to occupy sites that are ripe for introducing leisure into the retail mix. Often covering a large area of land, they may even have the odd disused building that can be adapted.


At Putterfingers, we think that the addition of crazy golf to garden centre leisure facilities is a perfect fit. Here are our reasons why….Mini golf makes great addition to leisure facilities

  • Crazy golf / mini golf is an activity that appeals to all ages – anyone from 3 to 103 – perfect to engage with core customers as well as attract new ones.
  • It is a fun-for-all-the-family activity that really doesn’t require a huge amount of skill, meaning anyone can play and enjoy it at the same time.
  • Crazy golf is increasing in popularity, old seaside crazy golf courses are currently being regenerated and leisure facilities offering the activity are opening in many UK towns and cities – a great opportunity to tap into the craze early on!
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor spaces and if you are unsure of committing yourself to an area, our portable crazy golf courses could provide the perfect solution.
  • Courses can vary in size; they can be as large or as small (within reason!) as your space requires.

Our portable mini golf courses come in a variety of sizes, are easy to set up and are weatherproof – they are a perfect purchase for customers looking to kit out their gardens with a fun garden game.

Bents Garden Centre adds leisure facilities
©Bents Garden Centre

Bents Garden Centre, Manchester, has already seen success in developing their retail space into a fun day out. Bents introduced a crazy golf course in April 2017. Matthew Bent, managing director at Bents Garden and Home, told Manchester Evening News: “We’re always looking for opportunities to enhance the Bents’ experience and increase our appeal as a complete day out.” The centre now appears in the Manchester Evening News list for “5 Great family days out under a fiver” and attracts over 1 million people annually.

If you would like more information on purchasing a Putterfingers course for your garden or garden centre or would be interested in hiring a course for an event then please get in touch with the team and we would be happy to help.


Contact us:

01284 848330


A serious topic

Here at Putterfingers we like to promote fun times, enjoyable events, interesting tips, and, of course, our products. We are a business, and the aim of any business is to make a profit. We are also lucky enough that we can have some laughs and a good time whilst at work. But over the past few days, this has not been the case as we focused on an upsetting issue. On behalf of all of our team, I would like to bring your attention to this topic: namely, the selling of “pro-anorexia” books, though the claim of the books is that it is a promotion of a lifestyle choice to be slim and lean.

I do not wish to promote this particular “author” and her “book” (I am obviously using the terms very loosely), so I will not actually name her or the title of the book. But I will say thank you to Amy Steadman for starting the petition; over 85,000 people have signed, and it seems Amazon listened.

A few things have also changed since I was alerted to this book being sold on Amazon:
The book was available on several Amazon sites websites.
On Wednesday (May 1), I could even browse through the book; the price was £11.99 (quite a bit of money for 79 pages).
As of Thursday (May 2), the “look inside” option was not available, and the book was no longer being sold by Amazon, but by other sellers (see below).
As of Friday (May 3), I could not locate the book on,, and

Now you may ask why am I still writing about this since it appears that Amazon has done the responsible thing and pulled this book (and similar ones). Well, I’d like to provide a bit more information:
The book was published by CreateSpace, “a self-publishing service” owned by Amazon.
You could still buy the book (at a highly inflated price) from several sellers on the websites of and
Pieuler Limited (Ipswich)
VizK Books of Visly Limited (London)
MKmedia (this one had no information available except that it shipped from Florida)
It should be noted that as of Friday (May 3), the above three sellers do not appear to be selling the book.

There are still some on-line bookstores selling this book:
Thriftbooks (Thrift Books Global LLC of St. Louis, Missouri, USA)
Adlibris (“largest bookstore in Nordic countries”)
Bokus (based in Sweden)
Desertcart (based in the UAE)

It may be asked if there is already so much harmful information on the internet and on social media platforms, why make a fuss about a little book? Perhaps we are actually promoting this book. I came across a blog on the website; the author was also appalled by these books (and there have been a few of them), but she chose not to sign the petition asking Amazon to stop distributing the books. Her reasoning makes sense, but it is the last part of Laura’s blog that resonated most with me. “There is so much to protest in our quest to improve treatment and prevent the suffering of eating disorders.” While the protest of the book did garner it some attention, the result is it is one more “misguided tool” that now will not be available to look at or readily buy on Amazon. It might also be the inspiration needed for the other online bookstores to stop selling it.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Putt away that stress!

As some of you may be aware, April is Stress Awareness month, and most you are undoubtedly aware that stress is detrimental to both your physical and mental health.  Now, this is a blog about how mini golf can lead to stress reduction, but to find out more about stress and other mechanisms to cope with it, I have included a link:

Before I begin to dole out advice about reducing stress, I should establish that I am qualified to do this by answering some important questions.

  • Do I get stressed? Yes
  • Have I done research on the internet? Yes
  • Am I excited about this research? Yes

Ergo, I am qualified and I have transferred my excitement to my research (thereby making it “exciting research”).

It is also probably fair to ask how do I cope with stress?  There are a few ways, and one of them is that I like to make lists, and I love to sometimes turn those lists into Excel spreadsheets (and of course, I love to play mini golf!).  I’m not sure how an Excel spreadsheet would look in a blog, so I have done the next best thing and written a list. See, creative writing and organisation at work, and I feel less stressed already.

I have not compiled an exhaustive list of ways to reduce stress, since doing so would be exhausting.  What I have done is highlighted some of the stress-reducing suggestions where crazy golf scores a hole in one.

1) Disconnect from all the techie stuff (at least a little each day)

Surfing the web does not constitute exercise, and being active online does not equal being active in the real world.  And even though I completely understand it is hard to tear oneself away from my thought-provoking, inspiring blogs, do put down your electronic device and start on the next items on the list.

2) Get moving (as in be active, not move to a new residence)

Of course, a focused exercise regime is ideal, but the whole point is actually to become more active.  Mini golf is a great and fun way to do this, and if you feel like adding a bit more activity to it by doing a few dance moves on the mini golf course, then boogie away.  People might think you are crazy, but if you can have a laugh and make others laugh, then that is a win-win!

3) Connect with people in person (obviously with people you like)

Pick up the phone, dial a number, and talk to someone on the other line (just to clarify: this means dialling the number of a person you know, not just a random number of a random stranger). Why not make a date for getting together and being active? Why not a date for mini golf, be it with friends or family? You can go to a local mini golf park, or rent (or buy) a portable one from your favourite portable mini golf company, Putterfingers!

4) Set aside some time for fun (this should be a pleasure, not a chore)

Seriously, how many people do not like mini golf?  If there are any such people, they are actually aliens, just like people (= aliens) who would see having fun as a chore!  I am certain there is research to support this as well.

5) Smile more and laugh (it will improve your mood)

In a nutshell: smiling and laughing cause your brain to release some good chemical thingies that in turn release other good chemical thingies that then help to reduce stress in many different ways. Plus, you’ll just look better if you smile.

6) Get enough rest (sleep well)

After a day of mini golf, fresh air, socialising, having fun, and smiling and laughing you will most likely feel tired, but a good type of tired – the type that should assure a good night’s sleep.  May your sweet dreams be filled with the delights of mini golf!

This is the end of my list, and I am thoroughly convinced that I have clearly demonstrated how mini golf can help in reducing stress. You may call me Dr. Putterfingers.  

Next week: how mini golf can solve world peace.

Putterfingers is always here to help putt your stress away!  Call or email us to find out how easy it is to rent or buy a portable mini golf course.


Tel: 08450 570 321


PS  May is National Walking month.  If you go to a mini golf park at the seaside, then take some time to also explore the local town or area.  Talk about multi-tasking in terms of stress reduction: exercise, socialising, fun times, and helping to support local business and tourism.  Check out the recent Photo Cutouts blog about memories of holidays at the British seaside:

Hear Ye, Hear Ye: Hasten Ye to Hastings (Adventure Miniature Golf)!

Crazy/mini golfers, important golfy news to mark in your calendars: The World Event of the Year: The 2019 World Crazy Golf Championships are here! Hastings Adventure Miniature Golf will once again be hosting this excitingly exhilarating event the weekend of June 7th to June 9th, 2019.

For many of us avid mini golf fans, this yearly championship is now a given. I mean, if it was cancelled, it would be like cancelling Christmas. And for those of us who are just discovering the delights of mini golf, allow me to enlighten you….


The first competition of World Crazy Golf Championships (WCGC) was held in 2003, at Hastings Adventure Mini Golf, in (you guessed correctly) Hastings, East Sussex. Ah, I remember the days of yore of 2003: Google was around five years old, Wikipedia had turned two, and apparently the Nokia 3200 was the trendy mobile phone to have. In the 16 years that have passed, many changes have taken place (though of course, nothing compares to the drama of the world changing from black and white to colour in the 20th century).

Hastings Adventure Golf
Hastings Adventure Golf

However, what has remained a constant is that hitherto – in the 16 years this tournament has been played – the trophy has been passed back and forth between five people, with a sixth (Marc Chapman) thrown into the mix last year. Now, among the esteemed gentlemen crazy golf champions (namely: Tim Davies, Chris Harding, Keith Kellard, Michael Smith, and Marc Chapman), another name also stands out: Olivia Prokopová. Thus far, Miss Prokopová has been the only female champion, winning the WCGC twice. The first time she won in 2013 she was only 18 years old! For such a dinky country, the Czech Republic churns out an impressive array of athletes playing all types of sports.

How to enter

We must turn back to the topic at hand, as I have (as usual) digressed. I sincerely hope my above-quoted stats have not deterred any of you non-professional/novice mini golf players from entering. First, you could be the underdog undergolfer, and snag that coveted championship! Second, there is PRIZE MONEY to be won! And third, the kind people at Hastings Adventure Mini Golf have ensured that those of us (who despite our best efforts) are not too adept at handling a mini golf putter and tiny ball still have a chance at winning something. There will be “various prizes” for ‘best dressed’, ‘personality of the weekend’ and ‘most improved player’. Hastings has indicated more details will be released a month before the event, so do check their website again.

New! Junior Category

And in case you are still dithering about whether or not to enter, there will be two NEW events at the 17th WCGC. The Junior Event will be a shortened round open to youngsters eight to 14 –a great opportunity for some younger players to start honing that competitive streak. And there is also the three-person Team Event, which we at Putterfingers think is a splendid new addition to the tournament because this is the cleanest fun you can have with a threesome!

For all the deets, check out:

I’ve given you history, trivia, news, and a web link to loads of information, all in the hopes of encouraging you mini golfers “get the putters polished and start practising” (to quote Mr. Simon Tomkins of Hastings Adventure Golf).

In the meantime, for all your portable mini golf needs contact us at Putterfingers!

PS. All who enter the tournament have a 50% price discount to practice at Hastings Adventure Miniature Golf.

Mini Blog about Mini Golf with Mini Benefits

As I was perusing my daily golf and mini golf news, I stumbled upon what I think is a fantastic website for parents called Day Out with the Kids.

From suggesting outings in popular counties and towns, to recommending activities for the month or for a bank holiday, to the first annual Family Favourite Awards (for 2018), this website is packed with some marvellous ideas to inspire you for a family day out.

But as I was reading Lisa O’Keefe’s recent blog on our (=Putterfingers’) favourite topic of mini golf (, I began to think that whilst it is all fun and good to entertain the kids, us grown-ups need a bit of a reward for all this kid-focused attention! Ms. O’Keefe wrote a great and thorough blog, but I have decided to add my two cents, and sincerely hope she won’t be too offended with my bloggy appendix (and yes, I like to adjectify and verb words).

kids adventure golf

There some very exciting pieces of news coming from Dinofalls in Manchester. First, Dinofalls is looking to expand its mini golf course to 36 holes, and is currently awaiting planning approval. They have not yet divulged if the dinosaur theme will continue or if they have other exciting plans. Well, let them keep us in suspense, as I move to the second bit of news: on Mother’s Day, for mums coming to play mini golf with the children, the magic password to get a free glass of Prosecco is “mums are roarsome”. Enjoy it mums, you certainly deserve it!

Kids go free at Dino Falls, and free prosecco for mums!

And the third news titbit is that for the month of April ‘Kids Go Free’ at Dinofalls (which in no way implies that they are currently enslaved by us tyrannical parents). Do read the fine print though please: the offer is free entry for one child with one paying adult and is valid from only Monday to Friday and you have to arrive BEFORE 10:00 am. No problem! Simply take the kids out for some mini golf in the morning, and in the afternoon propose another fun activity: The Adventurously Great Sock Hunt. Tell your kids this activity is a cross between a mystery, a puzzle, and a treasure hunt, and get them to track down and match all the mismatched socks in your household; and as an FYI, this is an activity that even adults cannot finish or win.

Great sock hunt

(Though technically not in the UK) Jurassic Parrr in Limerick, Ireland, bills itself as “Ireland’s first and only UV Crazy Golf Course”. And my goodness there are some brains behind this operation! According to a Facebook post, they have recently come up with a brilliant option for children’s parties: partnering with Jump Lanes they offer 45 minutes of mini golf, 45 minutes of trampoline jumping, and 30 minutes in a party room. Some geniuses have certainly thought up this promotion! Your kids love the activities that will most certainly exhaust them, leaving you to bring them home, put them to bed, and then you get to put your feet up. And if you have taken someone else’s kids out, then make sure you are suitably rewarded.

Ireland mini golf Limerick

However, if none of the mini and crazy golf places mentioned in Lisa O’Keefe’s blog or my blog are an option for you, then it may be time to contact your favourite portable mini / crazy golf company Putterfingers!


Tel: 08450 570 321

Until next time my readers. And to you parents: you’re welcome!

4 Reasons Why Owning A Mini-Golf Will Make You & Your Family Happier

Jordan Fuller golf blogger
Jordan Fuller
This post is by guest blogger Jordan Fuller, a passionate golf enthusiast and coach from Omaha, Nebraska and owner of Here, Jordan leaves no doubt as to why every family should own a minigolf course!

For a parent who is considering doing something significant to bring together their family, owning a mini-golf course offers a wide array of terrific and exciting benefits to every family member.


Being the owner of a mini-golf can create situations for parents to teach their children about work ethic while having fun. Children can also take advantage of the facility by using their creativity to put their own flair on the design of the layout.


With an assortment of positive reasons to choose from, I’ve decided to highlight four of our favorite ideas below as to why we think owning a mini-golf will make you and your entire family happier.


A Sport Built on Creativity

mini-golf and creativity


Whether you decide to build your own mini-golf or redesign an existing layout, making the place your own can give the entire family a tremendous sense of pride. Taking this step is vitally important for all involved, because without each member “buying-in” to the overall idea of the mini-golf, then you’ll never have full engagement.


So how do you get everyone there? By creating an environment where all ideas are welcome, and each member gets the opportunity to put their personality into the creation of the course. This opportunity begins with the look and feel of the mini-golf.


Not only can creating a new look (ie for example in a separate room) for the establishment bring a family together with one common goal in mind, but it can also be used to engage the imagination of each parent and child. From adding unique flourishes to allowing the children to create their own obstacles for a hole, allowing creativity to carry the construction of the mini-golf course is the only sure-fire way to receive total acceptance of the family.


And once everyone’s ideas are put in place, the look on each family member’s face when their vision comes to life is something that can’t be replicated any other way. Once you see your child’s excitement because they created something that the entire family will grow to enjoy, you’ll know all the struggles are worth it in the end.


Happiness to Others

Mini-golf brings happiness to others

The incredible attraction of mini-golf is that you don’t need to have years of golfing experience to enjoy the sport. At any time, golfers of any skill level (including women who may disregard regular golf) can make a hole-in-one or create a memory with friends and family that lasts throughout a lifetime. Perfect for dates or a birthday party, mini-golf allows players to enjoy their day in a relaxing and non-stressful environment.


A huge reason why owning a mini-golf center is excellent for a family is because of the lesson it teaches each member about the importance of giving to others. By providing a comfortable haven, a family can create a place for individuals seeking to forget their busy lives and just spend quality time with the people that are most important to them (ie. their loved ones).


By creating an establishment that captivates people of all ages through a fun and exciting activity, you are providing joy into countless lives. Imagine waking up in a house where people are always smiling, and happy will have a residual effect on the entire family. This creation of joy for others is a huge reason why owning a mini-golf can be so enriching to parents and their children alike.

Raising Your Family in a Safe Environment

Mini-golf can bring families closer together


Every parent wants their child to be safe throughout their school years.  Having a mini-golf directly in the house will assure that they’ll have a secure after-school location to learn & work while having fun.


Mini-golf courses don’t need a considerable amount of maintenance. Sure, it is essential to keep it clean and make sure that everybody are having a great time, but the calm atmosphere allows parents to interact with their children while working full time jobs.


By owning a mini-golf, parents don’t have to send their children to after-school care or worry that they are causing mischief. Instead, they’ll have the peace of mind that their children are nearby.


As you can see, by creating a healthy environment where the child feels responsibility without feeling smothered, you will add tremendous amounts of enjoyment to your collective lives.


Lessons Learned By Your Children

Mini-golf and family children

Finally, it is easy to argue that children benefit the most from their parents buying them a mini-golf course. As they grow up under the umbrella of their family, there are a host of lessons that children can learn from.


Self-reliance is a terrific skill that parents can pass down to their children. Whether it be during a break from classes in the summer or after school, by creating a routine of chores for your children, you’ll discover them rising to the challenge if the tasks engage them creatively. Having them understand the value of money and the use of efficient resources will make a huge difference in their upbringing. By creating this work ethic standard for them, you’ll soon see that your children will adopt this lifestyle as the way they should hold themselves when playing the mini-golf.


Perhaps most important of all, by showing them the values mini-golf players care about, your children will pursue careers of their own that give back to society and create overwhelming joy. A childhood built around happiness allows children to blossom into an adult that spreads love to the world.




As your family matures and grows over the years, having the mini-golf will present each member with memories that will carry them throughout their lives. Whether it be working with you or discovering their own dreams for their future, finding a nurturing and fulfilling location for your children can build a foundation for the skills they’ll need to pursue their own careers.


When you dive into these four reasons, I am confident that you’ll discover even more advantages to owning a mini-golf that will benefit your family on a financial, personal, and developmental level.