Crazy Golf – an abbreviated version

C is for Crazy Golf

In crazy golf the crazier the hole layout the better!  Our portable and interlocking course allows a number of hole layouts.  Whether you go for the standard straight or the dog-leg hole layout, a number of larger formations can be achieved.  If you like puzzles then you can get crazy with our course components!

Portable Crazy Golf courses by Putterfingers
Portable Crazy Golf courses by

R is for Rules

Yes there are crazy golf rules!  You must not deliberately strike another’s balls with your putter (or another player of course!) The highest score per hole is 7.  If the ball hasn’t reached the hole by the 6th shot, a 7 should be recorded  on the scorecards.  The only other rule is have FUN!

Crazy Golf should be fun!
This little lady is celebrating her hole-in-one!

A is for Adventure Golf

Adventure Golf courses come in all guises – dinosaur and pirate themes, Lost Worlds and Pharoahs, blacklight courses or glow in the dark courses as they are sometime known.  Adventure courses are defined as a non-standard minigolf courses, with wider fairways and undulating greens.

Playing the adventure golf course at Legoland Windsor
Playing adventure golf at Legoland Windsor

Z is for Zig Zag

Well let me off here, not many golf related words begin with ‘Z’ so this is the best I can find!  We have a hole layout for a zig zag and of course playing the lines of the course often require a ‘zig zag’ style rebound to avoid and obstacle or reach the hole.

The S-bend hole using interlocking astro grass tiles
The Zig Zag hole layout on a 9 hole crazy golf course

Y is for Yardage

Whilst we usually work in metres at Putterfingers HQ, yardage can vary with our modular components as you can interlock as many of the astro grass tile together as you wish.  Here’s our Shelley attempting a 6 yard putt:

The 5m Challenge using Putterfingers interlocking crazy golf course
Our Shelley attempting a 6 yard putt

G is for Golf Gear

Whether you play off a handicap on an 18 hole course or you are starting out with some putting, golf is a sport for everyone!  Getting the right gear is important for any sport.  Rubber Headed Putters are best for crazy golf as they won’t damage the fairways or obstacles if you get a bit carried away with your swing!

Crazy Golf Rubber Headed Putters
Crazy Golf Rubber Headed Putters

O is for Obstacles

Each crazy golf hole has a different obstacle to challenge you and this is ultimately what makes the golf crazy. Don’t be distracted by the bridges, windmills, water hazards or volcanoes.  Common obstacles on outdoor courses include windmills with rotating sails.

Rotating Windmill Obstacle
Rotating windmill obstacle. Credit:

L is for Low Bounce Balls

Crazy Golf needs low bounce balls, of the dead variety….. A normal flight golf ball can cause all sorts of problems on the putting green and to other players!

Low Bounce Balls are perfect for Crazy Golf

F is for Flags

Without the flags how would you know where to putt?  The Flags can be steel coated that stake into the ground, or free flying in the wind, dependent on the hole sizing.

Flags are used on the crazy golf course to identify hole numbers
Steel Golf Flags stake into the crazy golf course

Our top tips for enjoying a game of crazy golf

Crazy golf can be a difficult skill to learn, so practice makes perfect.

Try not to take it too seriously!

Remember the taking part is just as important and if you do fall short with your score – be a graceful runner up!

Avoid all distractions and keep focused.

And of course – HAVE FUN!