Top 5 benefits of minigolf for kids & family

Benefits of minigolf, healthy crazy golf
It’s a learning curve

We all know that minigolf is fun, but is it actually good for you? The answer is a resounding ‘Yes!’ Read this brief summary of the benefits of playing minigolf to find out just how good minigolf is for you, your kids and your family.

1. Playing minigolf can burn off 300 calories an hour

That is comparable to an hour’s brisk walk. An adult will burn around 300 calories an hour and it’s good for your kids too, giving them a good cardiovascular workout.

2. Social skills

Kids will learn sportsmanship and fair play on the minigolf course, coupled with following rules and being respectful to others. It is also a good lesson in self-control and perseverance to get a result. Healthy competitiveness is the order of the day out on the minigolf course.

3. Educational benefits

Hand-eye coordination is required for a good putt. Kids can develop it while having a fun time. They can learn the logic of good form and technique: a good stance and a good swing lead to better results.

4. It isn’t Xbox!

Fresh air and free movement in the real physical world takes them away from their mobiles, video games and computers. Minigolf isn’t virtual reality, it IS reality! And fun reality too!

5. Family bonding

Families often don’t get enough time together engaging in fun activities. A trip to the local crazy golf course (or a Putterfingers hire for the garden) as a family can strengthen bonds and allow family members to compete in a fun atmosphere during their leisure time. Funny how in family photos from the minigolf course, everybody is always grinning their heads off.

So there are the top 5 ways minigolf is good for you, your kids and your family. Hire a Putterfingers course for a weekend to find out how much fun it is!

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The benefits of playing Crazy Golf

Crazy Golf is an old sport. The first miniature golf course was in 1912 it has come a long way since then.

Crazy Golf needn’t just be for families or couples looking for a challenge.  Playing crazy golf is a useful way to teach children better hand and eye co-ordination.  Some 68% of children apparently learn 84% better when they are learning through an activity they like.

And who doesn’t like crazy golf I ask?

The benefits of Crazy Golf for children

  • An economic way for children to learn to challenge themselves and have fun at the same time
  • Helps younger children develop their fine motor skills
  • Improves hand eye co-ordination which can help with other activities for the future
  • Helps with reaction times in ball sports
  • Encourages light activity for those that don’t enjoy team sports
  • Gets children off their seats and away from electronic devices and TV!

We have been at a number of local Primary schools recently to encourage the children to participate in different sport and leisure activities.  Here are some photos of some children enjoying some crazy golf in the outdoors yesterday:

Crazy Golf Fun for school children at Family Week activity
Primary school crazy golf fun
Crazy Golf for school children
Children enjoying crazy golf at school activity

If you are planning some school activities where you would like to hire crazy golf, do get in touch!