Volkswagen UK hire branded course for employees

Employees enjoy mini golf at corporate event

Volkswagen Group UK recently hired a branded Putterfingers mini golf course for a ‘Refresher’ event at their head office in Milton Keynes. The event was organised to get employees reacquainted with the office environment after months of working remotely. What better than a mini golf course to help staff get to know each other again and do a bit of team building?

It is a nice example of the Putterfingers Branded Course Hire. Included in the package are:

  • Branded tee-off mats
  • Branded obstacles (we created one with a VW Camper, one of the firm’s most iconic products)
  • Branded putting cups
  • Branded scorecards
  • Giant Lego obstacles – we have a stock of these blocks to make obstacles with
  • My Minigolf obstacles – the standard set
  • 9 holes’ worth of interlocking astro grass tiles for the putting surface
  • Foam edge bumpers – VW chose Blue but we also have them in Red, Yellow and White
  • Putters for everybody
  • Lots of low bounce balls
  • Hole number cones.
Branded mini golf corporate hire for employees

Employees used the course during the day to mingle, compete a little, and get to know each other again. What a nice way to welcome them back! With course branding, VW Group UK let their staff know they cared, whilst also reminding them who they work for in case they had forgotten during lockdown.

Here’s a quick video run through of the course, showing the obstacles and layout.

We delivered and set up the course early in the morning and got these photos before the employees arrived and started putting. The following day we returned and took it all down. It didn’t take us long – even at distant hires where we can’t deliver it ourselves, it takes an average of 45 minutes for a couple of people to lay out a 9-hole course, and even less to dismantle it. The modular equipment is designed for quick and easy set up and teardown. It all fits neatly back on the pallet for collection by our courier.

So it’s another successful corporate branded mini golf course hire from Putterfingers – if you are planning a corporate event and need some entertainment that’s good for team building and employee engagement, call us for a quote today!

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Charles the Guide Dog enjoys a spot of mini golf

Conservative Party Conference Stabd 51 - Guide Dogs Campaigns
Charles the Guide Dog enjoying minigolf at Conservative Party Conference

Here is a snap of Charles the Guide Dog enjoying the exhibition stand mini golf at the Conservative Party Conference.

Charles lies across the water jet cut tile which complements the Guide Dogs colours and logo and due to this clever technique we can brand elements of our mini golf course to suit client’s needs.

The complex water jet cutting process uses stencils and high tech cutting equipment to cut though the astro grass tile and inlay with a foam design, which can be a variety of colours and styles.

We can also add your strap line or sales message to our foam edge bumpers to really get your message across. Here the Guide Dogs used the pun #bowlinone to play on the words hole-in-one!  And Barbie’s vehicle makes an interesting alternative to a badly parked car on the mini golf course!!

Branded Foam Edge Bumper with Barbie car
#bowlinone for Guide Dogs Streets Ahead campaign

The Guide Dogs are exhibiting now at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester until Wednesday 3rd October 2013.

This blog from Andy Love MP for Edmonton also comments on the work that the Guide Dogs do for supporting blind and partially sighted individuals in his write up ‘Guide Dogs and Golf’.

Bradford MP David Ward wrote about his time on the Guide Dogs stand at the Liberal Democrats Conference in Glasgow in his blog. Commenting David Ward MP said:

“This was a fun way to spread what is a very serious message about the obstacles that visually impaired people have to overcome on a daily basis. Street clutter has the potential to deter blind and partially sighted people from leaving home alone and I am happy to support Guide Dogs’ call for safer pedestrian footpaths.”

Guide Dogs Street Clutter Crazy Golf
Andy Love MP for Edmonton enjoying mini golf

Hopefully our local MP, David Ruffley, will be attending the Conservative Party Conference and playing a spot of Street Clutter Crazy Golf over the next few days.

Follow @gdcampaigns to catch up on the MP’s latest mini golf scores.