Minigolf in the movies

Minigolf is such a popular pastime that it has often been featured in films. The fantastic, surreal environments of adventure golf courses are inviting settings for filmmakers to have their characters exchange dialogue or conjure up some slapstick moments. Some films are all about minigolf, but in others the courses are used as backdrops while the characters pootle around with their putters developing the plot.

Here are seven films that we could think of. We’ve tried to include films in which minigolf plays a significant role. If you think we have missed an obvious one, head over to our Facebook page and let us know.

1. Life, Death and Minigolf

Definitely a B-movie, but minigolf features big. You could say that B-movies and minigolf go hand in glove since both are a little way off the beaten track.

2. Legends of Minigolf: The Flamingo’s Challenge

Jeff is a young man trying to get his life back together. With the aid of his girlfriend, Jenna, he’s re-enrolled in school at Utah Valley University and is determined to make things work this time. However, when an eccentric mini-golfer by the name of The Flamingo challenges him to an exhibition match, Jeff develops an obsession that begins to tear his world apart.

Minigolfers who have watched the sport gradually come to dominate their lives can probably relate.

Legends of Minigolf: The Flamingo's Challenge

3. Happy Gilmore

A better-known film starring Adam Sandler, in which a rejected hockey player puts his skills to the golf course to save his grandmother’s house. Here’s a slapstick minigolf scene that takes place as our hero is trying to improve his short game.

4.  Overboard

Goldie Hawn helps Kurt Russell to land a construction job for a miniature golf park by suggesting a theme of famous world landmarks, and prepares sketches that sell the concept to the investors.

Here is a very short clip from the film as Russell’s character is pitching the concept to investors.

It's the Wonders of the World miniature golf course.

5. Getting Even With Dad

Macaulay Culkin is a cocksure brat who frustrates his dad (Ted Danson) by various means, including minigolf. This is the best clip we could find – sorry about the quality.

6. That’ll Be The Day

Ringo Starr played minigolf in this film. Here’s an interesting video about a search for the Isle of Wight course that was featured in the film.

7. Putterfingers: The Movie

We had to include this classic. Shelley from Putterfingers stars in Putterfingers: The Movie a demo video on setting up a portable, modular Putterfingers minigolf course. She ramps up the dramatic tension superbly. Great acting skills Shelley!

We hire and sell mini golf courses and equipment in the UK. For all your minigolf needs, visit us at

Minigolf turns 100, says America

Minigolf lies about its age

Strange articles have been popping up this week in U.S. newspapers about minigolf ‘turning 100’ this year. This would be news to the Ladies’ Putting Club of St Andrews, formed in 1867. But the U.S. news articles are probably referring to the first standardised, commercial mass-production minigolf courses, of which the first was built in Pinehurst, North Carolina in 1916. The first documented commercial minigolf course in mainland Europe inspired by the American phenomenon was built in Germany in 1926 by a Mr. Schröder, who had visited the USA and observed minigolf courses spreading across the country.

But minigolf goes further back than that. In June 1912 The Illustrated London News featured a minigolf game called Golfstacle, by F.A. Davis of London. Here’s a set auctioned a few years ago at Sotheby’s.

crazy golf set, crazy golf kit, crazy golf game

Our own take on minigolf sets has become pretty popular with the British public. Check out our courses and kits to buy or hire!

Minigolf courses, minigolf course, minigolf set, minigolf kits, putters, golf balls,
This is our Supersize course. We also offer Funsize and Bitesize.

Looking further back to before the U.S. idea of commercialising and franchising minigolf, there was the Ladies’ Putting Club of St Andrews, formed in 1867 so that ladies could practice without taking the club back above their shoulder, which was deemed improper.

Anyway, happy 100th birthday to the fun and colourful American sport that gave us Putt-Putt, Tom Thumb, and ‘rinkie-dink’ courses made with drainpipes and other cheap stuff during the 1930s Depression. They can be credited with kicking off the whole thing by taking it from a casual weekend pursuit to a commercial phenomenon.

Minigolf: The Movie

To celebrate the 100th Birthday of minigolf, a feature film is being made called Through The Windmill. U.S.-centric (World Series, anyone?), it charts the history of American Minigolf and features copious footage of some of the best courses being played. Definitely worth checking out once it’s released later this year. Here’s a video from Producer/Director, Amanda Kulkoski.

Crazy golf croc shocker!

minigolf, crazy golf,
Snapped – the croc after being hauled out of the lake

At Holiday Resort Unity at Brean Sands near Weston-Super-Mare, management received calls from concerned holidaymakers about a crocodile being spotted in a lake at the resort. Staff approached it cautiously and poked it with a stick, only to find that it was made of fibreglass. It turned out that pranksters had snaffled the croc from nearby Brean Leisure Park’s Congo Adventure crazy golf course and put it in the lake during the night.

The rigid reptile has been returned to its rightful place on the crazy golf course and slightly disappointed wildlife crews have now stood down.

Our obstacles are challenging, colourful and ridiculously easy to set out. Take a peek at them here.

Wirral off for a game – are you coming?

wirral, minigolf, crazy golf
These holes are seriously beautiful.

If you’re over Liverpool way and love minigolf, you could do very much worse than playing a few rounds at Championship Adventure Golf over on the Wirral. The course on Kings Parade, New Brighton, opened in 2014 and immediately won Wirral Attraction of the Year, followed soon after by a 2015 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence. In fact there are two courses:

  • Famous Golf Holes, which pays homage to the world’s most iconic golf locations. Take on Augusta’s Amen Corner, cross St Andrews’ Swilken Bridge and play near a replica of the famous Turnberry Lighthouse. Also included are holes from Pebble Beach, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Royal Troon, the Belfry, Vale de Lobo, Celtic Manor and The emirates, Dubai.
  • Landmarks, where you can play a full 18 holes inspired by the Wirral’s landmarks and attractions past and present. Inspirations include New Brighton Lido, The Beaches, Birkenhead Priory, Smugglers Cove, Mother Redcaps, Fort Perch, Thor’s Rock, New Brighton Dips, Birkenhead Tram, The Mersey Piers and Vale Park.
Wirral, minigolf, crazy golf, adventure golf, floodlights, night play
So what if the sun goes down?

The outdoor, floodlit, all-weather courses are open all year round. No booking is required, just turn up and play. Discounts are available for groups of 10+ and prices are £6.50 Adult or £10 for both courses, £4.50 Junior or £7.50 for both courses, £20 Family or £32 for both courses. Early Bird discounts are available for play before 11am. Courses are open 10am to 7pm and floodlit when it’s dark for some exciting night play.

Championship Adventure Golf was built with assistance from the Merseyside Special Investment Fund. The company behind it has also built courses around the UK and one at the Quinta do Lago resort in the Algarve. The Wirral has seen a huge renaissance in recent years and golf and minigolf in the area got a boost from the British Open being played at Royal Liverpool Golf Club in Hoylake.

See a 360 degree view of Championship Adventure Golf

Putterfingers rock Facebook HQ!

We were pretty excited when we got the call from Facebook. What would their offices be like? Would we meet Mark Zuckerberg? We didn’t, but we just missed Bill Gates – honestly! The Microsoft legend and philanthropist had dropped in just before we got there. Cue starstruck squeals from us.

Facebook, London, Putterfingers, minigolf hire, crazy golf hire
James and Richard from Putterfingers at Facebook London HQ

Facebook asked for a 9-hole course to grace an internal event. We dispatched James and Richard to central London to set it up. The first obstacle (pun intended) they encountered was the tight security, as you would imagine at the world’s biggest social media firm. (We can’t disclose the details, because then we’d have to kill you). Moving on, one floor of Facebook’s London offices became The Crazy Golf Clubhouse for the day, complete with signage and Facebook-branded scorecards.

Facebook London, Putting, crazy golf hire, mini golf hire
Get your putters here, and remember to Like and Share them.
crazy golf hire, minigolf hire, Facebook London HQ,
Balls and scorecards. Pencils! How quaint.
Minigolf course hire, crazy golf course, facebook, putterfingers
Setting up the course. Nice view outside. We added helter skelter and merry-go-round boards for a fairground feel.

Facebook went for our Fun Size Course. It was perfect for a room of this size. This is our standard 9 hole portable golf course (as the name suggests)!

The package consists of:

  • 27 x 1msq astro grass tiles
  • Foam edge bumpers
  • Assorted obstacle pieces
  • 9 rubber headed putters
  • 9 low bounce balls
  • Scorecards, clipboards and pencils
  • Number cones 1-9

The courses can be hired as they are, or branded with company logos and other insignia by prior arrangement with us. All courses are also available for purchase, either to create a more permanent fixture or to store and use when the occasion demands – the equipment is fully portable and easy to set up. Our Supersize course is also a 9-holer but with more tiles to create an expanded putting surface. We also supply all the equipment you need: putters, balls, obstacles, flags – you name it! Browse our store to see what else we offer.

New mini golf course in Manchester!

It’s going to be a Summer of Sport in Spinningfields, Manchester, and mini golf is set to be a big feature of it! Brand new sports bar The Club House has opened a 9-hole mini golf course set to last through the Summer (it will close in May or August, depending on whom you ask. Just get down there and play while you can!), with each hole sponsored by one of Spinningfields’ businesses. If it’s true, we can’t wait to see the hole sponsored by Greggs where ‘players will aim to guide their Scotch Egg around an assemblage of lava-hot sausage rolls, burnt pizza and icky sticky yumyums’ (

Mini golf, crazy golf, new course, spinningfields, manchester
Each hole is themed to a sponsor at Spinningfields. This one is sponsored by Tattu
Grab your putter, balls and scorecards from The Club House sports bar

The course, called Tee Party, is spread out across the estate, allowing players to explore numerous shopping opportunities as they proceed from one hole to the next. The course fee is £3 with a £5 deposit. You give them a fiver and they give you two pounds back when you hand in your ball and putter. Balls, putters and score cards are distributed at The Club House sports bar.

Here’s an article from Manchester Evening News on the 17th of April.

Not planning on being in Manchester this Summer? Here’s a good place to find a mini golf course near you. It’s probably the most comprehensive list of mini golf courses in the UK. We’re not quite sure when it was last updated, but you can always find out more when you spot a course on the list that’s near you and would like to play it. Who knows – if you really get into playing different mini golf courses around the UK you might even get close to Richard Gottfried’s total of 672 and counting! (That’s why he’s known affectionately as ‘The Putter Nutter’).

Here’s the UK mini golf course list:

Minigolf is the new black for corporate events

Sales pitch and putt: How minigolf can help you network at corporate events

Have you ever dreamed about strolling round a golf course with a potential business partner and striking an important deal as you hole out at the 9th? Would you like to create the same opportunity to socialise and interact with key players in your industry, but without paying massive golf club fees?

With winter now well upon us, corporate events have moved indoors. What better idea for networking than to create a golfing experience at your Christmas office networking party? Corporate minigolf is a smart way to provide an interactive and fun experience at your Christmas company event.

Minigolf works as a great networking tool
Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors enjoying minigolf at their event. Image courtesy of Dayle Bayliss.

minigolf, crazy golf, corporate event

With a variety of obstacles that don’t get any easier as the drinks flow, minigolf provides just the right kind of light-hearted challenge that can break the ice and bring people together. The courses are made of high-quality astro grass tiles that interlock to make setup a breeze and come in bitesize, funsize and supersize. You can hire a one-hole putting green as a sideshow attraction or a full 9-hole course to make minigolf the main attraction at your event. After your first hire you have the option of buying a course that is fully branded with your company logo and name that can be used for future events and marketing efforts. Putterfingers are happy to custom-make a branded course for your company at your request.

minigolf obstacles

Exhibition putting works as a great sales tool at corporate events
Exhibition mini golf is a great way to network.  Image courtesy of SAP.

Add an extra touch of festive fun with a christmas-themed photo cutout board. Pretty much anybody can grasp the concept of putting their head through the hole and having a mildly embarrassing photo taken. Yet photo cutout boards remain curiously popular for corporate events. They can be hired or purchased and custom-made with any image and branding. Make your festive networking event a memorable one with minigolf and festive photo cutout boards!


Portable Mini Golf at Wentworth Golf Course for Corporate Event

As if  Wentworth Golf Club hasn’t enough putting green, our very own portable mini golf course was recently used as part of a corporate ‘Masters’ event to 70 delegates during a dinner celebration and evening of presentations.

Liaising directly with the event management company ACF Hospitality, who offer a wider range of events from evening entertainment, team building and activity days – the mini golf course was incorporated into the evening’s entertainment and put even the keenest of golfers to the test.

The team of hosts from ACF Hospitality embraced the evening in a colourful golf attire!

With a blindfolded hole as well as an 8 hole contest, the evening was enjoyed by all.

Kat Bowhay, Events Executive at ACF Hospitality said:

“The service and professionalism from Putterfingers was fantastic. The communication from the start was very informative  and they were very patient with me despite the short lead time. The equipment was brilliant, very eye catching and it was so simple to set up. Thank you Putterfingers for all your help”

If you have a corporate event coming up where a mini golf course would entertain your clients, delegates or guests – do get in touch –

Wentworth Golf Course will host the forthcoming BMW PGA Championships from 24th to 27th May 2012.