Volkswagen UK hire branded course for employees

Employees enjoy mini golf at corporate event

Volkswagen Group UK recently hired a branded Putterfingers mini golf course for a ‘Refresher’ event at their head office in Milton Keynes. The event was organised to get employees reacquainted with the office environment after months of working remotely. What better than a mini golf course to help staff get to know each other again and do a bit of team building?

It is a nice example of the Putterfingers Branded Course Hire. Included in the package are:

  • Branded tee-off mats
  • Branded obstacles (we created one with a VW Camper, one of the firm’s most iconic products)
  • Branded putting cups
  • Branded scorecards
  • Giant Lego obstacles – we have a stock of these blocks to make obstacles with
  • My Minigolf obstacles – the standard set
  • 9 holes’ worth of interlocking astro grass tiles for the putting surface
  • Foam edge bumpers – VW chose Blue but we also have them in Red, Yellow and White
  • Putters for everybody
  • Lots of low bounce balls
  • Hole number cones.
Branded mini golf corporate hire for employees

Employees used the course during the day to mingle, compete a little, and get to know each other again. What a nice way to welcome them back! With course branding, VW Group UK let their staff know they cared, whilst also reminding them who they work for in case they had forgotten during lockdown.

Here’s a quick video run through of the course, showing the obstacles and layout.

We delivered and set up the course early in the morning and got these photos before the employees arrived and started putting. The following day we returned and took it all down. It didn’t take us long – even at distant hires where we can’t deliver it ourselves, it takes an average of 45 minutes for a couple of people to lay out a 9-hole course, and even less to dismantle it. The modular equipment is designed for quick and easy set up and teardown. It all fits neatly back on the pallet for collection by our courier.

So it’s another successful corporate branded mini golf course hire from Putterfingers – if you are planning a corporate event and need some entertainment that’s good for team building and employee engagement, call us for a quote today!

Call 01842 337 100 or use our contact form

Minigolf magic for corporate fun days

Minigolf for corporate fun days
A recent hire at the offices of Orms Designers & Architects. Being designers and architects, they created their own obstacles!

Experience has shown us that mini golf is always a hit at corporate fun days. It brings people together for networking and team building and can boost morale and productivity. Our mini golf hire courses are modular, which means they can be assembled to fit virtually any space, indoors or outdoors. The equipment is designed to fit into the footprint of a standard lift shaft, so that no matter which floor the event happens on in multi-storey buildings, getting the equipment up and down between floors is as simple as possible.

Crazy golf hire corporate fun days
A breakout area on the roof at WeWork, Momument, London

Minigolf hire is a sure fire success at team building events, annual parties, open days, staff fun days and even training days. It can also be used by management to observe employees in their natural habitat. A Morrisons manager told us:

“We used the mini golf setup with obstacles to set our managers the challenge of finding the shortest solution to get the ball in the hole, thus using the golf as an analogy to overcome obstacles in the workflow processes.”

It has also been shown to help interviewees relax on the recruitment treadmill and show who they really are. As one entrepreneur said:

““Within half an hour of entering the room, interviewees are more relaxed. What they don’t realise is that over a game of mini-golf, they’re giving off who they are as people – we get to know them better than if they were in a stale white room with a desk.” More on that here.

Minigolf can be seen as a microcosm of golf. ‘Big golf’ is famous for being a place where deals are struck and businesspeople have a chance to discover each other’s true characters. With a minigolf hire for a corporate event, you get a similar competitive environment distilled into a smaller area.

Corporate fun days mini golf hire
A few of the corporate customers we have supplied with mini golf hire.

Putterfingers mini golf courses can be fully branded for corporate fun days and other business events. Tee-off mats, edge bumpers and scorecards can all carry a firm’s logo and message. This can make employees feel good about their employer as a source of fun, impresses visitors and looks professional.

Some companies chose to hire a minigolf course for a week for their breakout area, just for staff to enjoy. It helps staff to relax and get to know each other better.

Minigolf breakout room

To hire a minigolf course for a company event like a fun day, even if it’s at (fairly!) short notice, call the Putterfingers team on 01842 337 100, fill in our contact form or send us an email.

Create your own minigolf puzzle!

If you’re given 36 square tiles, how many different combinations can you arrange them in? According to one quick calculation, it’s 7140. We’re not mathematicians, but that’s one answer we have obtained and please correct us if the number should be higher or lower. But one thing we do know is that with Putterfingers astrograss putting surface tiles that interlock to create a smooth and seamless putting green, the number of combinations is … well, a lot.

Our Supersize course has 36 tiles. In theory, you could create one very long putting hole (36 metres or 118 feet!), or a 6 by 6 square with various obstacles and multiple cups to sink the ball into. But you’ll probably want a 9-hole course with greens numbered 1 to 9 if you want your score cards to have a score for a number of separate holes. Let’s look at some of the various shapes that can be made by simply slotting the tiles together.

First, the procedure to create a minigolf hole is simple and consists of four easy steps. The image below shows the four stages:

  • Lay out the tiles in the desired pattern.
  • Join the tiles together via the dovetailed interlocks on their edges.
  • Add foam bumper edges, which attach with velcro.
  • Add obstacles and a hole.

Create, minigolf putting green, minigolf putting surface, eternite, astroturf, astrograss, crazy golf putting green

Obviously a straight hole is the simplest option, but you can create a number of different combinations to make the holes more interesting and challenging. The foam bumpers can also be used as obstacles and for bank shots. Here are a few ideas for holes with 3 or 4 tiles.

Create minigolf putting green tiles

It’s possible to get a hole in one on these designs with a bit of practice. But if you want more fiendish holes that are par 2’s or 3’s, you can get more creative and do things like this:

Crazy golf putting green tiles combinations

You won’t get 9 holes if you’re using 12 tiles per hole as in the above picture, but you can stage a putting challenge with 3 large and challenging holes similar to these, to see who can hole out with the fewest strokes.

If you hire a course and we set it up for you, we’ll usually set up 9 holes in a variety of shapes with an average of 4 tiles per hole. But with the flexibility our modular system provides, there are so many ways to set up a course that each course will be unique in its layout of tiles, bumpers and obstacles.

If you buy a course, then every time you set it out it can be different!

To find out more about our modular putting system, call 01842 337 100 or email

Wirral off for a game – are you coming?

wirral, minigolf, crazy golf
These holes are seriously beautiful.

If you’re over Liverpool way and love minigolf, you could do very much worse than playing a few rounds at Championship Adventure Golf over on the Wirral. The course on Kings Parade, New Brighton, opened in 2014 and immediately won Wirral Attraction of the Year, followed soon after by a 2015 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence. In fact there are two courses:

  • Famous Golf Holes, which pays homage to the world’s most iconic golf locations. Take on Augusta’s Amen Corner, cross St Andrews’ Swilken Bridge and play near a replica of the famous Turnberry Lighthouse. Also included are holes from Pebble Beach, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Royal Troon, the Belfry, Vale de Lobo, Celtic Manor and The emirates, Dubai.
  • Landmarks, where you can play a full 18 holes inspired by the Wirral’s landmarks and attractions past and present. Inspirations include New Brighton Lido, The Beaches, Birkenhead Priory, Smugglers Cove, Mother Redcaps, Fort Perch, Thor’s Rock, New Brighton Dips, Birkenhead Tram, The Mersey Piers and Vale Park.

Wirral, minigolf, crazy golf, adventure golf, floodlights, night play
So what if the sun goes down?

The outdoor, floodlit, all-weather courses are open all year round. No booking is required, just turn up and play. Discounts are available for groups of 10+ and prices are £6.50 Adult or £10 for both courses, £4.50 Junior or £7.50 for both courses, £20 Family or £32 for both courses. Early Bird discounts are available for play before 11am. Courses are open 10am to 7pm and floodlit when it’s dark for some exciting night play.

Championship Adventure Golf was built with assistance from the Merseyside Special Investment Fund. The company behind it has also built courses around the UK and one at the Quinta do Lago resort in the Algarve. The Wirral has seen a huge renaissance in recent years and golf and minigolf in the area got a boost from the British Open being played at Royal Liverpool Golf Club in Hoylake.

See a 360 degree view of Championship Adventure Golf

Putterfingers rock Facebook HQ!

We were pretty excited when we got the call from Facebook. What would their offices be like? Would we meet Mark Zuckerberg? We didn’t, but we just missed Bill Gates – honestly! The Microsoft legend and philanthropist had dropped in just before we got there. Cue starstruck squeals from us.

Facebook, London, Putterfingers, minigolf hire, crazy golf hire
James and Richard from Putterfingers at Facebook London HQ

Facebook asked for a 9-hole course to grace an internal event. We dispatched James and Richard to central London to set it up. The first obstacle (pun intended) they encountered was the tight security, as you would imagine at the world’s biggest social media firm. (We can’t disclose the details, because then we’d have to kill you). Moving on, one floor of Facebook’s London offices became The Crazy Golf Clubhouse for the day, complete with signage and Facebook-branded scorecards.

Facebook London, Putting, crazy golf hire, mini golf hire
Get your putters here, and remember to Like and Share them.

crazy golf hire, minigolf hire, Facebook London HQ,
Balls and scorecards. Pencils! How quaint.

Minigolf course hire, crazy golf course, facebook, putterfingers
Setting up the course. Nice view outside. We added helter skelter and merry-go-round boards for a fairground feel.

Facebook went for our Fun Size Course. It was perfect for a room of this size. This is our standard 9 hole portable golf course (as the name suggests)!

The package consists of:

  • 27 x 1msq astro grass tiles
  • Foam edge bumpers
  • Assorted obstacle pieces
  • 9 rubber headed putters
  • 9 low bounce balls
  • Scorecards, clipboards and pencils
  • Number cones 1-9

The courses can be hired as they are, or branded with company logos and other insignia by prior arrangement with us. All courses are also available for purchase, either to create a more permanent fixture or to store and use when the occasion demands – the equipment is fully portable and easy to set up. Our Supersize course is also a 9-holer but with more tiles to create an expanded putting surface. We also supply all the equipment you need: putters, balls, obstacles, flags – you name it! Browse our store to see what else we offer.

Putterfingers Crazy Golf Highlights for 2015

Putterfingers Crazy Golf Highlights of 2015

From the team at Putterfingers, here’s a recap on the best bits of 2015.

Strating off with January, we saw a return to Hallam Union for their annual January ‘Health and Wellness’ activity with the students. A great way to network and settle into University!

Putterfingers Crazy Golf at Sheffield Hallam University
Indoor Mini Golf for Sheffield Hallam University students this January.

February was our first time exhibiting at the INPAS trade show in Wood Green, where we met many great contacts in the leisure and events industry.  Many thanks to Peter Grand and his team for making us feel so welcome!

Putterfingers Stand at the INPAS exhibition at Wood Green
Putterfingers Crazy Golf at the INPAS Exhibition at Wood Green, Cambridgeshire.

March saw Hever Castle hire a one hole Challenge Putt for a Putting Contest as part of a business festival.  The local festival aimed to attract new visitors and members to the Hever Castle Golf Club.

Challenge Putt Mini Golf as a way to interact with your target audience.
Exhibition Golf – One hole putting challenge for Hever Castle Golf Club.

In April we worked with Jackson’s Square to support the Guide Dogs charity and local sports providers in the shopping centre in Bishops Stortford.  Luckily the dog hairs are easily removed from our portable course as young Elsa enjoyed the astro grass as a spot to rest!

Guide Dogs fundraiser at Jackson Square
Elsa the Guide Dog enjoying crazy golf at Jacksons Square, Bishops Stortford.

May saw a return to the offices of Next15 Communications in Hammersmith.  The quirky additions to the golf course by the client, always make the photographs sent a pleasure to view!

Corporate Crazy Golf in an office!
Corporate Mini Golf Hire in the offices of Next15, London.

In June, Zurich contacted us for a bespoke branded golf course for their Zurich internal Golf Open and we supplied a Bitesize Course with branded tiles and obstacles to match their colour theme.

Branded Dog Leg Hole
Zurich Branded Putting Green used for their internal Company Golf Open.

In July the team at Decathlon Bolton utilised our equipment for their annual event to try out new sports.  They always say how both the staff and customers enjoy putting a round of 9 holes while in store!

Decathlon Bolton's Family Fun Day with some guests trying out mini golf July 2014
Customers enjoying hole 9 in store at Decathlon Bolton

August saw our portable golf equipment travel to Edinburgh for the Signature Pubs group.  Here the Huxley Pub ran their very Pub Open.  A perfect display of sinking (beers) and putting (golf)!

Crazy Golf Pub Open
Portable Crazy Golf Pub Open at the Huxley Pub in Edinburgh.

September was the start of our wedding fair exhibits, beginning in our hometown of Bury St Edmunds at the Take My Hand Wedding Fair.  Always a great place to meet new brides to be to discuss the benefits of how crazy golf can be a fun addition to their celebrations.

Wedding Crazy Golf at the Take My Hand Wedding Fair
Take My Hand Wedding Fair, at the Apex, Bury St Edmunds.

October saw the students at the University of Hertfordshire enjoying a few rounds of crazy golf as part of their Fresher activities.

University Crazy Golf Hire
Students at the Uni of Hertfordshire enjoying Crazy Golf. Credit: Pete Stevens.

In November we revisited another returning client for Putterfingers at the offices of GAM, based in St James’, London for their annual mini golf tournament.  Here’s their feedback:

The delivery and collection went smoothly and the packing and instructions were straightforward.  Thank you for all your help, a lot of people have remarked on how great the course was. It really looked the business! I’ll be sure to contact you if we decide to do this event again next year.

In December, we were invited to set up our portable crazy golf course at Body and Soul for an event for the whole team to enjoy ahead of the festive break.  This was a room full to the brim of portable crazy golf equipment!

Indoor Mini Golf
Indoor mini golf set up of our Supersize Course at London event.

It has been a fun an varied year for us here at Putterfingers.

There are always ways to add our portable mini golf course to your event.

Here’s to a successful 2016!







Minigolf is the new black for corporate events

Sales pitch and putt: How minigolf can help you network at corporate events

Have you ever dreamed about strolling round a golf course with a potential business partner and striking an important deal as you hole out at the 9th? Would you like to create the same opportunity to socialise and interact with key players in your industry, but without paying massive golf club fees?

With winter now well upon us, corporate events have moved indoors. What better idea for networking than to create a golfing experience at your Christmas office networking party? Corporate minigolf is a smart way to provide an interactive and fun experience at your Christmas company event.

Minigolf works as a great networking tool
Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors enjoying minigolf at their event. Image courtesy of Dayle Bayliss.

minigolf, crazy golf, corporate event

With a variety of obstacles that don’t get any easier as the drinks flow, minigolf provides just the right kind of light-hearted challenge that can break the ice and bring people together. The courses are made of high-quality astro grass tiles that interlock to make setup a breeze and come in bitesize, funsize and supersize. You can hire a one-hole putting green as a sideshow attraction or a full 9-hole course to make minigolf the main attraction at your event. After your first hire you have the option of buying a course that is fully branded with your company logo and name that can be used for future events and marketing efforts. Putterfingers are happy to custom-make a branded course for your company at your request.

minigolf obstacles

Exhibition putting works as a great sales tool at corporate events
Exhibition mini golf is a great way to network.  Image courtesy of SAP.

Add an extra touch of festive fun with a christmas-themed photo cutout board. Pretty much anybody can grasp the concept of putting their head through the hole and having a mildly embarrassing photo taken. Yet photo cutout boards remain curiously popular for corporate events. They can be hired or purchased and custom-made with any image and branding. Make your festive networking event a memorable one with minigolf and festive photo cutout boards!


Charles the Guide Dog enjoys a spot of mini golf

Conservative Party Conference Stabd 51 - Guide Dogs Campaigns
Charles the Guide Dog enjoying minigolf at Conservative Party Conference

Here is a snap of Charles the Guide Dog enjoying the exhibition stand mini golf at the Conservative Party Conference.

Charles lies across the water jet cut tile which complements the Guide Dogs colours and logo and due to this clever technique we can brand elements of our mini golf course to suit client’s needs.

The complex water jet cutting process uses stencils and high tech cutting equipment to cut though the astro grass tile and inlay with a foam design, which can be a variety of colours and styles.

We can also add your strap line or sales message to our foam edge bumpers to really get your message across. Here the Guide Dogs used the pun #bowlinone to play on the words hole-in-one!  And Barbie’s vehicle makes an interesting alternative to a badly parked car on the mini golf course!!

Branded Foam Edge Bumper with Barbie car
#bowlinone for Guide Dogs Streets Ahead campaign

The Guide Dogs are exhibiting now at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester until Wednesday 3rd October 2013.

This blog from Andy Love MP for Edmonton also comments on the work that the Guide Dogs do for supporting blind and partially sighted individuals in his write up ‘Guide Dogs and Golf’.

Bradford MP David Ward wrote about his time on the Guide Dogs stand at the Liberal Democrats Conference in Glasgow in his blog. Commenting David Ward MP said:

“This was a fun way to spread what is a very serious message about the obstacles that visually impaired people have to overcome on a daily basis. Street clutter has the potential to deter blind and partially sighted people from leaving home alone and I am happy to support Guide Dogs’ call for safer pedestrian footpaths.”

Guide Dogs Street Clutter Crazy Golf
Andy Love MP for Edmonton enjoying mini golf

Hopefully our local MP, David Ruffley, will be attending the Conservative Party Conference and playing a spot of Street Clutter Crazy Golf over the next few days.

Follow @gdcampaigns to catch up on the MP’s latest mini golf scores.



The benefits of a portable putting green – Big Putt = Big Potential

Our Big Putt portable putting green is an affordable and attractive putting surface, suitable for all weather putting and indoor use.

Ideal for packing into the car and setting up in the office, local park or open space, visiting friends or even on your holidays – Big Putt can create a portable putting green to suit the space, wherever you go.

6 metre Portable Putting Green
Big Putt Portable 6 metre hole - perfect to improve your putting skills!

The simple assembly of interlocking high quality astro grass tiles provides a 6 metre portable putting green in just 5 minutes and it assembles just like a large jigsaw puzzle!

Big Putt portable putting gree with interlocking astro grass tiles
Portable putting green set up

The modular nature of Big Putt means the green can be set up as a 6 metre length or a 3 metre by 2 metre rectangle play area to suit the size of the area that is available, making our green one of the most competitive on the market.

Big Putt Portable 6m Putting Green
Big Putt = Big Potential - 6 metre interlocking and portable putting green

Big Putt comes in its own durable, nylon storage bag and fits into the back of most estate or family sized vehicles.  This could be an ideal addition for a Golf Pro or a sport coach looking to add a new dimension to their kit bag.

The putting greens are great way to try out new golf equipment in a golf Pro shop or showroom or to perfect your putting in your home, garage or garden.

This can also be utilised by hoteliers as a practice area in executive suites, lounges, atriums or hotel bars.

Suitable for Car Showrooms, Hotel and Conference Centres, Golf Clubhouses, Golf Pro Shops, Leisure Centres, Sports Coaches, Executive Practice and much more!

Alternatively, this 6 metre package can also be found on our website as a Challenge Putt putting green hire, ideal for use as corporate mini golf hire, exhibition hire, or at a conference or meeting room break out area.

One of our clients used the Challenge Putt at an exhibition and hinted that lead generation had increased by 400% due to the attraction of mini golf on their stand:

Challenge Putt Portable Putting Green used on an exhibition stand in Manchester
Challenge Putt used on an exhibition stand as a way to engage a corporate sales message

Do you have a forthcoming event and would like to hire mini golf equipment?

Do call us on 01284 700402 or find us on Facebook Crazy Golf or on Twitter @putterfingers.

Corporate Mini Golf Fun at Baxter Healthcare for Health and Wellness activity

One of our most recent mini golf hires was to the headquarters of Baxters Healthcare in Berkshire. which incorporated our portable mini golf course into their office premises for some extended lunch time putting practice.

Our portable mini golf course is flexible enough to fit into many areas within a corporate envrironment:

  • in the office corridors,
  • reception / atrium area,
  • restroom
  • conference break-out area,
  • outdoors on a patio,
  • in the car park,
  • even inside the lift!

Or simply as used at this corporate activity in and around the desks, as set up in the Baxter Healthcare offices.

Jake Harvey, Marketing Executive at Baxter Healthcare kindly commented:

The service Putterfingers provide is very unique, very professional and provided large amounts of entertainment for my work colleagues at our social event. Set up inside the office, the equipment was easy to put together, good condition and diverse; in that any type of course could be created depending on your imagination!

Here are some images of the course set up:

Portable Mini Golf as part of Health and Wellness activity
Portable Mini Golf as part of Health and Wellness activity


Mini golf set up offers unique hole layouts
Interlocking tiles allows for variety of hole layouts and unique set up


Mini Golf hole layout at corporate activity
Office Mini Golf layout at corporate activity

Do you have a corporate event coming up where you think you work colleagues would enjoy a spot of lunch time putting?

Or have a team building event that is looking for a new dimension of break-out activity?

We have several courses available and different course sizing for hire to suit your needs – why not call Putterfingers for a quote? Check our hire pages for more details.

Don’t forget to follow us @putterfingers  or in Facebook Crazy Golf

Happy Putting!