Golf training aids to improve your game

If you have been away from golf for a while and want to get your A-game back, there are plenty of training aids to help re-commit the feel of a good swing to muscle memory. Many are tested and approved by leading golf coaches and PGA players. And because even seasoned golfers need to keep practicing the basics, many golf training aids are suitable for all levels. Golfers at or near the beginning of their learning curves can use them to drum the right feel, weight, club angle and body posture into their shots through repetition and feedback.

From warm-up tools to putting alignment trainers, there’s a training tool to help hone every type of shot to near-perfection. Our product line-up now includes a much bigger variety of such devices for serious golfers. They can help to improve your mini golf putting, too. So read on if there is any aspect of your game you’d like to improve through regular practice! (They also make excellent gifts for any golf addicts you know).

All these products can be found at The below is just a small selection.

Swing Trainers

Swing Perfect Trainer

Helps consistent shoulder alignment by giving 5-point feedback. If things are out of whack, you’ll feel it! Keeps you honest about shoulder alignment throughout the swing. Regular practice with the Swing Perfect Trainer commits the ideal swing to muscle memory.

Swing perfect golf training aid

Smash Bag

Pro coaches love this one. It helps to prevent the mistake of ‘flipping’ the wrists after ball impact. Place it after the impact point, take a slow swing, stop when the club head hits the smash bag, and check your hand alignment. Helps to achieve correct form and follow through.

Smash bag golf training

Grip Trainers

Grip It Rite Training Grip

Gives the feel of ideal hand position and the grip indicator shows grip strength. Clips onto any club handle and perfects how you hold the club. Get a grip with this tried and tested training tool!

Grip it rite golf training aid

Grip and Swing Trainer

Use this weighted grip and swing trainer anywhere, even indoors (but maybe stay away from crockery!). Train your swing away from the golf course or use it to warm up before a round to prevent injury. The handle is moulded to give a consistent grip and the head weight is adjustable.

Grip and swing golf trainer

Putting Trainers

Pro Laser Guide

Think your putt swing is straight? This laser alignment tool shows you the uncomfortable truth and allows you to correct any alignment errors. Get instant feedback on your putting line and knock your form into shape.

Pro laser guide golf training aid

Tour Putting Mirror

See yourself as you putt and check shoulder alignment and putter face angle. Try different lengths of backswing. Hone every aspect of your putting form with this fantastic training tool.

Tour putting mirror golf training aid

That’s just a few of the golf training aids we have recently added to our site and have in stock. See them all at and find the ideal training tool for your own golf game or the perfect gift for the golf fanatic in your life!

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Unwrap Some Great Golf Gifts for Christmas

With just 7 weeks until Christmas, we have lots of new golf gifts available in our online shop for the golfers in your life.

Whether it is standard mini golf accessories, joke golf balls, Keep Calm and Play Golf accessories, golf training aids, putting cups,  head covers and much more.

We have golf gifts to suit all levels of golfer ready to fill up their stockings!

Golf gifts
Novelty golf balls and Keep Calm Play Golf merchandise make great golf gifts!

The range of trick golf balls is a favourite of ours here at Putterfingers HQ.

We tested some when we received a delivery and here is some footage of the possible tricks you can get up to with your golfing buddies with the Exploder Trick Golf Ball that creates dust on impact!

Trick Golf Balls make great golf gifts
Exploder Trick Golf Ball

What’s more with 3 other types of ball available in the joke series – Phantom, Unputtable and Streamer.

These are great gags for your golfing buddies and you can buy one or all four.

We stock a wide range of golf gifts and novelty golf balls that are sure to bring a smile to the golfer in your life.

Find out more at Putterfingers Golf Gift ideas.

Putterfingers Lego Crazy Golf Course

Well after seeing the Lego golf that we posted to our Facebook page last week, my children wanted to create their own mini version Lego crazy golf for Putterfingers.

My 8 year old daughter set to work creating a mini golf kiosk complete with its very own operator, bucket of low bounce balls and crazy golf putter stand – and of course the hut branding with Putterfingers!

Lego Crazy Golf Kiosk
Putterfingers Crazy Golf Kiosk

Whilst the Lego Mini Golf course only had two holes, it had to include the windmill to make it a crazy golf hole!

Lego Crazy Golf windmill obstacle
Crazy Golf windmill obstacle made from Lego

She aptly called the crazy golfer Richard in tribute to our founder and here he is on the first hole attempting the bridge obstacle on a dog leg hole.

Lego Crazy Golf Course
Putterfingers Lego Crazy Golf Course

Having visited the Mole-in-One Mini Golf course at Legoland, Windsor several times, our favourite mini golf figures made from Lego had to be the moles playing on the green at the side of the course.

Moles playing mini golf at Legoland Windsor
Mole in One Mini Golf at Legoland, Windsor

I have since found this book which I am sure she will be adding to her Christmas list – Lego Play – ideas to bring your bricks to life.  Perhaps we may find some interesting ideas for crazy golf obstacles!

LEGO® Play Book
LEGO® Play Book

Don’t forget we have a whole range of golf gifts for your golfing loved ones.  From mugs, coaster, putter and iron covers, exploding trick golf balls, novelty sports balls and a number of golf training aids!