British Open tees off this weekend in Hastings

If you want to watch the UK’s best minigolfers in action, the place to be on the weekend of September 17-18 is Hastings Adventure Golf. It’s the British Open! As it’s the final major BMGA stroke play tournament of the year, it’s your last chance to see these superb players under big tournament pressure.

Everyone will be trying to knock Michael Smith off his perch, which is a big ask seeing as he’s three-time World Champion and British number one. The two-day, nine-round event will be held on the Pirate Course which comes with cannon fire and explosions. What that does to the players’ nerves we can only imagine. The organisers might turn the bangs off during the Open, but we’re not sure.

Hastings Adventure Golf has just undergone a massive refurbishment as part of a transformation of a rather tired area of the promenade. More info at

BMGA British Open, hastings adventure golf
The hidden treasure this weekend is a trophy.

We tweeted on September 6 about a new minigolf course at Broad Street Mall, Reading. At the time we didn’t have much info, but now have given us a first glimpse inside. It’s a Lost City-themed adventure golf course that looks well made, with Easter Island heads, Cannons, Toucans, treasure chests and Inca carvings dominating it. We reckon it’s well worth a visit – it’s upstairs in the Broad Street Mall.

adventure golf, minigolf, Broad Street Mall, Reading, crazy golf
First glimpse inside the Broad Street Mall adventure golf attraction

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An interesting video has surfaced showing minigolf’s original heyday in 1930’s America. Apparently it was OK back then to have live bear cubs as obstacles! Miserable bears aside, though, this video is footage of the year when 25,000 minigolf courses were built in the USA as the country went minigolf mad. It was the era when minigolf became industrialised, and when gas pump-operated obstacles were invented. In New York City alone there were 150 rooftop courses to choose from.

As the video suggests, we’ll never see scenes like that again, but minigolf is undergoing its biggest renaissance since that golden decade. The fun just never stops! Book your own minigolf course hire or just grab a few putters and balls from the Putterfingers web store! 

1930s, 1930s minigolf, minigolf vcraze, crazy golf 1930s
In today’s money that adds up to … a lot!


New York minigolf, 1930s minigolf
A New York City rooftop course in 1930. How many holes is that?