All-weather minigolf that drains when it rains!

Here’s a little video of what happens at a typical minigolf course after it rains. Small children might love it, taking after infant role model Peppa Pig and splashing in puddles for fun. But grown-ups who have paid for a minigolf experience might feel that they could have found a puddle elsewhere for the little ones to splash around in free of charge.

So how about a putting surface that drains when it rains? Water doesn’t lay on top of the rolling surface of Putterfingers astrograss tiles, which means they can be played on in any weather, barring heavy snow. No more putting in puddles. Your ball rolls evenly over the surface unimpeded by water, even after a heavy shower. So even if players get a bit soggy, the minigolf course won’t be.

The tiles are also UV-treated so that the lovely green colour won’t fade even when left out in the sun for extended periods.

astrograss putting surface, portable crazy golf, rain, wet, puddles, rains
Rain, rain, go away …


astrograss putting green, portable putting green,minigolf putting surface, rains
Side view of our tiles

When the tiles interlock together with their dovetail joins, it creates a smooth putting surface and the ball does not bobble when it rolls over a join. The surface is like a flat, well-trimmed lawn.

We hope it doesn’t rain at your event. But if it does, the minigolf won’t have to stop with a Putterfingers minigolf course.

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Minigolf in the movies

Minigolf is such a popular pastime that it has often been featured in films. The fantastic, surreal environments of adventure golf courses are inviting settings for filmmakers to have their characters exchange dialogue or conjure up some slapstick moments. Some films are all about minigolf, but in others the courses are used as backdrops while the characters pootle around with their putters developing the plot.

Here are seven films that we could think of. We’ve tried to include films in which minigolf plays a significant role. If you think we have missed an obvious one, head over to our Facebook page and let us know.

1. Life, Death and Minigolf

Definitely a B-movie, but minigolf features big. You could say that B-movies and minigolf go hand in glove since both are a little way off the beaten track.

2. Legends of Minigolf: The Flamingo’s Challenge

Jeff is a young man trying to get his life back together. With the aid of his girlfriend, Jenna, he’s re-enrolled in school at Utah Valley University and is determined to make things work this time. However, when an eccentric mini-golfer by the name of The Flamingo challenges him to an exhibition match, Jeff develops an obsession that begins to tear his world apart.

Minigolfers who have watched the sport gradually come to dominate their lives can probably relate.

Legends of Minigolf: The Flamingo's Challenge

3. Happy Gilmore

A better-known film starring Adam Sandler, in which a rejected hockey player puts his skills to the golf course to save his grandmother’s house. Here’s a slapstick minigolf scene that takes place as our hero is trying to improve his short game.

4.  Overboard

Goldie Hawn helps Kurt Russell to land a construction job for a miniature golf park by suggesting a theme of famous world landmarks, and prepares sketches that sell the concept to the investors.

Here is a very short clip from the film as Russell’s character is pitching the concept to investors.

It's the Wonders of the World miniature golf course.

5. Getting Even With Dad

Macaulay Culkin is a cocksure brat who frustrates his dad (Ted Danson) by various means, including minigolf. This is the best clip we could find – sorry about the quality.

6. That’ll Be The Day

Ringo Starr played minigolf in this film. Here’s an interesting video about a search for the Isle of Wight course that was featured in the film.

7. Putterfingers: The Movie

We had to include this classic. Shelley from Putterfingers stars in Putterfingers: The Movie a demo video on setting up a portable, modular Putterfingers minigolf course. She ramps up the dramatic tension superbly. Great acting skills Shelley!

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2 new minigolf courses! (But one is private)

Adventure golf, minigolf, crazy golf course, golf, pirates

Time Raiders Pirate Adventure Golf opened in Congresbury in late August, inside the Cadbury Garden Centre. As you might expect in a garden centre, the planting is particularly lush, with palm trees a major feature. The 15-hole course has lounging pirates, treasure chests, a shipwreck, an alligator, rocks, waterfalls and other items related to nautical skulduggery. It was created as a permanent course by Neil and Jontjë Kimberley under their company name Adventure Golf Limited.

The course has created two new jobs at the Cadbury Garden Centre and Manager Paul Butchers said, ‘We look forward to welcoming families to the centre throughout the Summer months to pick up the clubs for a bit of friendly competition.’

They are running a promotion to win family tickets, so if you’re in Somerset it’s worth entering. Here’s the competition page, with a ridiculously easy question to answer.

crazy golf course, minigolf courses, back garden

Some people prefer not to pay entry fees to play minigolf. No, we don’t mean urchins who sneak in for a free game, we mean a Sherborne couple who have built an attraction-quality minigolf course in their back garden so they can play whenever they want for free.

Paul and Mandy Kinder have spent three years building a fully-fledged nine-hole course in their capacious Dorset garden. Starting out with the Tiki beach bar at the centre, they have constructed a minigolf course that a lot of people would happily pay to play on – but it’s all for the enjoyment of the Kinders and their guests.

Arnold Palmer, minigolf course Exmouth, demolition
Locals have been protesting against the demolition for some time.

Sadder news from Exmouth: East Devon District Council is going to redevelop the site of an Arnold Palmer minigolf course that has brought joy and fun to locals and visitors for 40 years. Owner Maureen Wright, now in her 80s, lost a legal battle against the council and it is to be bulldozed. The council claims the minigolf course is ‘outdated’. We say pish to that. They clearly have no idea how popular it is at the moment.

BUT a phoenix will arise from the flames. Phoenix probably wouldn’t be a bad name for the NEW minigolf course now planned at the neighbouring Exmouth Fun Park, run by Maureen’s son Chris Wright. Maureen will help with the new course, which should help with getting over what Mr Wright describes as the ‘great emotional and personal cost’ of the battle with the council.

Mr Wright plans to introduce minigolf to the Exmouth Fun Park ‘within the next few weeks’. More on that when we have it!

If Mr Wright needs some new putters and balls, he knows who to call: Putterfingers of course! Here’s our range of minigolf course supplies. 

2016 British Minigolf Championship this weekend!

BMGA minigolf championship, wroxham barns
One of the holes at the championship course

An exciting weekend of minigolf is in store this weekend at Wroxham Barns in Norfolk. They are hosting the 2016 BMGA British Open Championships, and it’s tight enough amongst the Men’s top seeds to promise a white-knuckle contest for the title. Reigning champion Michael Smith will be up against 2014 winner Adam Kelly as well as strong contenders Steve Lovell, Chris Wood and Andy Wilde. In the Ladies’ Championship, defending champion Ruth Burke will face 2014 winner Brenda Smith as well as Marion Homer, runner-up in the last two competitions.

Minigolf champion, Michael Smith
Defending Champ Michael Smith

The Champs are over Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th May. Ahead of the main tournament, on the evening of Friday 6th May Wroxham Barns will see a charity Pro-Am event run by the BGMA to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support.

The mini adventure golf course at Wroxham Barns, designed by UrbanCrazy, was opened in 2008 by the GB minigolf team. With 18 varied holes, it has an all-weather, true-rolling putting surface and rewards accurate putting and cleverly played rebound shots. It has water hazards and other obstacles including a bridge, all set in a landscaped site with rockeries, a watercourse with waterfall and a central fountain. The course is designed to British Minigolf Association standards and is DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) compliant.

Minigolf BMGA champion Ruth Burke
Defending Champ Ruth Burke

You can’t play the course during the Championships, but it will be a great weekend for a minigolf fan to see the UK’s top players putt it out for the 2016 title. Just watching them will improve your game, and you can get close enough to observe their technique!

Don’t forget it’s also National Golf Month! National Golf Month is an initiative driven by the British Golf Industry Association (BGIA) that gives golf clubs the opportunity to promote offers through the National Golf Month website that will target both lapsed and new golfers. Its stated aim is ‘to make 100,000 lapsed or new golfers aware of an opportunity to try golf again for free or at special offer prices’. So keep an eye out on the site for special offers near you!

Putter Nutter Richard Gottfried – an Interview

minigolf, crazy golf, ham and egger files, interview
Minigolf star Richard Gottfried with Shelley Barrett from Putterfingers

One of the very finest sources of facts and enthusiasm about minigolf is Richard Gottfried, he of The Ham and Egger Files, a blog dedicated to his relentless search for new minigolf courses in the UK and beyond. If there’s a question about the sport, he’ll probably know. It’s not surprising he’s a fount of putter knowledge, because he’s visited six hundred and seventy-two – yes, that’s 672 – minigolf courses so far and is showing no signs of slowing down. A recent interview with Richard has just been published by clothing brand Oi Polloi, who were doing a photo shoot at a minigolf course in Fleetwood, Lancashire and found out about him and his exploits.

The interview is well worth a read for crazy golf fans. It covers Richard’s first experience with the sport (a concrete course in his home town of Abingdon), the origins of many of the obstacles we are now familiar with (many come from the USA), hotbeds of crazy golf in the UK (Skeggy, Hastings, Blackpool, Whitby, Great Yarmouth and others).

He also summarises his major wins so far (seven National Tour wins and several independent tournament wins). He seems to be rather modest when talking about his wins – a more complete list can be seen here and is much longer. The interview even runs to the World Minigolf Federation’s efforts to gain Olympic status for the sport, and a discussion of which clothes are best for playing crazy golf in. There is also a brief mention of the intriguing sport of finger jousting, at which Gottfried apparently also excels.

At Putterfingers we know Richard Gottfried well, having worked with him on our minigolf course at the Oswestry Games. Here is Richard’s own report on that event.

Read the full interview with Richard here.

Michael Smith wins the 2015 World Crazy Golf Championships

Congratulations to Michael Smith who took home the top cash prize of £1,000 in the final major mini golf competition of 2015 at Hastings Adventure Golf Course last weekend!

World Crazy Golf Championships 2015
Action from the World Crazy Golf Championships 2015 (Image Credit: Richard Gottfried)

The annual World Crazy Golf Championships took place at Hastings Adventure Golf including 75 players from 4 different countries, was won by Great Britain’s Michael Smith with an impressive -31 under par over the 7 rounds.

Second place Pasi Aho from Finland finished with -18 under par and in a admirable third slot was Chris Harding, last year’s World Crazy Golf Champion finishing with -17 under par.

Doing it for the girls was former winner and child mini golf prodigy Olivia Prokopova, from the Czech Republic in a very respectable 4th place.

Notable ‘Most aces in a row’ included Emily Gottfried who scored 3 aces in a row and a total of 22 hole in ones in the whole competition, with hole 16 obviously being a favourite for her.  Emily scored 5 aces out of a possible 6! Here is some footage from the World Crazy Golf Championship Final on Hole 16:

Here is a candid review from Jonathan Wells who writes for the Telegraph, in this article ‘I competed in the World Crazy Golf Championships…and came last‘  It is really not as easy as you think………

You can see the full list of results from the BMGA website here.  You can also read the Gottfried’s Report on the event as Richard and Emily took 20th and 34th positions respectively.

The next event on the British Mini Golf Association Tour is the Kent Open, on November 14 at the Lost Island Encounter Adventure Golf Course in Chislehurst.

Image Credit: Richard Gottfried

Sources: The Ham and Egger Files

The Telegraph


Putting Around in Majorca

Putting Green at Majorcan Hotel
Pitch and Putt Viva Mallorca style

Our annual vacation to Majorca this Summer was met with glee as the hotel had its own putting green.

Well that was one way to describe it.  The felt needed a little TLC and whilst the trees gave a lovely cover from the sun whilst playing in the midday heat, the visitors from above had left some rather unpleasant undulations to the course – as natural as they were!

Putting in Viva Mallorca
Pitch and Poop!

The 9 hole pitch and putt was enjoyed by all the family and became a daily event on our holiday.  Hole 8 had to be the hardest climbing the hill at the back of the green and was rarely met before a roll back down…..nicely into Hole 9 which I manage to net as a hole-in-one!

Hole in One on Putting Green
That’s more like it!

Have you managed to play any crazy golf or mini golf on your holidays?

We always try to fit in a game in and on recent holidays have included a piste aptly named ‘Golf’ at Les Arcs, visits to  Legoland Windsor Mole in One Mini Golf and numerous seaside visits to Felixstowe and Great Yarmouth courses.

Hope you have enjoyed your Summer! Only 118 days until Christmas……

McIlroy hits hole in one in spectators pocket

A shot from Rory McIlroy over the weekend made headlines as the ball hit a tree and somehow managed to land inside the trouser pocket of a fan who was watching his round.  An interesting hole in one!

The spectator then stood still until McIlroy could make his way to him. After a brief conversation and bringing in the nearest rules official, McIlroy dropped the ball beneath the pocket of the fan and then found the green and managed to make par. The fan got to shake hands with the world’s No. 1 player, but sadly didn’t get to keep the ball as a souvenir.

A good-natured McIlroy later spoke to reporters about the incident.

Rory's hole in one shot goes into spectators pocket
McIlroy's conference after hole in one shot goes into spectator's pocket

What is your funniest shot?  Have you made a spectacular hole in one shot like this before?

Holiday up for grabs for getting a hole in one

Our friends at Cambridge Roar are running a series of activities starting from 16th July at the Quy Mill Hotel including one of our putting challenges at the B2B Exhibition on Thursday 17th July.

The board of directors of The Cambridge Roar Ltd in conjunction with The Princes Trust have carefully selected six high-quality events that aim to provide diversity and entertainment for local businesses to attend.  The events open on Wednesday 16th July with Lunch with an Old Bag and conclude on Sunday 20th July with the Grand Wedding Fair.

Challenge Putt at B2B Exhibition Quy Mill 17th July 2014
Aim for a hole in one at Quy Mill with Challenge Putt competition

Drop by our stand for a chance to win a three day holiday for two to Marrakech, for getting a hole in one!  Our portable set up will be available in the refreshment area of the B2B exhibition.

We have also heard that Helen Speight who appeared on the Apprentice will be a speaker at the B2B Exhibition and will be sharing her thoughts in a seminar for the delegates attending the exhibition.

Hole in One Competition at Quy Mill on 17th July
Free holiday up for grabs for Hole in One at Cambridge Roar B2B Exhibition

Tickets are still available on the Cambridge Roar website which promises to be a pioneering exhibition for businesses of all sizes to come together, promote their goods and services and cultivate future relationships. The exhibition is free to attend but pre-registration is recommended.

Can you feel the ROAR………?

Cambridge Roar B2B exhibition putt a hole in one
Putt a hole in one for Prince's Trust

Festive Mini Golf Networking with Suffolk matrics Surveyors

Who says deals are not done on the golf course anymore?  We were invited along to showcase our portable mini golf course at a recent networking event run by Suffolk RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) matrics group.

Enjoying mini golf at matrics networking event
Enjoying mini golf at matrics networking event

Several surveyors, young professionals and local businesses spent the evening networking on our 9 hole mini golf course.  The event was organised by Dayle Bayliss of Dayle Bayliss Construction Consultants.

portable mini golf at Shelley's restaurant
Our very own Shelley at Shelley’s Restaurant

The venue was Shelley’s Restaurant (aptly named restaurant for me at this event!).  This took place at Suffolk New College in Ipswich.

Shelley’s restaurant is a modern, vibrant and inspiring learning environment for today’s hospitality student. They were on fine display throughout the evening attending to our beverage and snack requirements (the mini carrot cakes were particularly delicious!)

The evening was a way to enjoy the canapes made by the students, network with other like minded individuals, while enjoying a round of golf.

And of course adding some competition amongst the networkers awarding the best 9 hole round and a wooden spoon price for the highest number of shots on the course.

Having laid out the 9 hole course I was able to set out a course suitable for the audience who had a golf handicap of 21, to some that have never played crazy golf.

The lowest round was an impressive 19 with two hole-in-ones and Matthew Moore went on to win a prize for the hole-in-one draw aswell as the lowest score over 9 holes.  The wooden spoon prize went to Ben Moore for completing the 9 holes in a total score of 43.

portable mini golf winners from matrics networking event
Matthew Moore (L) with Amy Leader, Suffolk matrics Chair and Ben Moore (R) with Shelley Barrett of

A fun evening was had by all and a special thanks to Dayle Bayliss for organising the event and ensuring a good night.

Dayle Bayliss Associates LLP specialise in architectural design, building surveying and project management. For more information on their services you can email her on

Here is Dayle before she scored a hole-in-one!

Dayle scores a hole in one on the mini golf course
Dayle about to place an ace!