In the spotlight: Putterfingers catch-up with Puttstars

This National Miniature Golf Day we have had the pleasure of catching up with Puttstars, Golf Operations Manager, Andy Johnson.

Puttstars-mini golf
Copyright: Puttstars

Andy and the Puttstars team at Hollywood Bowl Group, have had the challenge of not only navigating their business around the Covid-19 safety measures, but also the opening of 2 new Puttstars venues, in the midst a Pandemic. No mean feat!

Andy shares the experience at Puttstars and their plans for the future.

You have successfully managed to launch new Puttstars venues during the Pandemic, how has this gone?

“It was a challenge, given that we usually ensure all our team are given some time training with an experienced team member, obviously this was very limited due to the restrictions we faced, however, I have been pleased with the teams and how they have handled the opening weeks. On top of this, the teams have had to operate in an environment where hand sanitising, and face masks are the norm, meaning that extra operational pressures have been put onto the teams.”

What piece of technology could you have not lived without at Puttstars?

“CRM, it’s really important to use to get to know and understand our customers, not only can we then offer them products that are desirable for them, it helps us to communicate with our customer base when required, and to push offers when trading conditions are tough.”

Has Covid-19 brought any positive changes to the business?


Where do you see the role of mini-golf in the competitive socialising market moving forward?

“I believe that as people move towards more experience-based leisure time, mini-golf is well placed to offer this to a range of different customers groups, whether they are families or students. For us offering the playing experience on the courses alongside a fully licensed bar, with diner and amusements makes us a great place for people to socialise and spend time with their friends and family.”

As a customer, what you can expect from a visit to Puttstars at present?

Puttstars_mini golf
Copyright: Puttstars

“A memorable experience for the right reasons hopefully, we set out trying to design holes which offer intrigue and interest and are fun for everyone to play, we have tried to create an environment where everyone is welcome and can enjoy the space, we also believe that our offering is incredibly good value for money.”

What is your best score playing Puttstars Mini Golf?

“7800, which I scored on only my 3rd round, I have been unable to better this since, much to my annoyance, and despite lots of attempts.”

What is your favourite mini golf hole at the venues?

“I don’t have one favourite, we have 27 holes within each centre that are bespoke to us and can’t be found anywhere else in the world, we spent a lot of time working with our course designers to make the playing experience a unique one.”

What do Christmas parties at Puttstars look like this year?

“I think that’s partially a question for the government, depending on what the rules are on group gatherings, without COVID we would be offering a package that contained golf, food and drink with trophies for the winners among other things, however, I think that restrictions this year will limit us. That said we will still be offering great value deals whatever the restrictions, check out our website for the latest information.”

What does the future hold for Puttstars?

“Our early trading has been very positive even launching in these unusual times, so we are confident that we can continue on our proposed path to open future sites and keep expanding our brand. Keep an eye out near you for a new Puttstars opening soon.”

Thanks to Andy for taking the time to give us an update.

About Putterfingers

At Putterfingers, we supply a whole range of mini golf equipment both to trade and for home use. Check out our website for portable crazy golf courses to hire or buy, for putters, balls, obstacles and more.


Minigolf in the movies

Minigolf is such a popular pastime that it has often been featured in films. The fantastic, surreal environments of adventure golf courses are inviting settings for filmmakers to have their characters exchange dialogue or conjure up some slapstick moments. Some films are all about minigolf, but in others the courses are used as backdrops while the characters pootle around with their putters developing the plot.

Here are seven films that we could think of. We’ve tried to include films in which minigolf plays a significant role. If you think we have missed an obvious one, head over to our Facebook page and let us know.

1. Life, Death and Minigolf

Definitely a B-movie, but minigolf features big. You could say that B-movies and minigolf go hand in glove since both are a little way off the beaten track.

2. Legends of Minigolf: The Flamingo’s Challenge

Jeff is a young man trying to get his life back together. With the aid of his girlfriend, Jenna, he’s re-enrolled in school at Utah Valley University and is determined to make things work this time. However, when an eccentric mini-golfer by the name of The Flamingo challenges him to an exhibition match, Jeff develops an obsession that begins to tear his world apart.

Minigolfers who have watched the sport gradually come to dominate their lives can probably relate.

Legends of Minigolf: The Flamingo's Challenge

3. Happy Gilmore

A better-known film starring Adam Sandler, in which a rejected hockey player puts his skills to the golf course to save his grandmother’s house. Here’s a slapstick minigolf scene that takes place as our hero is trying to improve his short game.

4.  Overboard

Goldie Hawn helps Kurt Russell to land a construction job for a miniature golf park by suggesting a theme of famous world landmarks, and prepares sketches that sell the concept to the investors.

Here is a very short clip from the film as Russell’s character is pitching the concept to investors.

It's the Wonders of the World miniature golf course.

5. Getting Even With Dad

Macaulay Culkin is a cocksure brat who frustrates his dad (Ted Danson) by various means, including minigolf. This is the best clip we could find – sorry about the quality.

6. That’ll Be The Day

Ringo Starr played minigolf in this film. Here’s an interesting video about a search for the Isle of Wight course that was featured in the film.

7. Putterfingers: The Movie

We had to include this classic. Shelley from Putterfingers stars in Putterfingers: The Movie a demo video on setting up a portable, modular Putterfingers minigolf course. She ramps up the dramatic tension superbly. Great acting skills Shelley!

We hire and sell mini golf courses and equipment in the UK. For all your minigolf needs, visit us at

2 new minigolf courses! (But one is private)

Adventure golf, minigolf, crazy golf course, golf, pirates

Time Raiders Pirate Adventure Golf opened in Congresbury in late August, inside the Cadbury Garden Centre. As you might expect in a garden centre, the planting is particularly lush, with palm trees a major feature. The 15-hole course has lounging pirates, treasure chests, a shipwreck, an alligator, rocks, waterfalls and other items related to nautical skulduggery. It was created as a permanent course by Neil and Jontjë Kimberley under their company name Adventure Golf Limited.

The course has created two new jobs at the Cadbury Garden Centre and Manager Paul Butchers said, ‘We look forward to welcoming families to the centre throughout the Summer months to pick up the clubs for a bit of friendly competition.’

They are running a promotion to win family tickets, so if you’re in Somerset it’s worth entering. Here’s the competition page, with a ridiculously easy question to answer.

crazy golf course, minigolf courses, back garden

Some people prefer not to pay entry fees to play minigolf. No, we don’t mean urchins who sneak in for a free game, we mean a Sherborne couple who have built an attraction-quality minigolf course in their back garden so they can play whenever they want for free.

Paul and Mandy Kinder have spent three years building a fully-fledged nine-hole course in their capacious Dorset garden. Starting out with the Tiki beach bar at the centre, they have constructed a minigolf course that a lot of people would happily pay to play on – but it’s all for the enjoyment of the Kinders and their guests.

Arnold Palmer, minigolf course Exmouth, demolition
Locals have been protesting against the demolition for some time.

Sadder news from Exmouth: East Devon District Council is going to redevelop the site of an Arnold Palmer minigolf course that has brought joy and fun to locals and visitors for 40 years. Owner Maureen Wright, now in her 80s, lost a legal battle against the council and it is to be bulldozed. The council claims the minigolf course is ‘outdated’. We say pish to that. They clearly have no idea how popular it is at the moment.

BUT a phoenix will arise from the flames. Phoenix probably wouldn’t be a bad name for the NEW minigolf course now planned at the neighbouring Exmouth Fun Park, run by Maureen’s son Chris Wright. Maureen will help with the new course, which should help with getting over what Mr Wright describes as the ‘great emotional and personal cost’ of the battle with the council.

Mr Wright plans to introduce minigolf to the Exmouth Fun Park ‘within the next few weeks’. More on that when we have it!

If Mr Wright needs some new putters and balls, he knows who to call: Putterfingers of course! Here’s our range of minigolf course supplies. 

Putterfingers Crazy Golf Highlights for 2015

Putterfingers Crazy Golf Highlights of 2015

From the team at Putterfingers, here’s a recap on the best bits of 2015.

Strating off with January, we saw a return to Hallam Union for their annual January ‘Health and Wellness’ activity with the students. A great way to network and settle into University!

Putterfingers Crazy Golf at Sheffield Hallam University
Indoor Mini Golf for Sheffield Hallam University students this January.

February was our first time exhibiting at the INPAS trade show in Wood Green, where we met many great contacts in the leisure and events industry.  Many thanks to Peter Grand and his team for making us feel so welcome!

Putterfingers Stand at the INPAS exhibition at Wood Green
Putterfingers Crazy Golf at the INPAS Exhibition at Wood Green, Cambridgeshire.

March saw Hever Castle hire a one hole Challenge Putt for a Putting Contest as part of a business festival.  The local festival aimed to attract new visitors and members to the Hever Castle Golf Club.

Challenge Putt Mini Golf as a way to interact with your target audience.
Exhibition Golf – One hole putting challenge for Hever Castle Golf Club.

In April we worked with Jackson’s Square to support the Guide Dogs charity and local sports providers in the shopping centre in Bishops Stortford.  Luckily the dog hairs are easily removed from our portable course as young Elsa enjoyed the astro grass as a spot to rest!

Guide Dogs fundraiser at Jackson Square
Elsa the Guide Dog enjoying crazy golf at Jacksons Square, Bishops Stortford.

May saw a return to the offices of Next15 Communications in Hammersmith.  The quirky additions to the golf course by the client, always make the photographs sent a pleasure to view!

Corporate Crazy Golf in an office!
Corporate Mini Golf Hire in the offices of Next15, London.

In June, Zurich contacted us for a bespoke branded golf course for their Zurich internal Golf Open and we supplied a Bitesize Course with branded tiles and obstacles to match their colour theme.

Branded Dog Leg Hole
Zurich Branded Putting Green used for their internal Company Golf Open.

In July the team at Decathlon Bolton utilised our equipment for their annual event to try out new sports.  They always say how both the staff and customers enjoy putting a round of 9 holes while in store!

Decathlon Bolton's Family Fun Day with some guests trying out mini golf July 2014
Customers enjoying hole 9 in store at Decathlon Bolton

August saw our portable golf equipment travel to Edinburgh for the Signature Pubs group.  Here the Huxley Pub ran their very Pub Open.  A perfect display of sinking (beers) and putting (golf)!

Crazy Golf Pub Open
Portable Crazy Golf Pub Open at the Huxley Pub in Edinburgh.

September was the start of our wedding fair exhibits, beginning in our hometown of Bury St Edmunds at the Take My Hand Wedding Fair.  Always a great place to meet new brides to be to discuss the benefits of how crazy golf can be a fun addition to their celebrations.

Wedding Crazy Golf at the Take My Hand Wedding Fair
Take My Hand Wedding Fair, at the Apex, Bury St Edmunds.

October saw the students at the University of Hertfordshire enjoying a few rounds of crazy golf as part of their Fresher activities.

University Crazy Golf Hire
Students at the Uni of Hertfordshire enjoying Crazy Golf. Credit: Pete Stevens.

In November we revisited another returning client for Putterfingers at the offices of GAM, based in St James’, London for their annual mini golf tournament.  Here’s their feedback:

The delivery and collection went smoothly and the packing and instructions were straightforward.  Thank you for all your help, a lot of people have remarked on how great the course was. It really looked the business! I’ll be sure to contact you if we decide to do this event again next year.

In December, we were invited to set up our portable crazy golf course at Body and Soul for an event for the whole team to enjoy ahead of the festive break.  This was a room full to the brim of portable crazy golf equipment!

Indoor Mini Golf
Indoor mini golf set up of our Supersize Course at London event.

It has been a fun an varied year for us here at Putterfingers.

There are always ways to add our portable mini golf course to your event.

Here’s to a successful 2016!







Keep Calm and Keep Putting this Winter!

Just as the temperature changes and the nights start to draw in, it doesn’t mean you have to stop golfing!

There are a number of products available that can be utilised both indoors and outdoors for both practice and putting.

Our Putting Edge Rope Course  is ideal to convert a room at home or a conference facility in the office to a 9 hole course to practice your putting or to run your own office event.

new budget mini golf course from Putterfingers

There aren’t many complete miniature golf courses on the market for under £1,000 so do get in touch if we can help.

Even if you do fancy venturing out on the course to play BIG golf, then these flashing golf balls will help you keep your balls in sight. Designed to ‘flash’ their way around the course for up to 5 minutes, they are a real help if you have a habit of hitting in the woods flashing bright red as soon as you strike the ball!

Flashing Golf Balls |
Don’t lose your balls at night when golfing!

So whether you are looking at enjoying some twilight golf or some indoor putting practise, we have a range of solutions to suit your golfing needs.

Flexible Putting for Indoor Mini Golf

We have recently launched a new flexible putting cup perfect for indoor mini golf from the makers of the My Mini Golf Obstacle Set. The ‘Floppy’ is a flexible, soft, rubber putting cup that provides a simple way to play indoor mini golf anywhere at home or in the office. Here it is on our site.

Flexible Putting Cup suitable for Indoor Mini Golf
Flexible Putting Cup suitable for Indoor Mini Golf

The target hole comes with a white plastic flag and can be played on any level surface.

The small and soft target holes are made of natural rubber and are the perfect addition to your portable indoor mini golf play. And a perfect size to slip into your briefcase or laptop bag without scratching your precious devices.

Each flexible putting cup comes complete with a sheet of 9 proposals of how to integrate your existing environment into the game like the staircase, kitchen bottles or even the covers of hardback books!

Create your own mini golf course with household objects and the flexible putting cup
The many uses of the Floppy flexible putting cup

What is the wackiest place you have set up a mini golf hole?

Why not but one of the flexible putting cups as a golf gift for your loved one?

Indoor Mini Golf banish the office boredom!

Being bored at the office can be bad for your health as outlined in this news report from the Daily Mail. One in four office workers complain of ‘chronic boredom’, turning to coffee and chocolate to lighten up their day. Four out of five of those surveyed by an occupational psychologist said boredom caused them to lose concentration, and half believed it led to mistakes.

The ‘Evolution of the Office’ is a quirky and cool mini golf hole which depicts the modern day office space as outlined.

Indoor Mini Golf for the Office

So why not enlighten your office colleagues to a game of indoor mini golf during the coffee break?

Our portable crazy golf hire means that many offices have enjoyed the flexibility of our mini golf course.  Its easy assembly, the choice of numerous hole sizes and layouts – all makes for a perfect for team building event or even just for a putting contest amongst your colleagues in the office lunch hour.

Our course is office friendly, maneouvres easily in the lift and around corridors and wont mark or damage your carpets.  Safe low bounce balls also mean your screens and other office equipment will be kept safe from those excitable golfers!

The team at CNA Insurance had a great time creating their own indoor mini golf holes, equipped with obstacles made from office supplies (and the odd palm tree!) for a team building event last year:

Indoor Mini Golf at the Office

If you have an event coming up in a school, village hall or hotel venue and you would like to use our portable mini golf course, please do get in touch!


M Project sees the launch of indoor mini golf course in 3 storey house

A new mini golf course, to be called The M Project – Mini Golf Like You Have Never Seen It, will be built indoors in a three-storey house at 912 First Ave. N. It will be owned by the Ruhland family of Fort Dodge as as reported in Messenger News this week.

The mini golf course is not expected to have windmills and other obstacles that are commonly seen at outdoor crazy golf or mini golf courses, but to include regular household items and appliances like furniture and books.

With an estimated $60,000 – $75,000 to be spent renovating the property, it is set to open in Summer 2013.

I wonder which floor the course starts on and if the balls will roll around, down staircases and finish in the basement of this property in Fort Dodge – it certainly sounds like a lot of fun and a great indoor attraction.

I wonder if our friends at  Miniature Golf To Go will be able to visit and report back to us?

Whilst this isn’t something I have tried at our house, we have had many happy clients hire our portable crazy golf course for use in an around the home for birthday parties, family gatherings and celebrations.   Our unique interlocking system allows for fun combinations and crazy creations!

Why not contact us for the latest hire pricing on

Source: Messenger News – M Project