Now that’s a club!

It’s often assumed that that ‘big’ golf is all serious, and crazy golf is where silly things happen involving windmills and dinosaurs. But to think that is to reckon without Danish golf trick shot supremo Karsten Maas. He makes silly things happen on a full-size golf course. He can drive a golf ball with practically anything, even if it’s bent or floppy or 18 inches long or 13 feet long or has a hammer on the end. He hasn’t tried a cat yet, but we won’t rule it out. A golf professional, he has been travelling the world since 2003 with his amazing collection of strange clubs, and entertaining audiences with his trick shot skills. Here is a video of the maestro himself displaying the assortment of objects he can drive a golf ball with.

Karsten Maas currently holds the world record for Longest Usable Golf Club, having hit a ball 165 metres with a monster 4.09 metre long driver. Here he is showing off the mega-club and driving a ball with it. The double follow-through is an obvious necessity.

The rules of ‘big golf’ limit the length of clubs to 48 inches, so Maas’s Clubzilla could not be used in competitive golf. But he has been wielding it for years and can drive a ball straight with it as long as there is room for him to stand four metres away from the tee, and there’s nobody else standing nearby.

We’re wondering about the potential for novelty clubs in minigolf. How about floppy ones? Telescopic ones? Bent ones? Extremely long ones? It would add an extra dimension to crazy golf adventure parks and warehouse bar clubs, wouldn’t it? Especially after a drink or two. One time-honoured way of holing out in non-competitive crazy golf is to lie down and use your putter like a pool cue. Let us know if you have seen any bizarre objects used as putters, or any bizarre putters.

And, of course, merry Christmas and a fantastic 2017 from the team at Putterfingers!