Why have a Lucky Last Hole in Crazy Golf?

For those of you that haven’t played the 19th hole on a mini golf, crazy golf or adventure golf course, these are often known as the Lucky Last hole.

The last hole on a crazy golf or adventure golf course, sometimes the 10th, 19th or even 13th (maybe unlucky) at one our local courses, is usually there to test your skills for a free round of the course.

During my attempt at the Lucky Last hole at Felixstowe Golf FX course last year, both my daughter and I failed miserably!  So we hung up our clubs and went for ice cream instead!

All 3 courses in Hastings have an electronic, interactive ‘Lucky Last Hole’ where every player has a chance to win a Free Game Ticket. I have been told that you need to be prepared to be insulted if you miss though!  Here is Woody – the lucky last hole:

Lucky Last Hole at Hastings Crazy Golf

Have you ever won on the Lucky Last Hole at a crazy golf course?

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