Flexible Putting for Indoor Mini Golf

We have recently launched a new flexible putting cup perfect for indoor mini golf from the makers of the My Mini Golf Obstacle Set. The ‘Floppy’ is a flexible, soft, rubber putting cup that provides a simple way to play indoor mini golf anywhere at home or in the office. Here it is on our site.

Flexible Putting Cup suitable for Indoor Mini Golf
Flexible Putting Cup suitable for Indoor Mini Golf

The target hole comes with a white plastic flag and can be played on any level surface.

The small and soft target holes are made of natural rubber and are the perfect addition to your portable indoor mini golf play. And a perfect size to slip into your briefcase or laptop bag without scratching your precious devices.

Each flexible putting cup comes complete with a sheet of 9 proposals of how to integrate your existing environment into the game like the staircase, kitchen bottles or even the covers of hardback books!

Create your own mini golf course with household objects and the flexible putting cup
The many uses of the Floppy flexible putting cup

What is the wackiest place you have set up a mini golf hole?

Why not but one of the flexible putting cups as a golf gift for your loved one?