Mini Golf Match Up – have you played yet?

So our twitter feed has been blasted with references to Mini Golf Match Up and newfound Mini Golf players declaring their obsession with this new game:

Twitter feed for @putterfingers Crazy Golf Hire
Mini Golf Match Up Game for Android and IOS

So I decided to take part in some much needed research to see what all the fuss was about!

This Mini Golf Match Up game boasts:

  • Five fun courses with over 70 awesome holes
  • Dozens of crazy obstacles including windmills, dinosaurs, and sharks
  • Play against friends and family all over the world.
Here are some of the tips from game review sites:
  • Scoring a Hole-In-One should be your top priority, as you stand to gain the most points (10,000) for the least amount of strokes. That said, don’t become too obsessed with gems.
  • Of course, you should pick up gems whenever possible, especially the big purple ones that are worth 2,000 points per hole.
  • Each small (yellow) gem you pick up is 100 points. You’ll score 1,000 bonus points for collecting all of these gems on one hole.
  • If you score a Hole-In-One, the game automatically applies a 2x points multiplier on the next hole, which doubles your score.

I earned a celebratory 10,000 points for a hole in one and I am pleased to say I managed a couple of them, and a few albatross’ and birdies along the way.

This You Tube Video gives an insight into the world of crazy golf with a series of course layouts and screen shots from the game.

Mini Golf Match Up Game
Mini Golf Match up Game now available on Android and IOS

All I need now is some buddies to play with……. so we would love to join you in a game!  Are you addicted yet?

Our username is Putterfingers2013 – join us for a round!