National Miniature Golf Day 2021

National Miniature golf day UK 2021

One of the pleasures of being British is doing things a bit differently from the rest of the world. Miniature Golf Day is celebrated in the USA and everywhere else on the 21st of September. But National Miniature Golf Day happens on the second Saturday in May and is celebrated by minigolf geeks around the British Isles. This year it falls on the 8th of May. To thicken the plot, the second Saturday in May is also celebrated in the USA – but some sources call it National Miniature Golf Day and others call it Miniature Golf Day. Which is great, really. Because there are two opportunities a year to celebrate our fantastic sport!

The 8th of May this year is the day to head down to your nearest mini golf course, grab a putter and take on the challenge of negotiating your ball into the hole via various obstacles in the lowest number of shots you can. To find a course near you, Google ‘adventure golf’, ‘crazy golf’ or ‘mini golf’ in your area. There are all kinds of courses ranging from big, lush theme park-style adventure golf courses featuring pirates, dinosaurs and lost civilisations to smaller, more basic courses both at the seaside and inland.

Mini golf course
That looks tricky

But googling might not show you all the courses near you. The most complete list of mini-golf courses in the British Isles is without a doubt Richard Gottfried’s blog. He and his wife Emily have been playing every course they can find for years, on what they call the Crazy World Of Minigolf Tour. At the time of writing this, they have played a staggering 958 mini-golf courses, some of which are abroad but 919 of which have been in the British Isles. The blog chronicles their adventure by recording each visit. It stretches back years, so not all the courses they have played are still there, but many will be. Best to check it’s still there before heading off to a course you see on their blog! Check out their crazy adventure here.

May is also National Golf Month – meaning ‘big golf’, i.e. golf played over acres of land with a variety of clubs and questionable fashion sense. Putterfingers have just expanded their range of golf training aids for these hardy folk. For gifts for avid golfers or to improve your own game, check them out here.

Also see out list of upcoming crazy golf tournaments in the UK in 2021. At the top level it’s a thrilling spectator sport. See how the pros do it and improve your own game by watching their tactics!

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National Miniature Golf Day this Saturday!

National Miniature Golf Day

It’s almost here again – National Miniature Golf Day! Minigolf enthusiasts like us are excited because not only is this Saturday dedicated to our sport, but other things are happening too – read on to find out. It’s time to head to your nearest minigolf/crazy golf/adventure golf course and see what’s on offer. Some courses might be offering discounts on Saturday by way of promoting the sport.

Wondering how to find a minigolf course near you? For a pretty much definitive list of Britain’s minigolf courses, written by someone who has played over 700 of them – head over to Richard Gottfried’s blog for descriptions of and information on each one. There’s sure to be one near you to play on during National Miniature Golf Week.

The Himalayas St Andrews Ladies Putting Club

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the world’s first miniature golf course, the green known as the Himalayas at St Andrews Ladies’ Putting Club.  It was created to prevent the ‘unseemly’ spectacle of a lady raising her club above her shoulder – something which is still unseemly, not to mention inaccurate and potentially dangerous – on modern mini golf courses for either sex!

May is also National Golf Month. This year it is dedicated to getting more women into golf. Heaven forbid they should raise their clubs above the shoulder … which of course they will. It’s hard to hit a drive from a putting stance!

National Golf Month

And just a few weeks away, there will be a fantastic festival of minigolf at the World Minigolf Championships at Hastings Adventure Golf on the seafront. Last year Britain’s superstar Michael Smith won by four strokes from Sean Homer. Expect to see him fired up to defend his title this year. The World Champs are on the 10th and 11th of June.

World Mini golf Championships Hastings

So get down to your local course this National Miniature Golf Day, grab a putter and find out why so many people love minigolf!

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Celebrated National Miniature Golf Days in 2015

It is almost time for the National Miniature Golf Day in the US. This is celebrated on Saturday 9th May.  This is usually the second Saturday in May each year.

This day is usually celebrated separately from the National Miniature Golf Day on Saturday 21st September which is celebrated worldwide.

Last year National Miniature Golf Day fell on the same day as National Windmill Day and it looks to be the same again this year. National Windmill Day is to celebrate the windmills as an icon for tourism in the Netherlands.  So it does seem apt to celebrate National Miniature Golf Day and National Windmill Day on the same day!

For those of you new to miniature golf, this popular pastime is an offshoot of the sport of golf, and is played on a course consisting of a series of holes similar to it parent, but shorter in length (usually 10 yards).  The surface either consist of the use of artificial surfaces such as carpet, astroturf and astro grass along with concrete or edged paving.  The course is often a geometric layout often requiring non-traditional putting lines and artificial obstacles such as bridges, tunnels, ramps and moving obstacles such as windmills.

In and around the world, miniature golf may also be known as mini golf, crazy golf, midget golf, goofy golf, shorties, extreme golf, adventure golf, mini putt or putt-putt.

There will be another celebration on Sunday May 3rd 2015 which was brought to our attention by Richard Gottfried, which will be celebrated in Austria called Minigolf Tag  This day is where approximately  550,000 Austrians play mini golf on the day to celebrate the game they deem one of the most popular recreational sports in their country.

Across the World there are 38,000 registered players who participate in a number of tournaments.  These players can choose from over 2,000 types of mini golf balls with different properties to suit the style of hole played.  We captured a taste of this in a little competition on our Facebook page which had an image of a British tournament player’s mini golf bag – there were a load of minigolf balls to choose from!

A variety of mini golf balls are available for tournament players
Minigolf balls can come in a variety of different colours, weights and sizes.

Over the last 70 years there have been some 10,000 different types of balls produced with different sizing, hardness, bounce and weight.

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British Open kick starts National Miniature Golf Day 2013

National Miniature Golf Day is coming round this weekend.  This is the ‘second’ celebrated Miniature Golf Day in 2013 as reported in this blog by British Minigolfer Richard Gottfried.

Saturday 21st September 2013 is National Miniature Golf Day and this will see the first day’s play of the BMGA  British International Open contested at Strokes Adventure Golf in Margate, Kent.

The scores through the day will be streamed live through this results link.

Will Michael Smith be able to retain his title from 2012?

The flagship event of the BMGA tour, the BRITISH OPEN returns to Strokes Adventure Golf on national Miniature Golf Day.
British Mini Golf Open on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd September 2103 at Strokes Adventure Golf in Margate

Strokes Adventure Golf overlooks the beautiful Westbrook Bay in Margate, Strokes Adventure Golf is a skill based course with natural hazards that is both challenging and a fun day out for all the family.

Strokes Adventure Golf in Margate
The first day's play of the BMGA British International Open will be on Miniature Golf Day - Saturday 21st September.

Will you be playing on National Miniature Golf Day this year?  We certainly will!