BMW car parts as Crazy Golf Obstacles!

Using car parts as crazy golf obstacles was part of the BMW PGA Championship’s Performance Putting Challenge in central London at the start of the month.

The Challenge – a three-hole mini golf course using BMW car parts as hazards and crazy golf obstacles – was situated in Duke of York Square on the King’s Road from May 10-12.

Crazy Golf Obstacles
BMW Car Parts used as Crazy Golf Obstacles in Putting Challenge

“This initiative is all about taking golf and the BMW PGA to new audiences. The three-hole course is great fun to play and I’ve seen all sorts of people getting involved; young, old, families, experiences golfers, even complete novices who’ve never picked up a golf club before. It’s been a great event,” said Howell.

We had our own crazy golf course used at a car showroom in Jersey – Putting the crazy into golf at the launch of new VW Golf using My Mini Golf obstacles, which not quite the same as having internal car parts as the obstacles to avoid on the green, but definitely adding fun to the challenge of the course.

In comparison, ‘My MiniGolf’ is the first crossover “play anywhere” golf game. You place the obstacles randomly on the ground and the game is ready to play. My MiniGolf is suitable for almost every level surface, like grass, tarmac, carpet or parquet floors. The challenge varies with the playing-surface. Scoring is just like any other game.  The My Mini Golf obstacle set accompanies our crazy golf course offering a challenge for any ability of golfer.  You can buy My Mini Golf here in our online mini golf shop.

Crazy Golf Obstacles
My Mini Golf Obstacle Set

What is the craziest thing you have seen as an obstacle on a crazy golf course?