Good CLEAN fun: COVID-safe mini golf

Like so many businesses in 2020, Putterfingers have been forced to sit down and think about how we can continue to serve our customers in a COVID-safe way. So here are our thoughts (and actions) on the matter.

Mini golf… ideal for social distancing

Firstly, we’re happy to report that mini golf has some built-in social distancing features that tend to keep players 2 or more metres apart.

It’s a one-player-at-a-time sport. Each player takes their place in turn at the tee-off mat and plays their ball for what they fondly hope will be a hole in one. They then move forward to either pick up their ball out of the cup or play another shot. Meanwhile, other players should be standing well off the putting green and well distanced from the active player so as not to distract their opponent from their shot(s). This worked well before COVID, and it continues to work well with COVID about.

Modular crazy golf courseSocial distancing_crazy golf

Our courses are modular, and holes can be set up as far apart as the organisers wish. So hole 1 can be many metres away from hole 2 and so on, space permitting. This means the course layout can be done in ways that minimise any risk of accidental cross-contamination from players straying too close to one another.
Players can go around the course either alone or in their social bubble group, and enjoy the same participation, enjoyment, competitiveness and scoring that they would in pre-COVID times.

Sanitising mini-golf equipmentCrazy golf for events post Covid

Players usually only handle their own ball, even in normal times, and tend to keep hold of the same putter. So the risk of cross-infection from balls and putters is low. We can provide extra putters and balls for your event if required.

If players can agree to stick more firmly to these rules during these difficult times, then the risk is reduced further. Children should be encouraged to follow these rules where that is practical.

Nevertheless, COVID is always a worry. So we are providing paper towels and sanitiser to customers who request them, to allow balls, putters, obstacles and cups to be sanitised during each round. Also available as part of the hire, are freestanding hand sanitiser stations. The hand sanitiser stations can be branded with Hand Sanitiser Station_1 dispenseryour own logo or personalised with your own messaging.

As for the equipment coming from our warehouse, it’s worth noting that all our hire equipment remains boxed for at least 24 hours prior to delivery, and often longer. 24 hours is approximately how long coronavirus can survive on cardboard. Before we box the equipment, we sanitise balls, putters, obstacles and putting cups with alcohol-based sanitiser and thoroughly clean the astro grass tiles that form the playing surface.

We are applying the same anti-COVID measures to all our hire equipment. A footpool table hire from us, for example, will come with pre-sanitised futsal balls and a thoroughly cleaned playing surface.

So, we’re doing everything we can to make our hire equipment COVID-safe. We want you to enjoy yourselves and have good clean fun!

Minigolf is a great way to relax and forget about the state of the world at the moment.

Mini-golf hire for your event

If you would like to hire our portable, modular mini-golf courses for your event then please get in touch with the team:

Tel: 01284 848330


University of Salford hire minigolf for Freshers’ Week

Salford University minigolf hire freshers week
The Students’ Union made sure everybody knew about the minigolf via their social media channels. This was part of their Instagram story during Welcome Week.

The University of Salford wanted to add fun and inclusive activities to its 2018 Welcome Week, so naturally enough the called Putterfingers for a minigolf hire. What better game for students to socialise over and what better game to project the image of the University as a fun place to be? They tweeted out to invite everyone down to the sports hall and play on the Funsize course:

We hire out minigolf courses to universities regularly for open days, fresher’s weeks, graduation days, parties, fundraising events, Students’ Union activities and sports days. All ages and abilities can play and the courses are wheelchair friendly too. Their modular design means they can be laid out to fit almost any indoor or outdoor space and can even be laid around or through other things that are going on. The putting surface consists of square astro grass tiles that dovetail together to build a wide variety of shapes, which makes it highly adaptable to any venue. Here’s a bit more info on hiring minigolf on our Schools and Colleges page.

Universities and colleges pull out all the stops in September/October to make Freshers’ Week as fun as possible for their new intake of students. Societies scramble to recruit members, industrial amounts of beer are drunk and everybody gets to know their classmates for the coming year. A big part of the ‘ents’ budget goes on concerts and shows, but the students’ union needs to be a fun place in between these events as well.

We have found over the years that minigolf fits the bill nicely as an icebreaker during Freshers’ Week. It’s fun, colourful and as competitive as you want to make it. Students love to mingle over a round of minigolf, and it can even raise funds for charity at the same time if the students’ union organises a sponsored putt or mini-golfathon.

For University and college minigolf event hire, call Putterfingers on 08450 570321, email us or visit




Minigolf raises £1000s for good causes

Minigolf raises hundreds of thousands a year for causes

Minigolf can be a force for bettering the community. It’s been a staple of fundraising in the USA for a long time and is beginning to get some traction over here. It’s a fun, social activity that offers ample opportunnity for charity branding to promote the cause and raise awareness and money. Corporate sponsors also get plenty of exposure when they sponsor a hole and the event is written about, photographed and even televised. Here are some examples of how it’s used over the pond to bring communities together and raise funds for good causes.

minigolf fundraising, causes1. The Epilepsy Center of Northwest Ohio raises between $20,000 and $30,000 every year at its ‘Practically a Golf Tournament‘ event. It uses a different set of holes each year, each one being custom-built by a corporate sponsor. The sponsored holes can be very creative and reflect the business the sponsor is in. What a great way to promote a business while raising funds for charity!

cancer research fundraising minigolf, good causes

2. In West Palm Beach, Florida, a 10-year old girl raised $4,000 for cancer research by staging her own minigolf tournament.

Muscular Dystrophy fundraising, good causes

3. Wisconsin students staged a minigolf fundraiser for Muscular Dystrophy.

minigolf charity fundraising

4. At Panama City Beach, Florida, there’s an annual minigolf event called Putting for Patriots, which raised funds for war veterans. A bit like our Help For Heroes.

minigolf for good causes

5. Arizona Small Dog Rescue host ‘Putts for Mutts‘ every year to raise funds.

The list could go on for a long, long time. Minigolf fundraisers are well-established in Uncle Sam, and there are more and more each year in Old Blighty too. Why? Because they work, generate interest and raise substantial amounts of money.

Here’s a link to a page dedicated to organising such an event to promote a cause. It’s, you guessed it, American, but here at Putterfingers we’re also doing our best to offer advice and tips on how to stage a successful and lucrative event.

Mini Golf Fundraiser

Thanks to for the links, which come from their blog posts about bettering the community through minigolf.

To find out more about staging a minigolf charity event anywhere you please (our courses are portable!!), email or call us on 08450 570321.


New minigolf course in Burnley

New minigolf course in Burnley

East Lancashire has acquired brand new minigolf and short game practice courses at Prairie Sports Village in Burnley. The golf training centre and driving range has added the £75,000 new facilities with funding from Sport England. It features a 9-hole minigolf course with holes inspired by famous golf holes around the world. It comes in addition to the £2.5 million Prairie Sport’s Village’s existing driving range, bar and bistro, 3G artificial turf floodlit football pitch and modern changing rooms. Putterfingers supplied a selection of putters for the courses via European Golf, the artificial turf specialists, who laid the putting surfaces.

Prairie Sports Village
The bar and bistro at Prairie Sports Village

At the official launch, Burnley Mayor Counc. Jeff Sumner said “This is the final piece of the jigsaw and it looks fantastic. There’s a big difference from how it looked a few years ago and it is a privilege to have these facilities on our doorstep.”

Paul Foster, Burnley Leisure’s Head of Development, said “It provides another activity that we can now offer to families with young children, women and young people who want to have a go at playing the sport. We want to encourage as many people as possible to come along and play mini golf.”

Read more at:

Putterfingers rock Criteo’s London offices!

Hot on the heels of our successful minigolf event at the London offices of Facebook, Putterfingers were off to the capital again after a call from internet company Criteo. They wanted to hire a Supersize course to grace a golf-themed social event at their offices in Bloomsbury. No problem – Shelley and Richard were on time and on hand to set up the matting, obstacles, holes, putters and balls to create a 9-hole festival of minigolf. Ruby Cassin-Davies of Criteo said after the event, ‘I wanted to email, on behalf of Criteo, to say a very big thank you to you both for your work yesterday evening- it was such fun and looked amazing, much appreciated.’

minigolf, crazy golf, hire, London
Golf-themed fairy cakes and crazy golf sweets for minigolf stamina

The Supersize course was just right for their large room leading to the rooftop terrace.

rooftop crazy golf, minigolf, tarrace, London
There was a free-range party layout


When Putterfingers arrived, the facilities manager was zooming round the top floor on a hoverboard, and that set the tone for the kind of place it is. They have table tennis which they moved to accommodate the Putterfingers course, table football, a bright red phone box, loud music, art on the walls and a bar that looked set to flow the moment the post-work event began at 5:30 pm. The view from the rooftop terrace is amazing, with the London Eye spinning and the British Museum just down the street.

The CEO – who is rumoured not to attend very many company social events – was spotted having a putt, and the facilities manager, whose job involves making these offices as pleasant a place to work in as possible – also had a go.

minigolf trophy
We loved that trophy. Not sure where they got it but we wished we’d supplied it ourselves!
London crazy golf hire Bloomsbury
As the sun sets over the London skyline, the party is about to begin.

A look back at our Crazy Golf year 2013

January – We were given the opportunity to support a marketing agency with a branded activity for their client Cravendale.  Using a water jet cutting process we were able to get the logo of the client cut into the astro grass matting to add brand value to their marketing activities at their conference.

Branded Mini Golf Challenge

February – An enquiry from a VW garage in Jersey to tie the launch of the new Golf with a crazy golf course, led to the sale of one of our 9 hole courses for use in community events and promotional activities at the car showroom.  Our low bounce balls made sure that the vehicles were kept safe and the windows damage free!

Crazy Golf to launch VW Golf

March – We sold a Pro Course and a set of fun farm obstacles to Wennington Hall School for use in their Schools programme.  The Pro Course is perfect for adding fun golf to your curriculum and can be used to complement school fundraising activities.

Introduce golf to young budding golfers!

April – We were contacted by Middlesbrough Council to provide a portable crazy golf option for use in their many community spaces. Both Stewart Park and Newham Grange Farm now use our portable equipment at community activities in the season and to help their local residents and families get active.

Children enjoying portable mini golf at Stewart Park, Middlesbrough

May – This month we worked with Wigan and Lancashire Community Trust (WLCT) to supply our large 45 tile portable course. WLCT currently manage 10 Leisure Centres, three museums, one theatre, 19 parks, 15 Libraries as well as services such as Play, Sports Development, Active Living, Archives and Apprenticeships.

Their motto is to encourage everyone to be active, creative and healthy. The crazy golf course is for use in the community.

Portable Crazy Golf Set-up for schools

You can read more about the static Crazy Golf Course at Haigh Country Park here.

June – A beautiful local art gallery and bed and Breakfast used our course at their Summer Open Day. The Highwaymans in Risby, just outside Bury St Edmunds, held an Open Day that offered crazy golf, shooting and quad bikes.  It is definitely worth a visit!

Mini Golf at Highwaymans, Risby, Suffolk

Here’s what the owner, Juliet Fisher had to say about our services: “We used Putterfingers for two of our events over the summer months. They were fantastic – reliable, set up and clearer away hassle free. All ages enjoyed playing the mini golf – some spent hours and others just tried. Thank you hugely and we will use you again.”

July – We visited a number of schools with our course across July, mainly as reward Days for a treat for the children.   One of our stops was to Earith Primary School in Cambridgeshire.  We had a course both indoors and out and the children not only had an educational experience but also enjoyed the fun at the same time.

Earith Primary School Rewards Day

August – We were invited along to the Family Fun Day of Cambridge Consultants on Cambridge Science Park.  A fun filled day was had by employees and their families with bouncy castles, climbing walls, garden games and a whole host of fun activities and challenges which were run by the committee team.

Crazy Golf Hire

September – We were approached by the Guide Dogs in the Spring to assist with their concept of Street Clutter Crazy Golf as a message to be communicated at the Political Party Conferences 2013. The crazy golf idea was to recreate a pedestrianised street with the obstacles both blind and partially sighted individuals face on an average day.  This was a fun project to work on and the team successfully won awards for their innovative way of promoting a very important campaign.

Portable exhibition golf

October – We moved offices!  Having outgrown our old office space we moved to new premises just outside of Bury St Edmunds.  A bonus was the local pub is very inviting and many team briefings have taken place at the Cadogan Arms!

The Cadogan Arms, Ingham

November – As part of a Flexi-Day activity at Stowmarket High School we brought our crazy golf course to the school gymnasium.  With 20 pupils we had a fun day with a 9 hole challenge which ran into a competition and an obstacle making event – some very interesting obstacle designs were created as a result!

Portable Crazy Golf in School Hall

December – We also had the pleasure of visiting Suffolk New College in Ipswich at the Christmas Matrics RICS Networking event.  Again a fine display of golfing talent with the highest score of the evening at 21.  Lots of nibbles, chocolates, and drinks enjoyed and a good night of entertainment for everyone involved.

We have had a crazy year and look forward to 2014.  What was your highlight in 2013?

Mini Golf just got crazy for the Summer

Well the Summer Fete season is upon us and the weather has definitely put a smile on everyone’s faces again!

Having visited two fetes this weekend, the sun was shining and families drove in their flocks to play mini golf and embrace their communities and raise money for their local chosen charities.

We played mini golf with our Soft Golf obstacles at a school fete.  Soft Golf  is a great way to keep the little ones entertained, using oversized dimpled foam balls and interactive foam pieces designed for putting.

Perfecting your golf aim through farm shaped obstacles always is a winner for the children.  We raised a decent sum for the PTA and the parents enjoyed a relaxed Summer evening with happy kids!

Putterfingers Mini Golf
Soft Golf at School Fair

We also hired our mini golf course to the team at Capel Fun Day for a second year running for their Annual Fun Day on Saturday. Along with bouncy castles, body zorbs, donkey rides, falconry, dog agility and many other displays – it was a great family day of fun!

The best round was in 28 shots, which over the 9 holes of crazy golf was not a bad attempt.

Portable Crazy Golf Hire
Capel Fun Day Crazy Golf

My daughter couldn’t resist a roll around in the body zorbs either!

Body Zorbing at Capel Fun Day
Body Zorbing at Capel Fun Day

All in all a successful day and the team manning the stall complemented the mini golf course for offering something for all age groups to play together.

Mini golf is so interactive that it doesn’t matter what age or golf ability – good all round recreational fun for everyone.

Do you have a fete or fundraising activity coming up where you would like to hire our portable mini golf?

Drop us a line at

Or you can chat with us via Twitter: @putterfingers or on our Facebook Page: Crazy Golf

Indoor Mini Golf banish the office boredom!

Being bored at the office can be bad for your health as outlined in this news report from the Daily Mail. One in four office workers complain of ‘chronic boredom’, turning to coffee and chocolate to lighten up their day. Four out of five of those surveyed by an occupational psychologist said boredom caused them to lose concentration, and half believed it led to mistakes.

The ‘Evolution of the Office’ is a quirky and cool mini golf hole which depicts the modern day office space as outlined.

Indoor Mini Golf for the Office

So why not enlighten your office colleagues to a game of indoor mini golf during the coffee break?

Our portable crazy golf hire means that many offices have enjoyed the flexibility of our mini golf course.  Its easy assembly, the choice of numerous hole sizes and layouts – all makes for a perfect for team building event or even just for a putting contest amongst your colleagues in the office lunch hour.

Our course is office friendly, maneouvres easily in the lift and around corridors and wont mark or damage your carpets.  Safe low bounce balls also mean your screens and other office equipment will be kept safe from those excitable golfers!

The team at CNA Insurance had a great time creating their own indoor mini golf holes, equipped with obstacles made from office supplies (and the odd palm tree!) for a team building event last year:

Indoor Mini Golf at the Office

If you have an event coming up in a school, village hall or hotel venue and you would like to use our portable mini golf course, please do get in touch!


Festive Crazy Golf Competition anyone?

Christmas is not far away now and I have been a little inspired this morning to think about a festive crazy golf hole.

Chrizy Golf is a new pop up bar and 9 hole crazy golf course, set up in a retail unit in Piccadilly Place in Manchester and is open for 6 weeks leading up to Christmas Eve.

Each hole number is made from a Christmas present and the area is decorated with Christmas Trees and other decorations.

This has got me thinking –  a themed crazy golf Christmas hole competition……any takers?

This was the only Festive Mini Golf image I could find from the web, so a big thanks to Richard Gottfried, Great Britain and International Minigolfer who writes on The Ham and Egger Files.  This image was posted onto Richard’s blog at Devonshire Square from a Mini Golf Challenge in 2009.

Christmas themed Crazy Golf Course at Devonshire Square, London

The flexibility of our portable crazy golf course could lead to a manner of all Christmassy designs!  I am going to go away and get the theme started.  Watch this space for our Christmas designed hole.

Don’t forget you can hire a portable course for your own ‘pop up crazy golf course’ or event – a great addition to your Christmas party.