2 new minigolf courses! (But one is private)

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Time Raiders Pirate Adventure Golf opened in Congresbury in late August, inside the Cadbury Garden Centre. As you might expect in a garden centre, the planting is particularly lush, with palm trees a major feature. The 15-hole course has lounging pirates, treasure chests, a shipwreck, an alligator, rocks, waterfalls and other items related to nautical skulduggery. It was created as a permanent course by Neil and Jontjë Kimberley under their company name Adventure Golf Limited.

The course has created two new jobs at the Cadbury Garden Centre and Manager Paul Butchers said, ‘We look forward to welcoming families to the centre throughout the Summer months to pick up the clubs for a bit of friendly competition.’

They are running a promotion to win family tickets, so if you’re in Somerset it’s worth entering. Here’s the competition page, with a ridiculously easy question to answer.

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Some people prefer not to pay entry fees to play minigolf. No, we don’t mean urchins who sneak in for a free game, we mean a Sherborne couple who have built an attraction-quality minigolf course in their back garden so they can play whenever they want for free.

Paul and Mandy Kinder have spent three years building a fully-fledged nine-hole course in their capacious Dorset garden. Starting out with the Tiki beach bar at the centre, they have constructed a minigolf course that a lot of people would happily pay to play on – but it’s all for the enjoyment of the Kinders and their guests.

Arnold Palmer, minigolf course Exmouth, demolition
Locals have been protesting against the demolition for some time.

Sadder news from Exmouth: East Devon District Council is going to redevelop the site of an Arnold Palmer minigolf course that has brought joy and fun to locals and visitors for 40 years. Owner Maureen Wright, now in her 80s, lost a legal battle against the council and it is to be bulldozed. The council claims the minigolf course is ‘outdated’. We say pish to that. They clearly have no idea how popular it is at the moment.

BUT a phoenix will arise from the flames. Phoenix probably wouldn’t be a bad name for the NEW minigolf course now planned at the neighbouring Exmouth Fun Park, run by Maureen’s son Chris Wright. Maureen will help with the new course, which should help with getting over what Mr Wright describes as the ‘great emotional and personal cost’ of the battle with the council.

Mr Wright plans to introduce minigolf to the Exmouth Fun Park ‘within the next few weeks’. More on that when we have it!

If Mr Wright needs some new putters and balls, he knows who to call: Putterfingers of course! Here’s our range of minigolf course supplies.