Big Putt Modular Putting Greens get Stimped!

Our new Big Putt Modular Putting Greens are launching soon!

Our friends at the local golf club, recently helped us measure our stimp meter reading and we are happy to  say that we have been stimped at a speed of 13.5.  How’s that for a realistic, true, clean putt?

Big Putt 6 metre Portable Putting Green
Big Putt 6 metre Portable Putting Green

So what exactly is a stimp meter reading?

The stimp meter was designed by golfer, Edward Stimpson in 1935 and redesigned in aluminium in 1976 by Frank Thomas.  The stimp meter is commonly used by greenkeepers and is a device used to measure the speed of a golf course putting green by applying a known force to a golf ball and measuring the distance traveled in feet.  The distance travelled by the ball in feet is the ‘speed’ of the putting green.  The stimp meter can also be called a green speed reader.

One of our local Pro Golfers Lawrence Dodd , kindly made a stimp meter for us and set about the challenge of finding out our stimp meter reading.

Modular Putting Green Stimp Meter Reading
Modular Putting Green Stimp Meter Reading

So at 13.5 how do we measure up?

On our 6m Big Putt green the ball reached 13.5ft using the stimp meter device.

An average putting green is around 10 on the stimp meter – so this is a fast green by comparison.  In fact we dug out this article on How to putt on super fast greens like the Pros

Why Big Putt?

Big Putt portable putting green is an affordable and attractive putting solution, suitable for all weather putting and indoor use. It is hardwearing and the simple assembly of interlocking high quality astro grass tiles provides a 6m putting green in less than 5 minutes!

Plus Big Putt means Big Potential – there is no other 6m portable putting green on the market!

The modular nature of Big Putt means the green can be set up as a 6m length or a 3mx2m rectangle play area to suit the size of the area that is available, making our green one of the most competitive on the market.

Big Putt Portable Putting Green
Big Putt Portable Putting Green

Big Putt is just right to fill in the corner of your garage, space on your courtyard or patio, the break out area of a conference facility or even in the staff room at the office!  It even comes with a putt returner, putting cup, putter and balls.

Watch this space – Big Putt coming soon!