Guide Dogs tee off with mini golf at Public Affair awards

The Guide Dogs Campaigns Team were delighted to win two awards at this month’s Public Affairs News Awards for In-House Team of the Year and Best Party Conference Stand.  We were pleased to have been able to supply our mini golf equipment to the Guide Dogs for their round of Political Party Conferences this Autumn.

Mini Golf Exhibition Stand for Guide Dogs
Guide Dogs Branded Mini Golf Exhibition

The In-House Team of the Year is to recognise a team which has had an outstanding year in influencing policy, based on results and innovation and creativity in public affairs.

Guide Dogs victory for the Mini Golf Exhibition stand
The Guide Dogs Team win the award for their Mini Golf Exhibition Stand.

The Best Party Conference Stand award was foran exciting and innovative exhibition at party conference judged on originality of the concept and value for money. The award was voted on the night by attendees and the Campaigns Team set up their Street Clutter mini golf course at the ceremony to recreate the conference experience for guests.

Mini Golf Exhibition Stand
Mini Golf Exhibition Stand image courtesy of @gdcampaigns

After exhibiting at three different locations across the country, James White, campaigns Manager for Guide Dogs said:

“Wow – what a few weeks! It went really well, and the mini golf stand was a really effective way of engaging. I don’t want to play crazy golf for a while though…!”

If we can help you with any forthcoming exhibitions, please do contact us and we will be happy to provide our mini golf courses, large or small and if required discuss any branding opportunities with you.

Guide Dogs presents Street Clutter Crazy Golf

The Streets Ahead Campaign by Guide Dogs aims to bring light to the hazards and obstacles faced by blind or partially sighted pedestrians on streets all over our country.

The Guide Dogs Campaigns team came to us with a fabulous idea of using Crazy Golf as a way to direct the message to MP’s and Councillors during the party Political Conferences this Autumn.

What better way to communicate the importance of street safety than with a cluttered hole of Crazy Golf!

Guide Dogs Streets Ahead 'Dog Leg Challenge'
Guide Dogs Street Clutter Crazy Golf

Street Clutter Crazy Golf was derived to highlight how cluttered streets are a nightmare for any pedestrian and this campaign is to ask councils, motorists, householders and shop owners to help prevent clutter on pedestrianised streets.

Crazy Golf at Guide Dogs Redbridge
Guide Dogs Crazy Golf

So traffic cones, miniature cars, hanging branches, A-Frames and much more clutter is to fill the Street Clutter Crazy Golf course!

We have supplied a branded astro grass tile and branded foam edges to complement the crazy golf course on offer.

Branded Guide Dogs Astro Grass Tile
Guide Dogs Street Clutter Crazy Golf

Guide Dogs will be exhibiting at the Party Political Conferences across the country in coming weeks starting at the Liberal Democrats Conference in Glasgow from 14th – 18th September, then to the Labour Conference in Brighton from 22nd – 25th September, and finishing in Manchester from 29th September – 2nd October at the Conservative Party Conference.

Guide Dogs Streets Ahead Stand for Party Political Conferences
Streets Ahead Stand - Guide Dogs - Will your MP take the Dog Leg Challenge?

Which MP will be a star putter round street clutter?   You can invite your MP here.

More pictures and details to follow once the conferences are in full swing!