Own a minigolf course!

Buy one of our crazy golf packages with everything you need to play, and you will never have to hire again.

Buy a minigolf course for use all year round. Weatherproof, modular and portable.

Buy a portable crazy golf course to own a full set of everything you need to play minigolf. Its modular design means it can all be stored in an area of approximately 1m x 1.5m and the complete minigolf course can be set up and taken down quickly wherever it is needed. A complete course will fit in the back of most domestic vehicles, so take it wherever you like!

The astroturf grass-effect tiles are weatherproof, UV-resistant, quick drying and quick draining in the event of rain so the game can go on. A course can be set up indoors or outdoors. Just lay out the interlocking tiles, place the foam bumpers round the edges, put down some obstacles, and you’re ready to play.

There is a range of size and layout options to suit all budgets.

Buy Supersize for 36 tiles, lots of foam bumpers, putters, balls, obstacles and 1000 scorecards. That gives you the flexibility to create your own custom course with up to 9 holes in various shapes. Numerous people can play on this course at the same time.

Buy Funsize for a more compact course with 27 tiles and everything else you need. A variety of hole shapes can be created and it’s just as much fun as Supersize, just with a little bit less putting surface for medium-sized events and spaces.

Buy Partysize if Funsize it a bit too big and Bitesize isn't quite enough. 18 tiles supplied with everything else you’ll need to create a 6 hole course. A popular choice for birthday and office parties.

Buy Bitesize and you have the perfect minigolf course for smaller events, where space is limited, or where minigolf is a sideshow rather than the main attraction. With 12 tiles up to 4 holes can be created, or one big hole with several obstacles for one fiendishly difficult putt!

Buy Branded Course we’ll make you a bespoke course that is branded with your logo, company or charity name to help boost your image at events. We can brand one or more of the tiles, put branding on the foam edge bumpers and provide branded scorecards. We’ve done this for Facebook, Tommy Hilfiger, Zurich Insurance, Cravendale, and lots of other companies to use at their corporate events.

The Putting Edge Rope The ultimate in portability, this is literally a flexible and fun option for those who like their minigolf with curves. The heavy-grade rope border (9 pieces), assorted obstacles, putters, balls and scorecards are all included. Set up a 9-hole course without the need for astroturf tiles.

Big Putt is a putting green that can be up 12 metres in length! That’s 39 ½ feet. Great for practising long putts, it comes with an automatic putt returner that sends your ball right back to you.

Step into Golf is a portable minigolf training kit that comes in a carry bag. It’s enough equipment to get young people putting and takes just minutes to set up anywhere. Perfect for PE teachers, youth clubs and as a back garden game.

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