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At Putterfingers, we stock Golf Training Aids and Gifts to help improve your putting. Our range of leisure golf training aids include putt returners, chipping nets, backyard golf, putting mats, practice net and putting greens for anyone to be able to practise their golf at home, in the office or in the garden. These items make excellent gifts for any Golfer!

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Putt Returner

Improve your putting and lower your score.

When a shot is on target and the ball is sunk it is automatically returned. Can be used at home or in the office.

Battery powered (Batteries not included).
Requires 2 x size 'C'
LR14 - 1.5V

£10.00 (Excluding VAT & delivery)

Putting Mat

The Pro Golfer Series Putting Mat is made from specially selected synthetic matting in order to ensure a consistent roll and the accuracy of the ball.

It is raised at one end with a hole to give a real 'on the green' feel.

Size: 175cms x 31cms

£9.00 (Excluding VAT & delivery)

Deluxe Links Putting Green

Improve your putting and lower your score! The Deluxe Links Putting Green will help you achieve this. It is made from a specially selected synthetic matting in order to ensure a consistent roll and the accuracy of the ball.

Features include a bunker and a water hazard.

Your choice of three putting holes.

Size: 225cms x 86cms

£40.00 (Excluding VAT & delivery)

Deluxe Hazard Putting Mat

With this auto return hazard putting mat bring the putting green to your home and improve your putting. Have fun avoiding the sand trap and bunker. Putting Mat size of 198cms x 26cms.

£25.00 (Excluding VAT & delivery)

Deluxe Return Putting Mat

The Masters Golf Deluxe Return Putting Mat is 6ft long and designed to return your ball after your shot. The ball will roll back down the alley at the side giving you more time to practice your putting.

£20.00 (Excluding VAT & delivery)

Chipping Net

This superb accessory allows you to practise your chipping either with regular weight golf balls or lightweight practice balls if you're in a confined area.

The Chipping Net is lightweight, strong and is simple to erect! This makes the perfect golfer's gift and at a price to suit anyone's pocket!

Adjustable net angle.

£9.00 (Excluding VAT & delivery)

Pop Up Golf

This super lightweight practice net simply springs into shape and folds down into a compact carrying bag when not in use.

It has a telescopic support keeping the mouth of the net at a consistent angle and is ideal for use with either full weight golf balls or lightweight practice balls.

Great for use both at home and in the office or in a golf practice area.

£8.00 (Excluding VAT & delivery)

Backyard Golf

Improving your game has never been easier. Gain accuracy and feel on those all important shots from on and around the green.

Backyard Golf can be assembled and set up in minutes. Simply press the putting hole onto the ground where you want the hole to be, then using a trowel remove the grass and soil so that the putting hole will fit snugly inside.

£12.00 (Excluding VAT & delivery)

Swing Weight Trainer

Warm up is essential in any sport - and golf is no exception. Failure to adequately warm up before your game of golf can easily lead to pulled muscles, back pains and stiff necks! Just as well then that this Swing Weight attaches so quickly to your iron! Use it to warm up before practice or play - a fantastic gift for the golf enthusiast - what a great stocking filler!

Used as a training aid the Masters Swing Weight will improve power and distance, and train the 'muscle memory' for greater swing consistency.

£5.00 (Excluding VAT & delivery)

Eyeline Target Circles 3ft

These Target Circles have three important features:

  1. They are very thin so the ball rolls over the target without disturbance
  2. They can fold into a variety of configurations – full circle, half or three quarter circles
  3. They are made with sewn webbing hinges and shatter resistant plastic to withstand the rigours of practice.

Create your own games for putting, chipping and pitching.

£20.00 (Excluding VAT & delivery)

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