Golf Balls

Whether you are looking for low bounce balls for mini golf or crazy golf, airflow or foam balls for serious golf practice or novelty or joke balls for a gift, we offer a selection of balls to suit your style of play.

Low Bounce Mini Golf Balls (50)

Low bounce mini golf / crazy golf ball, also known as a dead ball. Has a low flight so will not damage glass or mirrors. These special low bounce golf balls are specially designed for use on indoor and outdoor mini golf/crazy golf courses and adventure golf centres. Pack of 50 golf balls in assorted colours.

£40.00 (Excluding VAT & delivery)

Floater Balls (Pack of 50)

These floating golf balls are high quality, two-piece construction that are ideal for the golfer who needs some help at the water hazards.

They offer great performance and really do float, so suitable for golf and adventure golf courses. Available in packs of 6. Remove this sentence.

Never lose your ball in the water again!

£40.00 (Excluding VAT & delivery)

Airflow Practice Balls (pack of 6)

The scalloped holes of the Airflow XP make the ball fly true off the clubface simulating the flight of a real ball, they feature a softer compound making them safer for confined areas.
£3.00 (Excluding VAT & delivery)

Practice Foam Balls (pack of 6)

Very soft compound and safe for use in confined areas. Simulates the flight of a real golf ball. Safe to use at home.
£3.99 (Excluding VAT & delivery))

Lake Balls

Pack of 3 genuine lake balls, taken from lakes all around the world. Various brand names - pack contents may vary from shown.
£2.50 (Excluding VAT & delivery)

Oversized Dimpled Foam Golf Balls (Pack of 12)

Super safe oversized foam balls complete with regulation dimple and 5cms in diameter. A suitable alternative for younger golfers to introduce putting techniques.

Pack of 12. Available in Red and Yellow.

£15.50 (Excluding VAT & delivery)

Emoji Golf Balls (Pack of 6 Assorted)

This Novelty Emoji golf ball set is a fun alternative to others!

Amuse the kids, horrify the golf club - who can resist these for some lockdown fun!

Each pack contains the following golf balls: heart eyes, smiley, crying with laughter, poop, cheeky, and sunglasses Emoji balls.

£10.00 (Excluding VAT & delivery)

Flashing Golf Balls (pack of 2)

The flashing golf ball will provide you with all the high performance attributes that you would expect from a professional quality golf ball including distance, accuracy, control and feel but with one major difference, it flashes bright red as soon as you strike the ball, and then will continue to flash brightly for about 5 minutes enabling you to find your ball easily as the sun goes down or even enable you to play golf at night!

£10.00 (Excluding VAT & delivery)

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