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Our minigolf course design is unique, lightweight, modular and highly portable. Our Bitesize golf course is as it suggests and still works as a generous 4 holes that would work in a conference break out area, networking event, a hotel foyer, terrace or courtyard. Purchase our bitesize course for your facility as a way to build team areas, to use at marketing events to promote your brand or for just a bit of office mini golf fun!

Bitesize: Family Golf Course

This is our bitesize portable golf course (as the name suggests)!

Perfect for lower key events where you may have other activities in mind, where space may be limited or when the budget is tight!

The package consists of:
  • 12 x 1msq astro grass tiles
  • Foam edge bumpers
  • Assorted obstacle pieces
  • 4 rubber headed putters
  • 4 low bounce balls
£999.00 (Excluding VAT)


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