Charity Fund Raising

Whether you are a school or charity group looking to raise some extra funds, our Crazy Golfathon, Crazy Golf Marathon is a great way to put some fun into fundraising and make some decent money!

Charity Fund Raising

Crazy Golfathons! Fundraise with a Crazy Golf Marathon. Everybody love Crazy Golf!

We work with charities and schools to use our Crazy Golf courses to help fundraise. To do this, we organise 'Crazy Golfathons'.

What is a Crazy Golfathon?
A Crazy Golfathon is a one-day Crazy Golf marathon played by up to 250 players.

How does a Crazy Golfathon work? Players are sponsored per hole. The normal target is for a player to complete 36 holes (4 rounds of Crazy Golf). If a player is being sponsored a mere 10p per hole and has just 10 sponsors - that's £36 raised. With 50 players - that's £1,800. With 100 players - it's £3,600 and with the maximum of 250 players - that's up to £9,000 raised in total.

What do you provide?
We provide you with absolutely everything needed to run a Crazy Golfathon. Basically, we'll provide you with:

  • 9 hole Crazy Golf course
  • Plenty of putters and balls
  • Scorecards
  • Golf Flags
  • Sponsorship forms
  • Staff member to assist with the organisation on the day (subject to location)
  • Organiser packs with complete Golfathon instructions

What do you provide?
We make a one off organisation fee, (please contact us to discuss). This covers the whole organisation of the Crazy Golfathon, Crazy Golf Course set-up and management on the day, all sponsorship forms and any other required items. We can even provide tee bags as a goody bag for the players at a minimal extra cost.

Can you help with corporate hole sponsorship?
Other funds may be raised through the corporate sponsorship of trophies, or even each hole itself. Why not arrange for your local businesses to sponsor each hole? We can assist with branding of hole flags, branded foam edge bumpers and astro grass tiles or accessories for maximum company exposure.


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