Schools, Colleges & Universities

Our portable crazy golf or mini golf courses are perfect for all sorts of school and college events, from fundraising to fetes and from fresher's week to graduation. Easy to assemble and perfect for use indoors and outdoors, bring something different to your school or university event.


Schools, Colleges & Universities

A Putterfingers portable Crazy Golf or Mini Golf course is perfect for school events like fundraising campaigns, fetes and open days, Christmas and end of term parties. Universities and colleges can hire a course for students’ union events, fresher’s weeks and parties. Putterfingers courses are particularly popular at May Balls. We have regular hires with several Cambridge University colleges and universities around the UK

University Minigolf

Suitable for indoor & outdoor use

Our portable golf courses can be placed indoors on assembly hall floors, gymnasium floors, carpeted or laminated floors - with no danger of damage to the floor surface from the floor mats. They can equally be placed outside on a playground, car park or grassed sports field. It doesn't matter if the course gets wet – the tiles soon dry due to their built in drainage holes. So there’s no putting in puddles! Play can resume as soon as rain stops.

Ideal for schools

Our courses are suitable for all ages and ability of golfer. We can supply foam balls and plastic putters for toddlers and low bounce balls and rubber headed putters for older children and adults. In schools, our portable crazy golf course is a great way of introducing golf into the school day, or as a reward activity for good behaviour. In addition, the course can be used to assist with numeracy in a maths lesson or during an after school club or activity.

A great icebreaker at Universities & Colleges

In universities and colleges, crazy golf is a fun addition to students’ unions, common rooms, outdoor events, open days, fresher’s week, graduation parties, fundraising events (sponsored mini-golfathons are great for that.). A round of crazy golf is an informal way for students to get to know each other and to bring competitive socialising into your institution.

Set up

Setup takes between 30 and 45 minutes depending on which size of course is chosen. It’s a simple matter of joining together the interlocking astro grass floor tiles into shapes of your choosing (or following some of our recommended patterns), putting out the obstacles, cups and numbered hole cones, and the course is ready to play! For scorekeeping we supply scorecards and pencils too, which can have the school or college’s arms or logo on them if we can have a bit of extra notice.

Hire or buy

We can supply various sizes of course from 4 holes to 9 holes. Courses can be hired for events or purchased outright. The whole course, when disassembled, has a floor footprint of 1x1.5m, which easily fits into a storage room or under the stairs. It will also fit into a standard lift shaft or a typical family car, so can be easily transported out to playing fields or further afield. The course requires no power supply so you are free to take it wherever you need!


For events where the aim is to promote the school or college’s image, Putterfingers courses can be branded with crests, logos, web addresses, hashtags and other insignia.

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