Putting Cups

With more than 80% of your golf game based on putting so every golfer needs a putting cup or two. Try our range of putting cups to Practice your shots. Choose from regulation metal putting aids, to soft flexible putting cups to fit into your briefcase for some Practice at the office!

Regulation Putting Cup

Simply place it on the ground at the desired distance and putt!

It has hinged side plates which let the ball roll into the cup and stop it escaping once inside.

£4.00 (Excluding VAT & delivery)

Flexible Indoor Putting Cup

Flexible, soft, rubber putting cup provides a simple way to play indoor mini golf anywhere at home or in the office. The target hole comes with a white plastic flag and can be played on any level surface.
£7.00 (Excluding VAT & delivery)

Putting Cup Set (Set of 10)

10 white putting cups for use in school and leisure golf environments. Suitable for use with Make-a-Hoop Putting set and with flags.

£9.00 (Excluding VAT & delivery)

Make a Hoop Putting Set (Set of 6)

6 plastic hoops that can be assembled to make the hole size of your choice. Perfect for introducing new players to putting and golf.

£7.50 (Excluding VAT & delivery)

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