My MiniGolf Set

My Mini Golf is based on a play anywhere game of minigolf. The complete My Mini Golf set offers a range of challenging obstacle pieces that can be used, with or without our modular mini golf courses. Take My Mini Golf with you to the park, to visit friends or just have in the garage to play 9 holes in the garden whenever you fancy.

My MiniGolf Set

'My Mini Golf' is the first play anywhere mini golf / putting game. The obstacles are made from moulded injection plastic and can be positioned anywhere on the ground for an easy set up. My Mini Golf is suitable for almost every level surface: grass, tarmac, carpet, laminated or wooden floors. The challenge varies with the playing surface. Scoring of the game is just like any other game of mini golf. The objective is the same, reach the hole in the fewest strokes and get a hole in one or two!

The set consists of:

  • 13 Injection Moulded Obstacles
  • 1 Steel Club
  • 2 Balls
  • 1 Scorecard
  • 1 Black Nylon Carrying Bag with Handles

Box dimensions: H 80cms x W 40cms x D 60cms

My Minigolf has proudly been awarded with the new sign movement & innovation by the University Würzburg, Germany
£199.00 (Excluding VAT)

Warm Up

To Warm-up before the round, practice with the "Warmup" obstacle, a simple end-Hole. Obstacle size 34 cm


The spiral winds slowly upwards and needs just the right amount of power to get the ball into the hole at the top. Obstacle size 42 x 35 x 11 cm


You must get across the "Bridge" before you can attempt the End-hole. Obstacle size 67 x 15 x 19 cm


At the Maze, only the central Ramp will get you to the hole. Otherwise the ball will come back to you and you will need to re-try. Obstacle size 41 x 36 x 13 cm


Two steep curves can be placed in succession. This obstacle needs a more forceful swing. Once achieved, the ball can be putted into the separate "finish-hole". Obstacle size 65 x 30 x 11 cm


Exactly the right amount of swing is needed for the Loop, in order for the ball to travel all the way round, lining you-up for the end-Hole. Obstacle size 40 x 33 x 41 cm


Towers consists of four ramparts making the putting quite difficult. You must play the ball between them to reach the target-hole. Obstacle size 45 x 8 cm


The hole at the highest point of the Wave needs to be played accurately. Otherwise, you have to retry from the other side... Obstacle size 64 x 25 x 13 cm


The steep sides of the Volcano have to be played with vigour in-order to get the ball into the crater. Obstacle size 55 x 8 cm

MyMinigolf Extras

My Mini Golf 'Extras'

The My Mini Golf 'Extras' set includes four popular pieces for your obstacle range. To complement an existing set, or as a starting kit for your own use, the set incudes the Loop the Loop 360, Bridge, Daytona Curve and the Warm Up Putting Cup.

£99.00 (Excluding VAT)

My Mini Golf Target Spiderball Game

My Mini Golf Target Spiderball Game

Available as a stand alone scoring game in a complete set. Spiderball is specially designed for hours of fun indoors, practice makes perfect! It requires little space, the foam balls are lightweight and the easy grip plastic putters are suitable for even the youngest of players. The Spiderball game is designed as a portable solution to golf practice for little ones.

The set comprises of:

  • Target scoring net and storage bag
  • 2 foam balls
  • 2 child's plastic putters
  • Outer cardboard box serves as the ramp
£25.00 (Excluding VAT)

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